How to increase conversion rates ?

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Hey guys !

I want to know exactly what we should use to increase the conversion rates of the landing page.

I'm using name and email address with simple HTML page..

I want to know what the warriors would recommend ?
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    Start with your headline.

    If you're up for it, post your landing page here so we can critique it more precisely.
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      Originally Posted by Mack View Post

      Start with your headline.

      If you're up for it, post your landing page here so we can critique it more precisely.
      Here you go Mack

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    Asking for name , decrease the conversion by a little %age ( just a little).
    Also use bright red and yellow color for submit button , all the focus should towards the opt in box.
    Use a lot of "FREE" word .

    And you should put your landing page here.
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      If I may ask what is your current conversion rate of your landing page?

      shani99 is correct. Asking for the name does decrease your conversion a little and really isn't needed. Yes its more personal but just worry about providing quality content.

      Keep split testing. When you tested enough pick the higher converting one then split test again. This takes time but will continue increasing your conversion rate.
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    There are tons of different things you could change to help with conversion rates.

    To get the best results you need to split test.

    You could try different headlines, colors, images, copy, videos, optin boxes, etc.
    Testing one element at a time is best and see which version converts best for your traffic and niche.

    You can run split tests with Google Content Experiments in Google Analytics.

    If you're using Wordpress there is a free plugin called Max A/B which will also allow you to split test.

    There are many paid softwares and plugins that will do splittesting for your sites.
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    You'll have to post up your landing page. It's a big question. Alternatively, Google around for an answer.

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    Use email address only. Put testimonials and benefits then make your signup form so visible.
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    Here's a some things to increase your conversions on a landing page

    1) Message Matching : Whatever ad copy you use to get them to the page, use the same thing as the header. For example, If your ad where to say "26 ways to increase your conversions", your landing page should say "26 ways to increase your conversions"

    3) Keep it simple : take everything off the page that isn't absolutely essential. In a lot of cases, ugly works better. But I don't think it's the ugliness so much as the simplicity, and the approachable feeling you get when a page looks like somebody "normal" put it together.

    4) Two step optin - How it works is, you basically have a button that says something like, "download my report now". When the user clicks that button, your form will pop up on the same page where they can enter their name and/or email address.

    5) Girls in bikinis, smiling faces, and direction : If you want pictures on your landing page, than a good place to start is by using any attractive girl, and have her facing your optin form. Say what you will, but this has been tested over and over, and it works. Obviously keep split testing, but if your stuck this is a good place to start. Also any picture of someone smiling and facing towards your optin box, usually helps conversions. Having them face the screen, usually hurts

    5) Contrasting colors : Whatever color you use for the background, header, or anywhere else on the page, use a high contrasting color for the optin button. Make it loud. You can make it ugly too, but I prefer not to do this.

    6) Test everything : Test the colors on your page, the font types, the white space around the form, the location of your CTA button, everything.
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    1. If you are confused, steal the idea.

    Look for sites offering similar services as yours and use your digression to carve something out.

    2. You can take your time to experiment with your present landing page and find out what works best for you.

    3. Another thing is to track your website visitors experience, path and see how they exit your site and figure out how to improve it. These really works great.
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    In my opinion your question is very hard to be answered, when it is asked like that. There are many factors that affect conversion rates. Each product is different and each website is different. I can only say that testing is the key here. Never make more than one change at a time, so that you can track your progress and revert it back if needed.
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    Pro Tip: Try the free version of Mouseflow so you can see what people are clicking on and scrolling around to on your page. Often it can provide you with "duh" moments where it is extremely obvious what you should change.

    Example: I had a page where people kept clicking on a border that was by the submit button. I guess they thought it was the button? So I removed it and conversions doubled. Thanks MouseFlow!
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    You really need to watch two conversion rates.

    #1 - Sign-ups from your form.
    #2 - How well they convert to buyers.

    One without the other is not very useful.

    For #1 - Start playing with your headline, making sure it is congruent with your sales message and your opt-in box.

    Make 2 versions. Use a split test system to rotate the page visitors see and monitor which one performs best.

    Discard the loser, keep the winner. Make a new one....split test against it. Keep tweaking items one by one through your page, split testing at each step to keep improving conversions.

    While I'd love to tell you a red button works better, that is not always the have to test colors, message, look, everything...

    I doubt anyone can give you great advice without knowing your market, seeing your page, etc...

    #2 - You really need to track conversions to sales at the same time. You might easily discover that when you think your opt-in rate is not optimum, that you are actually getting more buyers and leaving behind more "tire-kickers" who you did not really want on your list anyways.
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    Here's a great, free 11-part course on increasing the conversion rate of your landing pages:

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