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Hey there,

I recently start getting a lot of of traffic, like 200-300 viewers a day. Now with google analytics I can see that from the last few days I have 197 cart views from all the 917 site views. I am really happy with this %. Then I had 83 check out clicks, I am still quite happy about this. But the thing is, from the 83 people who went to checkout page only 5 people bought something. I understand some people leave at checkout/cart but this is insane.

Customers get asked to pay $2.99 per product for shipping at the checkout page. I was thinking this could have had influence?

Any advice? thanks!
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    You could jack up the price for a few products and offer free shipping. Then monitor what happens and see if those products sell better. You will see if the shipping price is the cause. Also you can send emails(assuming they are logged in to reach the checkout) telling them their items awaits them in the basket.
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    The absolute first test I would run is the removal of the $2.99 per item shipping statement. let the shipping total fill in automatically.

    Next I would be looking at the abandoned vs purchased orders... what are the quantities? I would assume the purchased orders are 1 and 2 item orders and the abandoned ones are multiples? This is where I might be looking at balancing price and shipping. try adding the $2.99 to each item and have free shipping. or try something like adding $2.00 to each item and then .99 per item shipping.

    You need to play around and test to figure out what will give you the best results.

    BTW on average your cart drop will be in the 60% range on a good day, so your 8 sales should be in the 30 range if things are going well.
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    Have you tested the basket/checkout process runs smoothly? Get someone who's never been on your website before to use it as a test, there might be something fundamental in the design that's pulling people away.
    Apart from that, I would review pricing and perhaps put in place a lead-nurturing strategy to not lose those leads and let them go cold.
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    Wow that's quite an extreme drop rate.
    Do you mind sharing your website URL, I would like to see for myself what could be causing it.
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      Guys I want to thank each one of your for the advice, I am really busy with my new website and I will try all the things you told me. Thanks I appreciate it !
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    I think the best option to try is remove the shipping cost and add it to the cost of the item. I think this is the key.

    Are you using FB pixel's to remarking? It is a good option for you, if they don't buy, offer them a discount or just remarking those who leave the that page.
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