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All-In-One Threads:

All-In-One threads is something I'm starting here where we as a group try to list damn near everything known about the subject of the thread. When you see an All-In-One thread feel free to speak up. It can be a 'secret', just a technique you happen to use or even something you haven't used, just heard about - whatever. Feel free to join in.

Please do not use the term All-In-One anywhere on this board. It will be saved for these threads specifically so at some point all one will have to do is search for the term "All-In-One" and all these threads will be easily found. At some point these will become some of the most sought after threads on the forum so it might be a good idea to participate if you have something to say people are going to really like.

If you have a great idea for an All-In-One thread please send me a PM and let me know about it.

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Please list anything you know about here on the subject of Copy Writing. Swipe file material, articles you found, tips...anything at all...



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    Easily worthy of an early slot in the swipe file:

    How To Master The Art And Science Of Writing Ads And Sales Letters!

    And Jay Abraham's 100 Greatest Headlines swipe is handy too:

    Jay Abraham: 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written

    And let's be sure to mention The Total Package too:

    The Total Package

    That's a fine start...

    Cool thread.


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  • Profile picture of the author JasonParker
    EDITED Because Ken Beat Me To The Punch on a couple sites:

    Here's where to listen to a bunch of copywriting geniuses talk about copywriting:

    Here's where to learn from one of the best web copywriters today:

    Here's one of my favorite pieces of copy ever written:

    Dr. V's Brutal Beyond Belief

    Here's the copy for the best selling IM ClickBank product of all time (I think I heard that at least):

    Commission Blueprint
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  • Profile picture of the author Jag82
    Here's a repository of classic best selling ads by
    Gene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, John Carlton and more...


    You will soon discover why it is such an amazing copywriting resource...

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    VERY (imho) useful copywriting resources:

    American Writers & Artists Inc.
    American Writers & Artists Inc.

    Method Marketing by Denny Hatch Method Marketing (9781566251150) Method Marketing (9781566251150):...

    Secrets of Successful Direct Mail

    The Robert Collier Letter Book
    The Robert Collier Letter Book ~ Robert Collier Publications

    All success
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  • Profile picture of the author Jason Johns
    Hello everyone,

    To those people who want to learn copywriting, my best advice is to practise, practise and practise again. I was a terrible copywriter and I read a few books on copywriting, started writing copy for my sites and then split test / multivariate tested the sites to improve the copy.

    I looked at other sites in my niches to see what was selling and used those as inspiration.

    After about 60-80 sales letters my skills really improved and are getting better all the time.

    I would also recommend writing a sales letter in a single sitting. Taking breaks and writing it over a few days I found causes me to lose the flow. When you get into the "zone" for writing copy, you don't want to have to stop as it will take you a while to get back in to that zone.

    Summary : Don't give up writing copy, read a few resources, practise and you can easily write half decent copy yourself.

    All the best


    p.s. I am not a salesman nor have I ever been a salesman ... I came from a technical background so salespeople were those people that took you to lunch whilst waffling on about some product or other.
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  • Profile picture of the author ramkarthik
    Nice resources

    I'd also suggest you to read this famous copywriting blog
    Copywriting Tips for Online Marketing Success From Copyblogger | Copyblogger
    Sit back and relax, while you take advantage of this freelance writer.
    Special Price:$10 per article (normally $25). PM Me for details.
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    • Profile picture of the author Adrian Jock
      Make Your Words Sell! - The Simple Art of e-Persuasion (free 250 pages pdf ebook, no signup required): (the download link is close to the bottom of the page)

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      • Profile picture of the author dcbeckster
        Originally Posted by Adrian Jock View Post

        Make Your Words Sell! - The Simple Art of e-Persuasion (free 250 pages pdf ebook, no signup required): SBI!: Solopreneurs Build A Profitable Online Business (the download link is close to the bottom of the page)

        Hmm..... went to the link but the download for "The Simple Art of e-Persuasion " wasn't there. I even did a search on the webpage but couldn't find it. Thanks anyway.
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        • Profile picture of the author Andrew Gould
          Originally Posted by dcbeckster View Post

          Hmm..... went to the link but the download for "The Simple Art of e-Persuasion " wasn't there. I even did a search on the webpage but couldn't find it. Thanks anyway.
          It's a seven year old link.

          And if you search for the name of the book "Make Your Words Sell!" rather than the subtitle, it's the first link in Google.

          You can find it here.

