Copywriting tips for emails?

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I'm am a complete newb to this and just so recently learned about copywriting and I am very interested in going into the field, i'm just asking for some tips to get high conversions for my emails. You know buzzwords, certain phrases, writing styles, tips of any sort to help me increase my conversion rate will be greatly appreciated!
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    You may find this presentation on this very subject helpful.

    -Ray Edwards
    The most powerful and concentrated copywriting training online today bar none! Autoresponder Writing Email SECRETS
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      Thank you for this video, This is what I need! I have long been learning to write texts well, but this video has given me a certain foundation.
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      Thanks a lot.
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    As you said you are new to this, i will help you to solve your problem. Here i will give a step by step procedure/method so that you can easily learn about it.
    1. Personalize Your Emails
    2. Be Personal In Your Emails
    3. Simplify the Format of Your Emails to Improve Readability
    4. Make Sure Your Subject Line is Attention Grabbing
    5. Ensure that Your Emails Are Congruent
    6. Implement Power Words in Your Emails
    7. Use a Clear and Compelling CTA
    8. Use the P.S. Section to Promote Your Offer Again
    9. Focus on the Reader Not Yourself or Your Company
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    Mixer did a nice job outlining some pointers.

    I will chime in as well.

    - Subject lines are 70% of success.. This Is especially important for emails.
    - The sub-headline - first sentence is another most important. If you get these 2 wrong, you've lost the prospects attention and they're gone.

    - Focus on benefits NOT features. If you decide to speak on features, than blend in the benefits.
    - Pay attention to the TONE of your copy and incorporate bullets.
    - Do not use any jargon or technical language. (Technical language is more used with B2B copy.)
    - Make sure your copy flows.

    Keep in mind everything you write is about the customer and the most important aspect is to know the objective of the email (what do you want it do accomplish) and who your target customer is.

    There are also some other important factors regarding emails, but this will get you started. .
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    Originally Posted by my Bestself View Post

    I'm am a complete newb to this and just so recently learned about copywriting and I am very interested in going into the field, i'm just asking for some tips to get high conversions for my emails. You know buzzwords, certain phrases, writing styles, tips of any sort to help me increase my conversion rate will be greatly appreciated!
    RESONATE. Please google this word, read several dictionary definitions.

    It is the KEY to your success with email. Buzzwords, jargon, certain phrases, writing style, your SUBJECT HEADER, headline, all of this must do one thing with the reader...

    and that is, it must RESONATE.

    The email is more than likely the second INTERSECTION your reader has had with you, but if it is the first time they meet you, you have only one job, and that is to make sure they are the correct TARGET market for whatever it is you have to offer.

    Imagine sending Tiger Woods (or millions of golfers) an email about Fly Fishing. And bait, and talk about fishing holes. Does that resonate? Maybe with a tiny percentage, but if you are offering fishing equipment to golfers, be prepared for a long grind and tons of frustration.

    RESONATE, look it up, and think HOW you can do that with your target audience.

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    it was very informative
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    I am also newbie in this but hope this can give you a little idea to your question.
    A great funnel from the receivers and your niche product or service point of view. Like Educative, branding, promotional, Educational + sales, feedbacks, Freebies something like that.
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    Write, write, write MB. Best way to find your inspired writing style is to practice writing, with an intent to create influential copy. Learning from pros gives you clues. Writing helps you hammer out your copy voice; key to building a successful copy campaign.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Look for the templates at - there are quite useful tips there too.
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    Write as if you were sitting across from the person at the kitchen table talking to them. Write in a conversational tone. Tell a story. Keep your email message to one main point. Appeal to people's emotions whenever possible. If you're pitching something in the email, make sure they know what's in it for them. Focus on their hot buttons.
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    As many said above, dive in and start writing. As far as tips and tricks -

    Utilize the PS at the bottom.

    In cases where someone opens the email, skims through the body copy (or reads the first bit and then jumps to the bottom to see what it is they are thinking about taking the time to read)

    A good bold PS can act as a good way to send them back up to reading
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    10 Email Copywriting Tips for Writing Better Marketing Emails
    1) Use actionable language.
    2) Personalize when possible.
    3) Prioritize clarity, and only then think about "catchiness."
    4) Align your subject line copy and email copy.
    6) Write in the second person.
    7) Talk about benefits, not features.
    8) Be brief.
    9) Be lovable.
    10) Use actionable language in your call-to-action.
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    • These are great tips for )keeping things in mind) when writing better marketing emails... right?

