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What is it with you copywriters replacing punctuation in copy with the word 'and' ? Why do you use 'and' so glaringly disproportionately in sales copy?

Bob Bly's obsessed with them, which is a quandary for me because I base my style on his. But I'm lothed to loose them.

Here's my problem:

My client base is, shall we say, a little bit up-market. Think Desperate Housewives.

I know I shouldn't be using 'and' in my sales copy, these people read, but its the style I've been stuck with. Please convince me to be ok about letting go of the 'and'.

You can skip the obvious narrative flow observations. As a copywriter of necessity I'm a bottom feeder, but I do know that much.
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    I don't see the dilemma. You should always have your own style. If you don't like the word "and" as a transition word, and if you believe your target market doesn't need it, then don't use it!

    There is room in the world for both "and-sters" and "non-and-sters."

    Marcia Yudkin
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    Thanks Marcia.

    There are many facets in sales letters that go against my sensibilities, but I leave them in because they work, they sell. I just wondered whether 'and' was another one.

    I've just edited an email sales letter for one of my products and replaced many 'and's with punctuation. We'll see.

    Test is best, as they say.
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