          Andrew Gould

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  • Profile picture of the author Jag82
    How about this superb copywriting swipe blog
    that even had Mark Joyner (and me too) raving:
    => 7 Breakthrough Info Marketing Offers, 127 Winning Advertising Headlines, 6 Consulting Rules To Break in 2008, 100 Good Advertising Headlines…And Much More!

    Opt in and get his Gene Schwartz winning headlines swipe.

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  • Profile picture of the author winebuddy
    Ben Hart's material - he has tons of free copywriting info on his site and it's what helped me to finally start making sales...
    "Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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  • Profile picture of the author Amanda Craven
    Two more to throw into the mix:

    The brilliantly quirky Copywriter Underground The Copywriter Underground

    And Nick Usborne's blog: nick usborne's blog
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    • Profile picture of the author CopyMonster
      The wealth of expertise (if you follow the links) and shear value in this thread is priceless...

      But the list wouldn't be complete without John 'Frosty' Carlton's stuff

      Self Defense
      Scary good...
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      • Profile picture of the author AndrewCavanagh
        The most important thing that many people forget about effective copywriting once they start learning all the strategies and tricks of the trade is:

        It's really just about persuading a real live person to do something (buy a product, give their email address for a free report etc).

        The better you get to know the person you're trying to persuade and the better you get to know the specific benefits and emotions that person will experience from what you're offering them the better your copywriting is likely to be.

        Good copywriting is always about people and what they want.

        Kindest regards,
        Andrew Cavanagh
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  • Profile picture of the author TiffanyLambert
    Okay this is going to sound weird, but it's true.

    I read a book when I was learning some "normal eating habits" called Mindless Eating - Why We Eat More Than We Think. It actually gave me a ton of insight into copywriting because although it's about the food niche, it can be applied anywhere.

    People's reaction to products often relies on their first impression - the name of it, how it's advertised, etc. I found myself reading this book and instead of thinking about my weight, I was always saying, "Hey that would work for ____ product!"

    Here's a non-affiliate link to it: Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than...
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  • Profile picture of the author RobinSkeen
    I find this tool very handy in helping me come up with snappy headlines:

    Advanced Marketing Institute - Headline Analyzer
    Thesis Theme Customizing | Budget PLR | Free Motivation Guide
    A man is not old until regrets
    take the place of dreams." -John Barrymore
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  • Profile picture of the author rapidscc
    For those who like to use software as a guide to writing landing pages here's one:

    Page Gorilla, Create killer sales page using this freeware wizard sales page generator software


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  • Profile picture of the author Tsnyder
    This isn't a resource but is very high on my swipe file list...

    This is one of the best sites I've ever seen...

    Origami Boulder Company -- Original Origami Gifts!

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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  • Profile picture of the author Andy
    \ouse guys is just too well red.

    Maybe I read too fast but if not, I'm surprised no one mentioned our own Paul Myers

    His talkbiznews is a must read IMO. He offers a special report "Why Johnny Can't Sell" I think is excellent. The above link is a direct download to my copy. Paul, if you want to post another copy, I'll remove this link.

    In addition Paul Hancox's (though I stopped reading his posts because I find his avitar too disturbing) 10% Conversion is another must read. Don't have a link but there is a link to it in Paul's report above.

    Also Sean D'Souza's psychotactics is a great resource: Psychological Marketing Business Tactics: Big And Small Business Ideas

    I'm sure there's more but this is a great start.

    God bless,

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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Lee
    Some hard copy books every serious copywriter must have:

    1) Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso

    2) Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples

    3) How To Write A Good Advertisement by Victor Schwab

    4) Start And Run A Copywriting Business by Steve Slaunwhite

    5) Architecture of Persuasion by Michael Masterson
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  • Profile picture of the author Don Schenk
    I wanted to collect successful salesletters written by some of the world's best copywriters to keep as a swipe file...

    ... then I found Michael Masterson's Early To Rise newsletter. It is more of a collection of great salesletters with each issue than it is an actual newsletter.

    I seem to come out 2 times a day with links to anywhere from 3 to 6 great salesletters.

    I've been saving them for 6 months. Wow! What a collection.

    Try it. I'm not advertising his newsletter, I am not an affiliate, it's just a great source of very current letters that are selling.

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    • Profile picture of the author Brent Turner
      Some short tips:

      • Keep paragraphs short - try not to go over 3 lines per paragraph. If you do break it up with a one line sentence.

      • Black and red (#cc0000) have been known to pull the greatest response for headlines.

