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My site is a relaitivly new site with not much going on. My main page that makes sales is the Make Money Online in the Next Hour Page.

I was wondering if you guys could take a look at it and give me some tips on how to optimize it for conversions.
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    Can you share your website url?
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    You have a nice looking site but a few things jumped out at me.

    1. the header image looks a little weird with the repeated tiles.
    2. Your "make money online in the next hour" button sounds really hypey and unbeleivable to me.
    3. I was on your site for about 60 seconds and your popup triggered 4 times. That's way too much and will cause people to leave immediately (like I did).

    I hope this helps and good luck with your site.
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    Thanks man really appreciate it!
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    The pop-up that appeared after 5 seconds I arrived on the website was really intrusive.
    I'd make it appear a little later
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    Clicking on the 3 Steps images takes you to a 404 (not found); Clicking on the 2 shoes, takes you to the homepage... Confusing.

    Make Money Online now button takes you to
    Category: Make Money Online

    Why Category? And the content is crap... Your article about making money online in 1 hour starts with surveys, which, ok, maybe you can make a bit within 1 hour, I don't know, but then lists blogging... If you're new to making money online, just setting up the blog will take up that... Then you have to have traffic... That converts.

    Seems to me you should try harder.
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    Obsess About Your Website Traffic Data. ...
    Analyze Your Visitors' Behavior. ...
    Use Real-time Surveys. ...
    Make Website Personalization Your Priority. ...
    Track All Your Conversions.
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    Content is king, you need to make sure your contents are high in quality and written keeping the SEO factors on mind, I means keywords.

    Once your eCommerce website starts attracting regular visitors, the next thing you should be focusing on is conversion rate optimization or CRO. Some of the ways in which you could ensure CRO are -

    Personalized Advertising
    Email Marketing Campaigns
    A/B testing

    A well implemented CRO strategy means better ROI, cost effectiveness and getting the right customers for your eCommerce website.

    There are just too many factors that you could consider in order to increase conversions for your eCommerce business. But let me give you some pointers,

    Focus on Product Images
    Improve Product Descriptions
    Eliminate Shipping Costs, if possible
    Leverage Personalization
    Personalization is your key if you want to increase conversion rate in eCommerce. Personalization has the ability to revolutionise online stores to extents we can't fathom. This is purely because the future of eCommerce is solely based on enriched user experience.
    Checkout these articles to get detailed idea https://goo.gl/9C9622and https://goo.gl/o832pA. Also you can check the perzonalization app https://goo.gl/JFb7d4

    Disclaimer: I work with eCommerce business and my area of expertise is AI powered personalization.
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    There isn't a clear objective, what do you want people to do? Sign up, but they need a reason - do this and get XYZ. A call to action can apply to a list, people need a why, a reason to contact you. Often they have their own specific reason too and you need to connect with that on a blog page - e.g. learn important tips about investing in bitcoin by signing up here. Also your option form looks quite budget when the rest of the site is clean and modern. Reviews are always good too - some kind of social proof!

    Mia is a Maverick Online Business Strategist, Entrepreneur & Obliterator Of Wasteful Online Activities & Helping Businesses Uncover Growth Opportunities.TinyToDoList.com

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    Let's start with the headline.

    There are two big problems here. The first one is that you don't talk to your target market. The second is that you are selling a feature instead of a benefit.

    Let's start with the first one. Do you think entrepreneurs look for ways to earn money online? Most people who do so are employed and are looking to add some extra income or are broke. Entrepreneurs are not visiting your website.

    When you're saying "entrepreneur", you're just pointing out to someone that your prospect won't recognize. He's going to say "who, me? I'm not an entrepreneur, I've just heard about this earning money online thing so I want to find out more"

    (It's funny and ironic how you have a blog about earning money online and you need to hear these things).

    Target a specific buyer persona. This can be a mom in her 30s. It can be a student just out of college who is desperate to earn some money outside of his McJob. Talk to the real reader.

    Now let's go to the second point - the benefit. Nobody wants to build wealth. Actually, investors do think in terms of building wealth but this is too much of a general term that doesn't resonate with your marketplace. In the MMO niche, most are looking to earn an extra income, take a long paid vacation, maybe pay off their credit card bills. They are thinking about cash, not wealth and these two are not the same thing.

    Here is where the cliched "financial independence" falls in. While it is overused, it is also accurate. Financial independence means "living with income coming from your assets as opposed to trading your time for money". And this is what most people want. Most don't want to have a egg nest made out of blue chips or to max out their 401K or to have $500.000 invested in gold or platinum.

    No. Most simply fantasize about having an extra $10.000 and what they could do with it. So sell what this really is - a way to add some extra income, not wealth building.

    Now let's move down to your two options. Oh boy. Leaving aside the fact that they lead to the same thing (which tells me a thing or one hundred about how serious you are with this project), they are not congruent with your marketplace and your buyer persona.

    Chances are that if I ask someone in the MMO niche what are their primary five concerns or desires, these don't fall within the building wealth boundary. Instead, they're likely about how to start, how to get the money to start, how to automate everything and so on. Eben Pagan does a great job at identifying needs and then building products around them.

    I could go on but you get the idea. I don't feel like you've put any thought in this. Instead, you've just seen what others have done and copied it without knowing the psychology behind it. I suggest you go back to the drawing board because from a framework / concept point of view, there are many things broken.

    Best regards,
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    I got a popup warning me that something to do with my browser blocking features of your site. that isn't helpful.

    went back to see a popup saying "get emailed when new guides are posted" but i didn't even figure out what your site was before i saw that as your headline isn't clear. So that should change. "new guides" has no value to me. particularly when they're subject, content and benefit to me are unspecified. "more money making tips..." etc might mean more to me if i already felt you were a credible source of such information, but i didn't get that far.

    "teaching entrepreneurs how to build wealth" - teaching who exactly... how to do what exactly and the benefit is exactly what? you can't be so vague. the statement you make has to be instantly credible, powerful and believable. so far, you're not there.

    next piece of content is "other how-to guides"... i still don't know what you offer exactly and whether or not there is any value to me and you're already trying to push more vague offers.

    the guides aren't about entrepreneurs building wealth. bitcoin is speculation. reducing debt is what? for personal? for business? a guide to real estate investing?? none of this is believable or credible and you've failed to communicate the value in it to me.

    it looks like exactly what it likely is... free articles repackaged. no proof you can help people build wealth. no proof you're helping people build wealth. no proof you've helped people build wealth. no testimonials. no case studies. nothing. just a vague and ambiguous claim followed by an odd mish mosh of articles.

    "get in touch"

    Why? What is the value of contacting you?
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    Here are the 7 easy steps through which you can easily optimize your site conversion. You can follow these tips.
    1) Obsess About Your Website Traffic Data
    2) Analyze Your Visitors' Behavior
    3) Use Real-time Surveys
    4) Make Website Personalization Your Priority
    5) Track All Your Conversions
    6) Embrace New Design Trends
    7) Employ Video Marketing
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    There are so many tips and methods available for site conversion optimization. Here i have given some of the tips which i have been following. They are : 1. Offer a Free Guide, Checklist, or Tip Sheet, 2. Add a Call To Action, 3. Encourage Visitors to Participate, 4. Automatically Record Website Visitor Sessions, 5. Improve Website Conversion with a Chat Widget
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