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I was watching an interview done by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince McMahon (CEO/founder of WWE) was his guest.

I always keep up with wrestling. I cut my teeth as a writer there.

I found the interview interesting, because McMahon talked about how the Millennials are afraid to go for the brass ring. They don't want to fail. So they just kind of go with the program, try not to rock the boat... but never really do anything special that could make a name for themselves.

Now, I don't agree about his Millenials assessment. But it does take guts going after the brass ring. It resonates with me - just as much in the advertising world. Because you ARE going to FAIL. No exceptions. (Or I should say... I am going to fail. No exceptions.)

Remember those old lolli pop commercials; the ones about how many licks it takes to reach the tootsie roll?

Okay... how many attempts to establish or beat a control does it take to actually DO it?

At the Portland office of Wieden+Kennedy, they have a sign. It's made out of white thumb tacks - with one red tack. It says, "Fail Harder"


This is the company that brought you those kick ass Old Spice commercials.

And they fail WAY more than nail a winning campaign. All of those white thumbtacks represent their failures... with the red tack symbolizing the one that crushed it.

Just food for thought... for those who feel like the weight of the world is on YOUR shoulders.

It's not on your shoulders. The pressure just feels that way. Because yeah, we all want to nail a control on the first go. But it ain't common. Relax. You're good. Just keep reaching for the brass ring. Keep putting your neck on the line. It'll pay off.

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    Thanks -- this is good!

    Can you please point to that WWE interview?
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      Originally Posted by italk View Post

      Thanks -- this is good!

      Can you please point to that WWE interview?
      It's exclusively on the WWE Network - just $9.99 a month (no affiliation;-)

      If you like wrestling... and even if you don't... it's such an intimate insight into the mind of a one-time billionaire. Vince's life is marketing.

      I gotta say...

      If he was just starting out today, he'd never reach the level of success the company's at right now. And quite frankly, the company is tittering on mediocrity. There's only so long you can be as high up on a pedestal as Mr. McMahon - resting on past successes.

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    "Harness the power of accelerated failure - the faster you fail, the faster you succeed." - Bill Bonner

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    Uh one... Uh tuhoo... Uh thuhree....


    Uh thuree.

    One of my all time faves.
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    Thanks for sharing the information
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