      • Use sans-serif fonts on your salesletter - these are easier to read on-screen. Sans-serif fonts are the fonts WITHOUT the little arms and legs. They consist of Verdana, Arial and Tahoma (plus many more...). Where as serif fonts are your Times, Georgias etc.

      • Make sure you have at least 25 (I prefer 30 - 35 pixels) pixels of whitespace between your copy and the edge of your salesetter.

      • Use eCover graphics to boost perceived value.

      • A winning font combination I use is this (css code included):

      For paragraph <p> tags:

      p {
      font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

      For headline <h1> tags:

      h1 {
      font-family:Tahoma, Verdana, Arial;

      Hope this helps someone!

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    • Profile picture of the author primoquest
      Originally Posted by Don Schenk View Post

      I wanted to collect successful salesletters written by some of the world's best copywriters to keep as a swipe file...

      ... then I found Michael Masterson's Early To Rise newsletter. It is more of a collection of great salesletters with each issue than it is an actual newsletter.

      I seem to come out 2 times a day with links to anywhere from 3 to 6 great salesletters.

      I've been saving them for 6 months. Wow! What a collection.

      Try it. I'm not advertising his newsletter, I am not an affiliate, it's just a great source of very current letters that are selling.

      Did someone mention "all in one"?

      Here's a link to all the archives of the Early To Rise sales letters all in one place... awesome resource.
      Thanks for mentioning it here, Don.

      Excellent thread... thanks to all contributors!
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  • Profile picture of the author SamKane
    Lawrence Bernstein's
    InfoMarketingBlog is a great source for hard-to-find ads in a simple PDF format.

    You can get a strong copywriting education by simply re-writing these ads 'by hand'.

    Most of the greatest copywriters recommend this.
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  • Profile picture of the author KenThompson
    I could spend the rest of the year reading everything listed
    in this thread. This is beyond fabulous. So in the spirit...

    Repository of unusual facts for grabbing some attention:

    Did you know? | Fascinating Facts

    Interesting ad psych stuff with links, etc:

    Seducing The Buyer: Hypnotic Patterns That Really Sell
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  • Profile picture of the author michael_nguyen
    I just started writing my first proper sales letter and came across this:

    Anatomy of a Sales Letter - the mouse terminator

    Very good for beginners

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  • Profile picture of the author zapseo
    Understanding how people process stuff is important.
    Finding out what is important to people is important -- and finding out what order it is important to them.
    Exploring how people "know what they know" (a fascinating branch of philosophy with truly practical uses called epistemology. I learned that word when I was about 35 from a guy named John Grinder and my life has never been the same since.)

    So, for the knowledgeable among you, you will recognize the name John Grinder. He helped found this rather odd field of knowledge known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Try "Structure of Magic I & II." Even though copy is ostensibly about words, the non-verbal stuff is important, as well. The non-verbal stuff is what happens BEFORE the words. People see the red in the headline, see where it is, get a gut impression of esthetics or liking long before they process the words in a headline.

    It's TRUE.


    NLP can be more mind blowing than drugs.

    Live JoyFully!

    Judy Kettenhofen, Copywriter, Marketer's Geek and general troublemaker

    PS if you like Lawrence Bernstein's Blog, you might also like his "Ultimate Online Swipe File." Bit on the pricey side.
    If you like Bencivenga's Bullet's you might also like his Bencivenga 100 Retirement Seminar product (ALSO not cheap.)
    Did I see Joe Vitale mentioned? Harlan Kilstein? David Garkinkel's Copywriting Templates? Bob Bly?
    Jay Abraham? Dan Kennedy?
    A good course in "gestalt" (not Fritz Perls) psychology, on perception, can also be handy.
    Even though I have a BA in Psych, I also think working at Apple helped, too. Apple's a GREAT marketing company.
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  • Profile picture of the author David Raybould
    Great idea,

    Thanks for this Allen.

    Some great suggestions so far, but how
    come everyone missed out the main man?

    For scathing insights into copy, you need
    John Carlton's blog.

    Even if you've only a passing interest in
    writing, this is a must read.


    -David Raybould
    Killer Emails. Cash-spewing VSLs. Turbocharged Landing Pages.

    Whatever you need, my high converting copy puts more money in your pocket. PM for details. 10 years experience and 9 figure revenues.
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  • Profile picture of the author zapseo
    You're right, David, reading John's blog is good.
    I was a long-time subscriber of the Rebel Rant -- but now I can read his blog for free!

