Does the word 'free' send emails into the spam box?

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Does the word 'free' in an email likely send the email into the spam box?
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    It's a conspiracy theory.

    But if you send a lot of spam, and if a lot of these emails contain the word "free", you may have the impression that the word "free" is targeted...

    If you don't spam and if your email is properly designed, the presence or the absence of the word "free" will have no impact.
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    I've read that most spam detectors look for "free" in the subject line as a sign that the message may be spam.

    However, I doubt it's sent to the spam box based exclusively on that.
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    No. I don't think so. Not all "free" e-mails go to spam box.
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    Easy enough to find out.

    Sign up for a free trial with AWeber or GetResponse. Then use the Spam Score feature to test.

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    I've seen lists of words before that some claim to trigger "red flags" as far as spam goes, but I can't remember where I saw them.

    Anyway, you could test it and see for yourself.
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    No, it does not, I get dozens of "free" emails to my gmail and they all go just fine, though some of them should definitely go to spam folder))
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