Product price - visible at checkout or understated?

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I've just changed my product from what was an ebook into a mini-course.

It was selling OK as an ebook - a little over 3% at $37 from organic traffic.

I've written a new sales page and got it right, but one thing is niggling me...

The price of my mini-course is $147, which is mentioned once in the text.

Because of the price, my sales page is now longform and conversational.

But, should I make the price of the course visible at checkout too, or not?

I've read conflicting articles about price visibility. What are your thoughts?

I'm nothing to do with IM btw, My mini-course is aimed at serious authors.

Sorry about the similar length lines, when I was close I became obsessed.

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    It's probably reassuring to the customer if they know they're being charged the correct amount.

    But if you're only mentioning price once, a lot of people are gonna miss it.
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