    He was mentioned, though, in a couple of the previous posts -- #7 & #19 -- with links to a lot of John's copy ... ("don't do as I say, do as I do"? No, seriously, John is great teacher, too -- but nothing brings home the lessons like seeing how the master applies them...)

    Live JoyFully!

    Joyful Copywriter & Marketer Geek

    Judy Kettenhofen

    A Proud Member of "Warriors For Hire"
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Oksa
    Hi All,

    Here is a bit of my personal (and very incomplete) swipe file.

    Please use in any way you see fit.

    $XXXX NOW!
    20 Bucks a month.
    act fast to lock in this price
    Become a _____
    be sure to include the (add on)
    brimming with
    call now
    call right now
    Can you pay your Bills this month?
    CASH FOR YOUR _____
    create true financial freedom
    dazzle you with digitally enhanced video
    Debt Relief
    direct access to experts
    Ever had a bad day at work?
    Experience _____ in _____ - Free !
    GET A _____ EVEN IF _____!
    get everything you need to _____
    get the house you deserve
    Get the _____ you've always deserved!
    Get the _____ you've always wanted!
    Get your _____ with Participation!
    Have a bad day at work?
    it's for those who _____
    it's the best buy on ____ bar none
    keep the first one, then about every other month we'll send you a new...
    learn how to do it risk-free
    learn how you can also get...
    Less than a month remaining for _____
    Like to _____? Make sure you get this _____.
    MONEY FOR _____
    One time discount
    only available through this special offer
    real people - just like you...
    retire in comfort
    simple strategies
    Somebody could be looking for you! ...but who?
    Tested and Proven Effective.
    The secret to free _____
    this is your last chance to order so act now
    try it in your home for ____ days
    Up to $XXX in 1 hour/day/week
    what would you rather do
    Why keep paying too much for _____?
    XX deals from _____
    you can only get from
    you could _____ for days and never see/find/experience _____ like this
    You NEED to see these _____
    you won't pay X, we'll take off X
    _____ is waiting for you to _____
    _____ would like to make you aware of_____

    BONUS TIP: To give your headlines an active voice, try starting them with a verb.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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  • Profile picture of the author Raydal
    Some people have found my copywriting blog useful:


    -Ray Edwards
    The most powerful and concentrated copywriting training online today bar none! Autoresponder Writing Email SECRETS
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Oksa
    Here are several more phrases you can use to spice up your copy...

    All you have to do is _____
    And I didn't even mention
    And I guide you every step of the way
    And now
    And that's just the start
    Are you ready?
    As you can see
    Available for a short time only
    Because by the time you've _____ you'll know _____
    better results
    But, you'd better order quickly...
    But look
    But Wait!
    Can you see why _____
    Did you know that...
    Discover The Most Effective _____ In Existence
    Doesn't it make sense to...
    Don't let it happen to you
    Don't you agree that _____?
    Faster than anything else
    Finally, You can...
    For limited release
    Get the best
    Guaranteed to work even if _____
    Guess what happened?
    Here's a perfect example...
    Here's Where Things Start To Get Good
    I dare you to _____
    I don't care who you are, that's _____
    I don't know about you, but...
    If You Act Right Now, you'll
    If you want to _____ then this is _____
    I just wanted to share this it's helped Me a bunch..
    I know what you're thinking...
    In case you missed it
    In fact...
    In no time at all
    In the next (AMOUNT OF TIME) I will show you _____
    I promise you now
    It's as simple as that
    It's so easy
    It's the easiest way for you to _____
    It's Time To Finally...
    It's up to you to...
    It really is that simple
    It works
    I will give you
    Just imagine
    Just take a second to _____
    Let me tell you...
    Make it available to you
    Maybe you're in that same position...
    More on that in a moment.
    Newly Discovered _____ Allows You To _____
    Nothing is left to chance
    Now you can...
    Once you _____
    Out of ##### only ## _____
    Picture yourself...
    Plain and simple
    Read what others have said about...
    Stop listening to _____
    Take a look at _____
    Tap Into The _____
    That's Not Even The Best Part!
    That's what we all want isn't it?
    The Cold Hard Truth Is...
    The first ## people who _____ will _____
    There's one thing you must know
    The simple fact is
    They couldn't be more wrong.
    Undeniable proof
    Watch over my shoulder
    What if there was ____
    Without A Doubt
    You'll be glad you did.
    You'll Have Instant Access To...
    You're About To
    You're going to see
    You are About to _____
    You are sure to
    You can literally _____
    You deserve _____
    You guessed it
    You have nothing to lose
    You read that right.
    You will never have to _____
    _____ is dead wrong.
    _____ is Easy!

