I NEED help. My sales page isn't converting... maybe

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Hello warriors. I need some help. I've just recently launched a single-page/sales page website for an ebook that I've written and so far I haven't received a single sale.

Here's my sales page:
Become a Pro-Seller on Zazzle

I have my product listed on jvzoo, but I only have 3 affiliates promoting it.

I average about 5 visits per day so I'm unsure whether my sales page is 'bad' or the fact that I'm not receiving enough traffic/targeted traffic.

Someone please help me. Any and all feedback will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Honestly, 5 visits a day just isn't nearly enough to establish an opinion either way. It's not an effective sample size.

    You'd need to see how the page performs after a few hundred visits, and even then, that's not enough to be entirely conclusive.

    Even if you had the best sales copy in the world, the chances of making a sale by now with that traffic just isn't realistic.
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    What is your Zazzle store website?

    Here is my humble Zazzle Pro Seller opinion on the sales page. Please take this as sincerely wanting to help, since you asked.

    I didn't care for being hit by the high income potential right away. You see that everywhere.

    It comes across too much of a typical salesman's page sounding too unrealistic. I might be saying this because I have gone to so many of these pages. I personally think you would do better writing a normal sounding article without the hype.

    When people give a huge list of how expensive the course should be and then I see an unrealistically low price, I can't help but to wonder. With that said, I actually feel the same way when I see a high price for the product, justifying why they are charging so much.

    What I liked, a lot, was showing your commission pages with the months and your honesty about making nothing until you learned these valuable tips from successful pro sellers.

    I was happy to see you say that it is not easy, because it isn't easy money. I work really hard at Zazzle.

    I would like to see a little more information on what the training entails. For me, I need Website help. I have been working on my | site and having trouble with certain aspect.

    I am always looking for new advertising outlets. It seems like you are going to offer that advice.

    Since I know some of what it takes to do this, I think the price needs to be higher. There is so much to learn to do this.

    Outsourcing is good advice.

    $9.95 sounds like a great deal.

    If even one piece of your advice works for someone, they would pay back the $9.95 in no time. I would have paid money to have someone walk me through learning Zazzle and I would pay money to learn new marketing tips because you can never know all there is to know about the Internet.

    I hope this helps a little bit.
    Little Linda Pinda, LLC
    ZAZZLE Personalized Gifts Store

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    I think you need more traffic, don't just rely on your affiliates to drive traffic
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    Yep, you definitely need more traffic. You could do a WSO, or try Facebook ads. It's really not your sales page. Not that it's perfect, but there are lots of others like yours that make sales. You've really got to get traffic to your page to test your conversions.
    Get a FREE Conversion Optimization Consultation. No B.S. No upsell. Beta service needs testimonials!.

    - Check Here For Details -
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    Do you want the truth? Because from a prospetive buyer I was immediately turned off by both the copywriting and the design. What is - Be your own boss and do what ever you want? I am sure if you hired a professional copywriter and sales page designer you would see far better conversions. Why do you think so many people spend on these 2 aspects? Because they can make or break your conversions.

    Design wise all I see is red and black. There are no images. There is nothing to capture me. Go to the WSO section and have a look and you'll see beautiful designs. It just captures the visitors.

    What you need is a professional copywriter to rewrite the headlines and just the entire thing. I am surprised 3 affiliates are even promoting this.
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      What the above poster said is true.

      "Learn How You Could Make Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Every Month While You Be Your Own Boss And Do Whatever You Want!!!"

      It's the same message that everyyyyy MMO guy/gal is selling.

      And it's been so overused that it now screams scam.

      What's your personal story behind this?


      None of it is worth jack, if you aren't sending traffic to it.

      5 hits a day isn't going to get you anywhere... not even enough to test on.

      You could have the best copy in the world, but if you're not sending enough of the right kind of traffic to it, it'll flop.


      Wealthcopywriter.com :)

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    You are going to need to throw a lot more traffic at the page before you can draw any type of conclusions.
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    Take a look at the affiliate marketplace of warrior payments. What you will find that even the top selling product has a conversion rate of about 5%. Generally a decent selling product will have a conversion rate in between 2 to 3%. Just wait until you have more than 300 visits, then check the number of sales you have made out of that. If it is less than 1% you may have a problem in your sales page.

    And also check if your affiliates are sending you targeted traffic (Just ask them their linking strategy). If the traffic itself is not targeted towards your niche then even a high quality sales page will go flop.
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    To increase your conversion rate (and build a good list to keep your customers) try some kind of exit-intent popup service like Bounce Exchange, or OptiMonk (free beta).

    Here is an example video demostrating how this technique is used to decrease the bounce rate and increase visitor time, conversion, and opt-in rates. It works with blogs or forums as well, not just with ecommerce sites.

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    When I began making Amazon affiliate sites, I was making zero sales and getting very few visits per day. But when they started gaining traction and receiving more traffic, the sales started to come in.

    It's not always the landing page that hurts conversions. Sometimes it is the lack of adequate traffic.
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    Are you sure you are even getting 5 visits a day? On top of everything mentioned above, look at where your traffic is coming from. Those 5 visits per day might be potential affiliates that are clicking through to see what the offer is and then not signing up. It could also be bot traffic crawling your site.. Maybe you have already filtered that out, but make sure you are looking at your visits closer.

    As mentioned above, push more traffic, but keep an eye on your stats to see where that traffic is coming from so you know where you can put additional money or stop wasting money.

    Visit My website http://kipferguson.com

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    Hey there,

    First, 5 visits is not enough to judge anything on the internet. If you're looking to optimize your landing page I found really useful tool was Usabilityhub.com. Check it out. I used it a lot when I first started Footrr.com. It was free and allowed me to get valuable feedback from other people.

    Next, you'll want instant traffic. I'm sure you have $10 kicking around somewhere. Sign up on StumbleUpon.com and start a campaign on their Paid Discoveries. I was getting engaged users for $0.14 each. That mixed with Google Analytics and you have yourself a nice start to landing page optimization.

    Kalob from Footrr.com

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    1 link not working
    2 increase targeted traffic
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      Originally Posted by aksingh000 View Post

      1 link not working
      Exactly, the link in OP is 404 page.

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    Yeah.... I had visited your link and found the same problem as shown above. It becomes difficult to reply.
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  • First I would fix:

    404: Oops, this page couldn’t be found.
    soon people... Relax...
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