The Copywriter's Life ...

by Raydal
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I'm in the process of doing some Spring cleaning in Summer and ran across
some old documents. A tax return showed that my family income was
less than $9K in 2001. Yes, I was in grad school and my wife was
working part-time but that was low!

After 9/11 I had to quit grad school and jobs were hard to come by
in New York. Then, out of desperation, I turned to the online avenue,
tried a few things and decided to get serious about copywriting.
By 2006 I was banking 5-figures per month without having to even
leave my home.

I've moved several times over the years (as I am preparing to do yet again)
and my job goes with me. All I need is a computer and an Internet
connection. In a way, that's hard to beat.

The writer's life is a tough one, often plagued with uncertainty, but I have
to ask, "Tough compared to what?" It has allowed me to have my wife
at home and homeschool my kids. And that's hard to beat.

-Ray Edwards
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    Well done Ray.

    I think that any self initiated adventure is a tough one.
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    When I come here on WF, you seem to be one of the guys intent on mastering their craft. And sharing his knowledge along the way.

    I'm happy things are paying off for you, Ray.

    - Rick Duris
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      Raydal, i think it was great earning as a part time of Copywriter job.
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    great post. if writing can lead you to true adventure and wealth then I think it is the best life possible. look at mark twain and some of the other writers (not necessarily copywriters). it isn't glamorous, not by a longshot, but maybe it could be. copywriting fuels all the economy.
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    That's great Ray. I feel the same - basically, you can't put a price on the time you've had with your family.
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