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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  • Profile picture of the author JonathanBoettcher
    The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers & Boost Your Sales by Dan Kennedy

    It's worth a read
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  • Profile picture of the author jjbalagosa
    One of the best ideas I've heard (and used) was to look at magazine covers for headlines. These are usually written by top notch authors and have the sole purpose of getting your attention enough to by the magazine. And you can "Rip Them Off" freely by just taking a stroll through your favorite bookstore.

    You can even find covers of your favorite magazines on Google images. I look them up all the time and add them to my own ever-growing Swipe File/IM Knowledgebase.

    This thread is fantastic, btw! My favorite part of IM is Copywriting.
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    • Profile picture of the author dbarnum
      Here's a popular tip sheet from my own website to share:

      Tweak Away with These 20 Copywriting Tips & Tricks

      To help increase your sales, take a look at your copywriting and see if you can make improvements. Often small improvements can result in a much better conversion rate.

      In short, as this quote from successful businessman David Ogilvy says, "If you're trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language in which they think."

      So go over these tips and see where you can use better language: revise, tweak, edit and otherwise improve your sales efforts.

      1. Evaluate your copy. Evaluate repeatedly, over again, until you have it nicely polished, and ready to print. Ask a business contact to read it while in exchange, you read his or her copy.

      2. Use shorter words for longer ones.

      3. Insert facts, quotes and statistics where possible. These often have more impact than information.

      4. Steer clear of witty or obscure phrasing. You want the reader to have clarity of understanding what you mean, rather than to keep them guessing. Say what you have to say in the simplest or most direct of terms. Be concise and to the point.

      5. Use straightforward paragraphs and short sentences. Take care to state facts and real figures. Choose not to talk in percentages, but rather state real sums of money.

      6. Focus on the advantages and benefits your client will receive from their purchase.

      7. When copywriting, do not be overly concerned about the number of words you use while writing. Studies have shown that longer copy sells more products than short copy. Start with short copy, if you like, then add more pages, more depth to your communications.

      8. When writing copy, make your words talk with the ease of presenting one-on-one; speak to the customer in their language. In other words, when you are sitting there trying to figure out what to say, just imagine you are sitting there talking to a trusted family member or friend about the product, this should put you right at ease.

      9. Copy writing is much easier if you can visualize your audience and then just write to them.

      10. Good copy has a sense of quality that is childlike because of its simplicity. Write so anyone can understand your copy and it will come across so much clearer.

      11. Read and study the masterpieces of writing by famous advertising authors whose work has paved the path for you and other copywriters.

      12. Test everything that comes to mind; write it out if it comes to in a flash or in a simple wave of clarity. Use the positive tested phrases in your copywriting.

      13. Write and write, then re-write. Practice does make perfect.

      14. Be open to refreshing concepts and ease them into your copywriting while not upsetting the flow of writing.

      15. Employ the use of bullets or check lists while copywriting, do not be afraid to use plenty of bullets or check lists.

      16. Remember use of FREE, NEW, SECRET, GUARANTEE, PROFIT and YOU are all eye catchers. Heat up your copy with words that reach and grab the reader's attention.

      17. You have to place a call to action in your copy to motivate the customer to act, if the customer is not drawn to act on your call, sales may be lost.

      18. Gather up some testimonials for use in copywriting. Studies have proven that testimonials grab more reader attention than any other factors combined. Testimonials set the stage for credibility.

      19. Always remember in copywriting that you've got almost as much pull with the ending P.S. message for sales attraction as you do with coming up with a killer headline. Your P.S. copy should sum everything up nicely so readers are immediately drawn to answering your call for action.

      20. Know your product.

      "Good copy can't be written with tongue in cheek, written just for a living. You've got to believe in the product," David Ogilvy.

      So give your copy a good inspection and make improvements where you can. Then put your best sales copy foot forward and get back out there and sell!

      @ Moving Ahead

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  • Profile picture of the author glengarry4
    Two GREAT courses that I don't think anyone has mentioned yet are:

    Shortcut Copywriting Secrets by Scott Haines


    Advertising Magic by Brian Keith Voiles (alot of people have a license to sell this one. I got it for like 100 bucks off of Ebay).
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  • Profile picture of the author colmodwyer
    Awesome thread!

