You Need Your Own Batsignal

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Without all of our collective trust issues and conflict, life would be pretty damn boring.

All over social media, right now, all you hear about is police brutality, #blacklivesmatter, celebrity treason, permission slips to pray in school, teachers having sex with students, Mexican walls and other sensational stuff.

This is all great story stuff.

It's the stuff folks want to talk about.

The stuff they want to give their opinions about.

This is how we're wired and it ain't changing anytime soon.

Even if it does...we'll all be looking for that next crack hit.

Alot of us get it through fictional stories.

Comic book characters are the powerless nerd's wet dream come true.

I once heard Spiderman's Peter Parker persona was based on the Archie comics character.

I really don't know much about Archie, but from what I gather, he was a "likeable nobody" involved in some sort of "I liker her" but "the other girl likes me" love triangle that apparently moved the plot line along.

I dunno...but that's all side note shit...


Back to batsignals.

Now, during emergency situations in real life, we have all sorts of distress signals.


Flare guns

Flashing Lights

Amber alerts

Emergency Broadcast annoyances

Fire alarms

Horns and sirens and stuff

All sorts of shit meant to call our attention, immediately, to some serious situation.

The more obnoxious and annoying, the more serious the situation is, apparently.

Well, Gotham city, the shit hole fictional city that Batman lives in, is so bad the police have a distress signal of their own they can use to call on "the Bat."

It's a search light with the infamous batman logo.

They shine that shit into the sky (ithere should be some clouds...we need the shit to reflect off something) and on buildings and stuff and leave it up there until Batman appears.

Hopefully he ain't out partying with the Justice League or bangin' Wonder Woman somewhere (he is rich after all...that gold diggin' skank...great story though).

Point is...that Batman signal is how Gotham Police folks can, instantly, communicate that they need Batman's help and it's an urgent matter.

Notice this is all relegated to the confines of that shitty city.

Alright, growing up in the 80's I also loved watching Thundercats.

These were like Badass cat people with cool tricked out specialized skills (I'm not gonna get into here).

The premise was shitty, but whatever...

Their leader, "Lion-o" had this sword called "The Sword of Omens" or some shit.

It was some sort of enchanted sword that allowed Lion-o to like see what was going on somewhere else for whatever reason.

Then, whenever there was trouble, he could use the sword to do the whole distress signal in the sky thing to summon all the other cats to him to help him out.

They all had to be relatively close by in order for it to work.

I always thought it was kinda shitty none of the other cats had their own distress signal like that.

Why was he the only one that could round'em up?


The signal goes up and the other cats are instantly compelled to stop whatever they're doing and come over to help dude.

What's the point of this entire rant?

If you want more people to think to use your help with whatever copy you specialize in then you NEED to have a relationship with them (Lion-o has his cats...Batman has a relationship with the cops) AND you need to make it REALLY easy for them to SIGNAL you.

Not necessarily get a hold of you now, but at least to signal you.

They should know what you're about.

What kind of copy do you specialize in?

What specific problems do you know you can most likely help them solve.

What copy projects should they be contacting you about?

You write blog posts or sales letters?

You do advertorials or newsletters?

They should also see you as the person to call when thatkind of copy is needed.

How do you do this?

You've got a blog, right?

A group?

Started building your list?

Started broadcasting your Youtube channel?


Started running ads to your webinar?

What are you doing to develop your relationship with the people you want to get a hold of you when they're ready to get a hold of you?

What are you doing to stay top of mind?

Therein lies some ways for you to be the top of mind help they need and who they'll try to get a hold of first when they're ready for your help.

BTW, you can include your BatSignal, someway, somehow, with just about anything you do.

Did this help you or was this just a stupid nerd rant?


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    Hello Batman,

    I am very curious...

    Who is your target market?

    What leads you to believe they populate the Copywriting Forum?

    And why did you think this particular post would be of interest to them?

    Marcia Yudkin
    Check out Marcia Yudkin's No-Hype Marketing Academy for courses on copywriting, publicity, infomarketing, marketing plans, naming, and branding - not to mention the popular "Marketing for Introverts" course.
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    You write good posts...only thing I'd recommend is you use more connector words that bring the reader along into the next sentence.

    Maybe start with this:


    Then maybe use this:

    file:///C:/Users/patron/Downloads/Power%20words%20and%20phrases%20to%20boost%20your% 20marketing.pdf

    Then maybe this will help:


    I like your posts...but seems you just need a little work holding the readers attention.

    I appreciate that you for share. Thanks.
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    That was a pretty unique way atleast for me to look at marketing yourself.. So, basically Batman could be called a rich "offline" marketer who used traditional marketing methods..

    The cops (his affiliates or reviewers or idk someone with whom "Batman" had a relation with), whenever they sensed trouble, they called for him, and he saw the signal (and launched a new product), and boom went his popularity (sales) crushing the enemies (competitors) of Gotham City (the niche that batman worked on)

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    @anshdeb - Right on. Glad you got value out of it,

    I always found Batman kinda weird.

    Like a wannabe vampire or something, lol.

    But essentially, yeah, something like what you said, lol.


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    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    My batsignal is value man. I give away what most charge for.

    I know BORING. But my prospects & customers don't think so

    And its allowed me to achieve more then people who've spent 10-20X more then me.

    Its allowed me to be WAY above the 'norm' in terms of online marketing.

    Where you find my name you will find free give aways galore. The sharing of trainings worth thousands that most people can't afford.

    Great post tho! Thx for it.
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  • Profile picture of the author siera
    Interesting topic we got here today! Oh, the creative minds flooding the streets but never given the chance to shine. But oh, thanks to social media, we can create our "bat signals". Hmm.. in my opinion, your batt signal should be something that cannot be seen, AT FIRST, but overtime, it is proven. I'd have to say the best bat signal among bat signals would be excellence. Excellence shines wherever you are. Especially in a pool of writers, for example, when you write a good copy, it shines, it is noticed but you don't need all of the attention at first to tell the people that you can write well. Your bat signal is your work, your excellence, one that is innate and can't be taken away from you. Okay, that's really deep. (goes back to being excellent)
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    I like this topic. "Bat signal". I wish I was as famous as batman so that my bat signal would be that fame and I could use it to earn income! haha! But truth is, I don't want to be famous. Being famous among a group is fine, but being famous all over the world? That's too much. My bat signal? Humility and excellence
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    I think that my bat signal should be my ability to build relationships with my market. There are sellers/businesses who transact with you and then it's TY. I know this sales rep in a car company whom I saw and didn't even say hi or whatever. I hate the fact that they're very nice just to sell. So, I'd like to be known as someone who builds a good relationship with his market and not just sell!
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