What is your favorite technique for converting?

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Please share i am a noob...
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    Definitely adding buy now buttons to pages.

    When I didn't include them, I never converted! Literally an INFINITE increase in conversion rate by adding a live buy now button.

    Who would have thought?!?!
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      Add clear call to actions and make them easily accessible. Also label them as the action they do.
      "Buy now", "Sign up for free", "Download this ebook" are three examples.

      Never use "submit" on a button - that's just awful, unless you really are submitting something followed by another key word (Looks at the "submit reply" button below).

      But I think my favorite technique is eliminating possibilities for the user to leave the page. Remove footer links, sign up links, affiliate links, clickable pictures, etc. For example, if you had a landing page that was meant to sign up new users, remove the "here's our benefits" link, "contact us" link, and ask for the minimal amount of information possible. Anything you need on the page, make it visible. And keep everything above the fold.

      That should keep you busy for a wee bit.

      Kalob from Footrr.com

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    Thanks guys! i appreciate the replys!
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    Have a simple capture pages with no more then 3 or 4 lines with a clear call-to-action. It's been working for me since the longest haha.
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    sounds good to me whatever works for others sure will work for me!
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      Thank you i appreciate the posts!
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    My favorite method is making my call-to-action links as conspicuous as possible and placing them several times within my content.
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    - Attractive design which is the first impression.
    - well written content.
    - Easy to reach offers and compare them.
    - Easy and direct ordering process.
    - Live chat can be helpful for some types of business, services websites.
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    It depends on your site - what your trying to convert and the action you wish your readers to take

    Strong CTA (call to action )
    Offering tons of value
    Simple , clear pages ( not too busy )
    Pop up optin form
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    Thanks for taking time out of your day to post! I appreciate that!
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