    Here's a few websites I use to climb inside my prospects head, maybe they can help others too...

    #1. Bestsellers: The most popular items in Books. Updated hourly.

    Select the category that matches your market and you're in business!

    Great way to see what's working now... What's on your prospect's mind? What's clicking your prospects hot buttons? What information your prospect's are paying for? And so on.

    Gives you some good headline brainstorming fodder too.

    While you're at Amazon, check the COMMENTS section of products too.


    Works a lot like Amazon bestsellers (but for articles). See above.


    This is basically a directory of forums. So pretty easy to find forums catering to your market.

    Forums essentially let you spy on your prospect. See what they're chatting about, what kind of people they are and that kind of thing.

    You might pick up some useful lingo you can use too (empathy, rapport etc).

    Check out "newsgroups" on Google too.


    A lot of folks actually share reasons why they're buying shoddy products. For example: "I bought product X because it said in the sales letter it's make me a millionaire tomorrow. But it's BS!"

    PRICELESS (assuming your product can deliver).

    Good for handling objections too.

    #5. Yahoo! Answers

    Find out what questions your market is asking, then promise to answer them... For $47...

    There's a few more market specific websites I use, but these should get you off to a good start and give you an idea of what else you should be looking for.

    On top of these, testimonials are priceless for mind-reading your market.

    Better still, get out into the world and speak to your prospects face to face.

    Word of warning though... What people say isn't always what they really mean. For example I've seen a lot of customers for the company I work for complain about our aggressive marketing and how everyone hates it.

    They conveniently forgot how they were converted I guess.

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  • Profile picture of the author Johnny


    >>> Johnny <<<

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  • Profile picture of the author tomw
    There are so many great copywriting resources out there, but a few from fellow Warriors deserve a mention,

    By Brian Kumar:
    • Beyond Storytelling
    • Marketing Secrets of Seduction Masters
    • Advanced Seduction & Manipulation Techniques
    • How to Create Profit-Producing Sales Letters by Getting Inside Your Customer's Head
    By Paul Myers:
    • Creating Killer Content
    • Why Johnny Can't Sell
    Harlan Kilstein's stuff is also great.

    If I'm not mistaken, Allen has a thing or two to say about copywriting.

    Help Us Rescue, Rehabilitate And Reunite Victims With Their Families

    STOP THE TRAFFIK is a growing global movement of individuals, communities and organisations fighting to PREVENT the sale of people,
    PROTECT the trafficked and PROSECUTE the traffickers.
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  • Profile picture of the author debukur
    Just found full & FREE The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy - It's a must read with tons of examples. Enjoy!
    Dream like you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow
    NEEDED: virtual assistant (VA)
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    • Profile picture of the author rich2
      Might be worth it (no doubt) but this looks like $9.95 to me. The PDF link didn't open.
      I'll go to site itself and see if it works there.

      This is in reference to Dan Kennedy's letter.
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      • Profile picture of the author mikeb1
        Originally Posted by rich2 View Post

        Might be worth it (no doubt) but this looks like $9.95 to me. The PDF link didn't open.
        I'll go to site itself and see if it works there.

        This is in reference to Dan Kennedy's letter.

        yeah wanted 995 from me too

        Affiliate links are not allowed.
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        • wow, thanks for compiling all this info. It's a great idea, I haven't seen it done in another forum yet though I thought a couple of times how cool that would be. Maybe even make a sub-forum where you just put in threads like that, might be a bit too much though.
          Anyway, thanks! Being able to access all this info in one thread is truly easier than having to look for every single one of them.
          [ENDORSED BY LMC]
          Stop Building Backlinks The OLD Way, Use >THIS< Instead!

          >Let Me Build HIGH QUALITY Backlinks For You!<
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  • Profile picture of the author Joel_Cowen
    Thanks, I've been wanting something like this for a while. I have been looking at books on amazon but this is great.

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  • Profile picture of the author WD Mino
    Thank you Allen for posting this and thanks to my fellow members for posting resources
    i know lots of stuff but copywriting is not my strong point. i appreciate this very very much!!!!

    "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"

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  • Profile picture of the author anwar001
    this thread is an information goldmine
    Get Hundreds of Super Targeted Traffic in Any Niche from Facebook - 3 Step Organic FB Marketing

    25 Guidelines For Massive Affiliate Success - Whether you are a beginner or an expert, read these principles and refer back to them many times
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  • Profile picture of the author Rezbi

    Drayton's coming out with a hard copy version of these ideas, but you can still get them free just by signing up.

