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Hey everyone-

For people who do copywriting -- if you had to choose one coaching/mentoring program to start with, which would you go with?

I am thinking about joining John Carlton's Simple Writing System. What do you think of it?

There are few other programs that look enticing, but I thought their sales pages/emails were not world class. John Carlton seems to be the only one who I respect in terms of his skills and ability to sell.

P.S. I've browsed through older threads and can't seem to find ones that answer this question. So apologies if I repeated the thread.
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    I recently took a 'teaser' version of Carlton's SWS, and I was impressed. And I've been a fan of Carlton's for a long time.

    As a disciple of the late great Gary Halbert, you could do a lot worse.

    And since his course is the only one that impressed you, that's a big sign regardless of what other people will say.

    The best course is the one you will actually complete. Usually "complete" means more than simply skimming through the pdfs and playing the videos while you check out your FB feed.

    Even with Carlton's taster, I got a lot more out of it by doing the exercises, posting them on the site and really paying attention to carlton's comments.

    Most good courses are the same way. They work if you do.
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    This was my journey about a year ago and Paul's courses here on the forum are/ were pretty good.

    The first one is basically coaching + detailed pdf's.

    The second one is just the pdf's on a weekly basis.

    I still look over each of the assignment periodically to refresh on old lessons.
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    Talk to Harlan Kilstein. That's John Carlton's best student. Research on what John has to say about Harlan, then find Harlan on Facebook and message him. If I was to start my copywriting career over again - I'd invest in Harlan's mentorship right from the start - not even wasting time reading books or going to seminars.

    I don't think John Carlton does private 1-on-1 mentorships anymore? Not sure.

    But I remember when I first mentored with Harlan. By my 2nd month into the mentorship I went from negotiating $65 articles to $2000 sales letters. And then higher and higher after that. The first proposal he helped me write for a client was $12,000. I believe this was by month 3 or 4 I forget.

    I'm not saying this is exactly what you'll get, obviously I don't know how you work. I'm just saying what happened to me.

    My thing is, you need to find a mentor that can help you improve your copy as well as teach you how to get clients. Gotta get paid. That's why I stick with Harlan to this day.

    One thing though, Harlan's blunt. He gets right into the heart of things. I was happy about that because I learned way more that way. Everyones different.

    If you're looking for buddy-buddy small talk during calls, probably not for you. But if you're serious about leveling up your copy, got skin for constructive criticism, and willing to learn and position yourself for when the big clients call you for 4-5 figure gigs... it's a godsend to have Harlan in your corner coaching you every step.

    Btw, I wouldn't judge a mentor only by their sales pages/emails or whether it looks world class. I'd personally contact them, chat with them, and see if you jive with them first.

    "Develop your eccentricities while you are young. That way, when you get old, people won't think you're going gaga." - David Ogilvy

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    Most of the copywriting gurus online are BS artists.

    I think before you start getting yourself into the copywriting business you should train your eye to see through the BS.

    Your best bet is to read the classics and apply everything in a manner that resonates with your audience today.
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    I attended workshops with John Carlton. If you want a direct (and I mean DIRECT) teacher who will not attempt to sugar-coat anything but will absolutely cut to the core, he's your guy.

    When I took it, I really liked Michael Masterson's 6-figure copywriting course through AWAI. Of course that meant getting advice from Bob Bly, who is hands-down MY favorite copywriter.

    If you just want to get started with the basics without investing in a coaching program right from the start, check out the oldies-but-goodies -- things like John Caples' Tested Advertising Methods and...I'm sure there must be a list of the great copywriting books on this forum.
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  • Ideally choose a copywriter who has decades of experience (doesn't have to be a big name guru - maybe someone who is a "working" copywriter - who really does depend on "real world" success).

    Gives unlimited 1-1 coaching (who has all the major copywriting courses and books - don't be one dimensional - you need someone who has a complete range of proven expertise).

    Being able to get the best, most useful sections of the courses saves $10,000's and 100's of hours wading through them - better to be on the fast track.

    Your esteemed coach should critique all your copy (and suggests all the improvements that can bump up the response).

    And most importantly help you get the "right" clients (the people you most want to write for).

    Now this might be a touch difficult - don't pay a colossal fee - try and structure a "agreement" where you'll pay mostly on the results they'll help you achieve (you may as well test your powers of persuasion and see if you can get this kind of deal).

    Should they give this "commitment" - and I'm sure you're aware of this you will have to make a huge and continued effort in discovering how the wonderful world of copywriting can be the ultimate and very lucrative business for you.

    Because when you know how to constantly drive up the sales, revenues and profits for clients you become very valuable and indispensable.

    Probably the most important person in their organisation because without your unique ability - nothing worthwhile happens.

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    Instead of going for a personalized coachinh program, I would recommend to read few Sales copy samples and figure out how to do it for yourself. You would save atleast 200 bucks.
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