legality of selling swipe file collections

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as part of software for copywriters I'm producing, I want to have collections of swipe files.
I'm not sure the legal aspect of it and have done some research...

from what I understand, people have done it...I've seen books with whole collections of ads or products or blog posts with lists. I also know that it may be illegal.

I'm not sure the best way to integrate it into a paid product though or if it is legal.

Some of them are simple formulas like 7 Ways to Do x in 10 minutes...

Others may be more specific and be on the border of infringing intellectual property rights.

I can always link to the swipe collections and give the user an easy way to grab the ones they like and might model, but I want it to be as user friendly as possible.

Any suggestions?
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    Any suggestions?
    The quickest way to doom your project would be to incorporate other people's work without permission.

    The fact that others have done it and gotten away with it is irrelevant.

    It's also incredibly foolish to say publicly that you are considering doing anything illegal knowing that it is illegal. If you were sued for or arrested for anything else, that is the kind of statement that could easily be brought up in court to prove your bad character.

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    I'm not considering doing anything illegal. I'm trying to figure out what the line is on incorporating swipes without paying a lawyer.

    That is why I'm asking people who may have some knowledge of the territory. I researched the law on swipes. I think the easiest way would just be to create links to them, but I want to give my customers the most convenient way possible to get the most out of swipes if I add this feature.

    Anyways I will figure out a way to do it legally or won't do it at all.
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    Thanks. I will probably just link to them if I do something like this. There are some compilations out there, some really really good ones. I actually just got an idea though, that could save me money on lawyers fees...I could narrow it down, to one question.
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