What are the best tools for writers?

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Which are the best tools for writing content? It will be great for me if somebody share some of them and the reason why the tool is good to be used.
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    You may find some useful tools here: https://econsultancy.com/blog/66187-...-and-bloggers/.

    Or this: Ninja Guide to Content Creation: Top 10 Writing Tools

    I haven't tried any of them though. I hope you find something that will work for you...
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    in my opinion evernote is best tool for writer.
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    Laptop, hands with functioning fingers, noggin in working order, a glass of port wine.

    Originally Posted by zaidi1814 View Post

    Which are the best tools for writing content? It will be great for me if somebody share some of them and the reason why the tool is good to be used.
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    For writing content you need a laptop, access to the Internet, MS Word/Google Docs or any other word processor. Such as Write! https://wri.tt/ for Windows and OmmWriter Welcome - Ommwriter (that is available for Windows, Mac, iOS) receive extra points from me because they're suited for distraction-free writing as well.

    Besides, when you're writing for the web, check your writing prior to publishing with plagiarism checker Unplag https://unplag.com/ (or any similar tool).

    Anyway, all these tools could not work well for you, if you are struggling with writer's block, have a lack of imagination and bad writing skills.
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    I recommend the Acecad Digimemo L2 Digital Notepad but, it's expensive if you are on a low budget...

    the machine itself is $150
    the pen $50
    the software progam to run it $60
    a case to carry it is around $50

    the machine was made in 1991 and stopped production around 1992, so it's someone difficult to find and nearly impossible to get parts for if it breaks down on you

    they no longer make refills for the pen, but you can find other brands refills that fit it.

    I write on average 50k to 70k words a week, so I go through about 3 pen refills a week; thus I buy refills bulk at a rate of about 50 refills a month

    that means I also go through a lot of paper - 5 to 7 legal pads a week, thus I buy cases of 50 12packs of pads about every 3 weeks.

    okay.... here's what it does:

    Install the software on your computer - spend about 3 days training it to read your hand writing (it reads print, cursive, and italic - you just follow the instructions on the screen, write exactly what it tells you to write, and it memorizes your hand strokes.... it''s an A1 program so it learns to fixs it''s mistakes and matches it's correction process to your handstrokes, the more you use it. The first few weeks expect about a 75% to 80% accuracy rate while it learns your habits. Once it's fully trained, it has a 99% accuracy rate.)

    The Digimemo looks like a clipboard.

    You take a pad of paper, clip it to the DigiMemo

    Turn on the DigiMemo

    You take your DigiMemo pen, start writing on the paper.

    (This gives you a hand written hard copy to keep in case anything happens to the electronic copy - such as computer crashes.)

    Write you article, poem, story, play, novel, whatever.

    Take it with you anywhere - doctor's office, beach, restaurant, ... no electricity or wi-fi required... it runs on 4 batteries.

    When you have finished writing, go home, plug the DigiMemo into your computer, log into the software program, click a couple of buttons...


    in less then 5 minutes whatever you wrote up that day, is fully typed and waiting for you to publish it.

    It doesn't matter how horrible your handwriting is, big, small, neat, messy, block letters, cursive, whatever you write, it can read it and types it up for you so you don't have to type.

    I'm a author. I published my first book in 1978...40 years, 170 novels, 600 short story, a few dozen plays, and 2,000 non-fiction articles later... I now struggle with a physical handicap that limits my ability to write.... it's called - I have a stalker, a jealous unpublished NaNoWriMo author, whom I've never meet or heard of, until she violently entered my life put a bomb in my house, cut my cats' heads off, and beat me up leaing me crippled for the rest of my life

    I used to speed type 175wpm was my highest record, though 91wpm was my average (that's 5,000 words an hour) then in 2013, my online stalker enter my offline life, beat me up, left me for dead... I was paralyzed for 5 months, spent 18 months relearned to walk and relearning to use my hands. Today I am crippled for the rest of my life, never able to walk on my own again, and have limited use of my hands, and able to type with one hand, but it is difficult, requiring me to write my manuscripts longhand and have someone else type it up... I set out to find a software program to type for me, and found the DigiMemo and now I use it every day. I can spend 8 hours a day writing long hand and then 5 minutes at night, of it typeing my manuscript up for me, no more waiting for someone else to get around to typeing my manuscript and waiting weeks on end for it.

    I love my DigiMemo and highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to or can't type, but doesn't mind writing longhand pen and paper. Best thing I ever bought.

    If I still had regular use of my hands, I'd still be typing, but I don't, and so now I have the DigiMemo to type for me.

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    i never heard is there any tool can help you create great article, but you also can try to use Article Spinner tool and after that you can using Plagiarism Checker Tool to check the uniqueness, but if you want the best results don't rely you self to tools.

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    I don't think so there is any tool required for writing any article. You write it yourself and just check their grammatical mistakes by using tool like ginger, etc...
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    there is only one tool that is really essential for every writer in the world and this only tool is called IMAGINATION! ))))
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    Grammarly is best for grammar and spelling checking
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    I love Evernote for snagging stuff that I'll later use as blog fodder. I also like using Google Alerts for finding some of the stuff, and Feedly is good for gathering material. I use Copyscape on my stuff frequently, and I use an F-K score checker (I think there's one on Grammarly, but I'm not sure, as I don't use it much).

    I also have to promote a good task management solution, especially if you're doing copywriting for other people. I've used Asana before and LOVED it. Trello wasn't really my thing, but it's good for visually-oriented people. Now I'm using Bitrix because I needed a solution that allowed me to incorporate a CRM. Whatever you use, figure out a system for keeping track of deadlines BEFORE you start getting clients!
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    Look into "Write or Die 2" if you're feeling lazy to write and/or need motivation. One of the program's features is deleting your words if you take more than a few seconds to write. It's hilarious but effective.
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    I`ve never thought that there are any special tools for copyrighting) Actually never used any))) what i really fond useful is source for citing my articles kingcitation.com
    and of course the source for plagiarism check is rather important.
    I would say the main tool, in this case, is your imagination !!!
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    Gingersoftware, plagiarism, spinbot are the important software for article writing.
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    Dragon Speech Recognition Software or sometimes just a simple voice recorder. This is a very helpful tool specially when you are experiencing writer's block.
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    There is no 'tool' to help you write so to speak, however, there are plenty of things I use that enhance what I have written such as Grammarly and other tools which ensure the writing is of the highest quality. I also use editors to check my writing, which assists in the quality. Apart from this, a laptop and all the creature comforts to make my office a nice environment + imagination and you're away. There are so many good ideas in this thread, however there is no magical 'tool'.
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    Agreed with mhaddyness, these tools really work,one of my known also used them .
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