    They've have been getting rave reviews since he started writing them.
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  • Profile picture of the author moneyjunkie
    I like this new thread.

    Here's some I didn't see.

    One tip for newbie copywriters contact ebayers whuse product didn't sell and offer to re-write the sales page for a fee or a % of the sale.

    Is this site similar?

    gary halbert copywriting swipe file
    infomarketingblog -

    Copywriting 101: An Introduction to Copywriting -- Copyblogger
    What is Copywriting? Copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing. The art and science of ... -

    Internet Copywriting
    Learn Internet Copywriting From A High Paid Freelance Copywriter

    World Copywriting Blog
    David Garfinkel's cutting-edge copywriting tips, tricks and tested techniques to get you higher response, more sales and increased profits! -

    The Copywriter Underground
    The Copywriter Underground -

    Internet Copywriting
    Learn Internet Copywriting From A High Paid Freelance Copywriter

    The Copywriting Maven
    The Copywriting Maven -

    Is this site similar?

    Free tutorials on copywriting, web content, advertising, internet marketing, direct mail and brochu
    How to dramatically improve response from your Advertising, Internet marketing, Direct Mail and Web pages with powerful copywriting -

    Is this site similar?

    Jay Abraham: Optimal Marketing Strategies
    My goal for is really very straight forward. To help you make money. To provide you with actionable strategies that you can use to grow your business beyond anything you ever expected, or even hoped. Totally action focused complete packages. I -

    Is this site similar?

    Online Copywriting & Page Optimization
    Nick Usborne is a recognized expert in online copywriting and page optimization. He specializes in helping companies increase their online conversion rates and customer retention rates. -

    Professional Copywriting Services (SEO Copywriting, Blog Writing, Article Writing, Press Kits &more
    Professional Copywriting Service, specializing in SEO Copywriting, Traditional Copywriting, Blog Ghostwriting and Corporate Copywriting -

    Online Copywriting: Subscribe to the Excess Voice Newsletter
    Online Copywriting: Nick Usborne's Excess Voice newsletter includes articles, resources and reviews for writers of online copy and content, and web site optimization experts. -

    business growth strategies | ryan healy
    learn business growth strategies from ryan healy, a professional copywriter and marketing consultant. blog posts cover direct response copywriting, advertising, and business growth. -

    Online Copywriting 101: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet -- Part 2 | FutureNow's GrokDotCom / Marketing Op

    To those who missed the first lesson, how nice of you to join us... Isn't this stuff easier now that the Web's getting smarter? With a subject like -

    High-Impact CopywriterDecades of wide-ranging experience. Get the attention you deserve!

    &lt;a href=';amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_ HERE' target='_blank'&gt;&lt;img src=';amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUM BER_HERE&amp;amp;n=a65842c1' border='0' alt='' /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;

    &lt;a href=';amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_ HERE' target='_blank'&gt;&lt;img src=';amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUM BER_HERE&amp;amp;n=af74f4df' border='0' alt='' /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
    The future of app development

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  • Profile picture of the author dotnetguru
    Wow, lots of great information here. Thanks Allen for starting this. All this information will help me lot's.
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  • Profile picture of the author pandorastoreuk
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  • Profile picture of the author I Am Jeannie
    I have to agree that this is a fantastic thread and thanks to everyone who has posted so much helpful information.

    I thought I would throw my opinion as a consumer and artist into the mix. It might be interesting for some internet marketers to get a perspective on what a consumer is interested in and even though not all consumers are like me, I know there are a lot of consumers who are like me. Here's my opinion:

    • There is so much to read on the internet that it can be time consuming.
    • People do not have very long attention spans.
    • I think part of producing effective ad copy is to keep things simple, looking clean, not too cluttered, not a huge amount of content.
    • The layout, format and visuals, including the length of the squeeze page should be fairly simple, not too busy and not too long.
    • When I visit a website/squeeze page that has a busy, cluttered and unfocussed visual appearance, I do not stay very long. I have probably already been to several long squeeze pages and am running out of time.
    • When a landing page has a lot of ad copy, that takes up to ten minutes or half an hour to read, I don't stay very long.
    • Even if they have a good headline, I am not likely to stay more than five or ten minutes.
    • I find a lot of ad copy is just hyping me up to want all the things I will be able to buy with the money I will make from buying and using the product, rather than giving me really useful information to help me make a good buying decision and to determine if the product is suitable for me.
    • The type of squeeze page/ad copy that tends to retain my attention are professional, brief, succinct and to the point.
    • I think you also have to really consider your audience, just like in public speaking, you need to consider who you are targeting or presenting to.

