What's your biggest headache when it comes to writing copy for your Product Launch?

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Hi Fellow Warriors,

It's Kristof. For the past three years I've helped clients with copywriting for their product launches. Sales pages, VSLs, emails etc.

So now I'm thinking about starting a blog where I'll share my experience and insights about effective product launch copywriting. I want to make sure though, that what I write genuinely helps people looking for actionable advice.

In connection with this I wanted to ask all of you:

"What's your (or your client's) biggest challenge when it comes to creating sales pages, VSLs, emails etc. for new products?"
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    You have three years worth of actual clients you can ask. Why ask a question here that has been asked hundreds of times?

    Maybe we need a special subforum just for "ASK surveys"?
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    Hmm, I've ran into this problem lots of times before.

    How do you fix your copywriting when you notice that most of your sentences are of the form

    "Subject" is "Verb".
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    I work with a team, and running my own separate business as well. 80-85% of my clients are super successful. And, all I know, they all want a complete package.

    They prefer those who can handle everything, from sales pages to product creation. In a way, you have to present everything that can make them successful in their business.

    Now, we are going launch our 'graphics' sector too. Because, our clients need graphic designers as well. They need someone who can create book covers, short animations, logos, videos, and etc.

    We are trying our best to offer them everything. We are making the whole process easy for them through our packages.

    So, the biggest for 'actual', high-paying clients is to find someone, some company, who can deal with 'everything'.

    If you can offer everything and transcend their expectations too, they are yours forever.
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