    I have noticed that even if I am looking at a magazine or newspaper, if an ad is poorly designed, I don't even notice it until I've looked at the magazine several times. Even then, I still struggle to find the focus, what the organization is, what the message is.

    Also, I've noticed that some WSO's have really brief, simple, to the point ad copy and those are the ones that I read. So, if I was to build a successful landing page, selling to people like myself, it would be simple, yet professional and not too lengthy.
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  • Profile picture of the author jmorris18
    Wow - This is some AMAZING information - Thank you to all who have provided these valuable resources.


    Jason Morris

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    • Profile picture of the author eBay_Mastery
      This has got to one of the largest collection of Swipe Files I have ever seen. The site's got everything and broken down into niches and even some specific copywriters. There's even a way to get dozens and dozens of swipes emailed to you almost on a weekly basis. Looks like you can gain access to the site for free. It's called .
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  • Profile picture of the author wrcato2

    I create swipes from top copy writers through email. I don't know if anyone explained this yet, but to keep from editing I will just post this little tip.

    Create a gmail email account and sign up to all of your favorite marketers and copy writers newsletters. Filter each email you sign up and place them in it's own folder. When you filter you will want to check mark on the 3rd screen:
    * not to send it to spam
    * never send it to the inbox
    * mark it important
    * and if there are more than 1 message check mark how many messages there are from the person to go into the folder.

    This way you will know whom the message came from and it will be easy to find later.
    Now for the strategy: When you are looking for a headline or a main idea to write you can model after some of the best copy writers and marketers on the planet. Just don't plagiarize.

    Writing Tips:
    Eugene Schwartz, tells of him going into his closet to write. He set an egg timer for 33.33. I didn't read this in "Breakthrough Advertising", but I did read it in his book "How to Double Your Power To learn" which I found in my father in laws desk drawer after he passed away. In that book he details an entire writing system that is systematic.

    I took his system to heart and practice it every day. I have a big closets, and here is a pic of where I write. It is my little creative get away. Not very comfortable, but that helps me get the job done.

    You also might be interested in my mentor Ben Hart. When I first heard about copy writing in 2005, I found Bens site 21st century marketers. Here is a link to his site. Very useful and you get a free ebook ans webinares if sign up.
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  • Profile picture of the author Matthew Shane Roe
    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Cult of Copy yet?

    It's ran by Colin Theriot but have a few good people in there as well. He should definitely be charging for access, glad it's free though.
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  • Profile picture of the author thedanbrown
    Jay Abraham's website has a BUNCH of free resources on copywriting, stuff literally worth hundreds of dollars you can get for free.

    For headlines, search Eugene Schwartz or use this free headline generator.

    The I love Marketing blog has a lot of direct response content on there in the podcasts.

    In terms of books to invest in I think there are way too many to reference here but to start off a list I would recommend The Ultimate Sales Letter By Dan Kennedy.

    Just reading that one book alone will put you ahead of the majority of people "selling" stuff online today.
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  • Profile picture of the author brenda221
    Does anyone know about any free books or resources - possibly in the format of mobile apps - that kind of take you back to the basics of copywriting? I've been taking some time off to improve my skills before starting a new business, and someone suggested I try newer things instead of just going around google all day looking for ideas.
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  • Profile picture of the author noeasy24
    hi im new I learn more about what you guy post here . thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author wizozz
    Hasn't anyone posted about Swipe-Worthy » Swipe File Archive » Marketing & Copywriting Examples yet? It is online, categorized, even annotated with notes. It has both "classic" copy and newer web copy (like FB ads, landing pages etc).

    Also, offers a daily copy to hand copy as a paid product.
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  • Profile picture of the author wponline1
    I know this is a little off-topic but I think the bond between copywriting and great storytelling is there.

    Here's a link to something I found that relates to the art of great storytelling: 6 Great TED Talks Explaining The Art of Storytelling ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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  • Yes, good to see this particular genie of threads out of the bottle.

    I remember getting stacks of good intel back in 2009.

    Glad it keeps popping back - I think its one of the forums golden artefacts.

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