      Thanks harrisjaved! Appreciate this so much, I'm a newbie as well.
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    An awesome subject line and personalized content in the body.Works great.
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    Here are the main copywriting tips you need.
    Lean and Mean
    Easy to Read
    Less About You and More Them
    Use Strategically Placed Keywords
    Understand Your Audience
    Use Effective Calls to Action
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    I've been writing emails professionally for reasonably high level clients for over 14 years.

    There are some huge elements already covered here like:
    # The vital importance of the subject line
    # The call to action...or multiple calls to action.
    # The tone of the email.

    Here are a few things almost no one is talking about (mainly because they're all drawing information from the same courses...not from higher level direct response copywriting experience).

    IMAGES in emails can dramatically increase response.

    A few years ago Gmail and other email providers started automatically showing images in emails.

    As soon as I noticed that I started testing putting images in the emails I was writing for clients.

    In split testing the increase in response for an email with an enticing image in the first fold compared to an email without one was between 25% and 150%.

    PERSONA Is Key

    Establish the "persona" of the person sending the emails.

    Bland, "me-too" emails that sound like an affiliate pitch are boring and are not going to build a relationship with subscribers.

    In good email marketing we exaggerate the persona that comes through the emails so the reader gets a really strong feel for who they're dealing with.

    Selling In Every Email Can KILL Your Sales

    If you just pound a list over and over again you're going to kill it's responsiveness.

    The foundation of good email marketing is getting your subscribers excited about reading your emails...all your emails.

    And that means delivering value...high value content, gifts etc.

    Deliver value first...then you have a chance at selling something.

    TRUST Rules

    This will blow your mind.

    I've repeatedly tested emails that were entirely content based where I advised subscribers against buying things for all kinds of reasons.

    This is going to be counter intuitive but if you do it the right way after you've sent a trust building email like telling your subscribers not to spend that the ideal time to send them an email that sells something.

    Done well it can dramatically increase response.


    I'm often in a situation where my emails written for clients are being studied by other marketers trying to work out what my client is doing.

    What they don't know is I'm always willing to try random stuff (like including images in emails) to see what happens.

    A lot of the things I try don't work or get a really lukewarm response.

    But every now and then you hit a home run and you're breaking new ground.

    With email marketing you can't stand still. You have to be doing new things to stay ahead of the pack.

    Or even old things. Some old school stuff converts better now than it did in the day (like good old online sales letters without videos) because they're now DIFFERENT to what everyone else is doing.

    Don't be afraid to be different and try things.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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    Don't get to the point in your first e-mail. For example, you can ask them an engaging, relevant question and provide possible answers. In this way you can stimulate conversation, awaken interest of the recipient, and avoid spam-looking follow-ups.
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    An email is worthless if it does not get opened. The key is a great subject line.

    Write subject lines in a way that compel people to click. You can do this by saying something outrageous, or by making them feel like they are missing something they need.

    Don't let Internet Marketing overwhelm you... let's take the journey together! Build Money Machines!
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    All those people out there who are trying to increase their sales, make people click on their ads, and just improve conversion rate from their emails should know about the few main things about the how their email copywriting game can be improved. This post is going to do just that, let's dive in and learn how to make your emails convincing and effective. Here are the main copywriting tips you need.
    1. Lean and Mean
    2. Easy to Read
    3. Less About You and More Them
    4. Use Strategically Placed Keywords
    5. Understand Your Audience
    6. Use Effective Calls to Action
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    Besides the excellent advice below, here are a few more tricks for you:

    1. The email subject line = your headline. It must contain a strong claim/instant benefit to make your reader want to open it.
    2. Include their first name in the headline if you have it.
    3. The first few sentences of your email should be as short as possible. Shocking. And instantly confirm to the reader YOU understand their problem. (=Trust)
    4. YOUR product or service is exactly what they're looking for. You know this because you used to have the same problem they have until you discovered it. (=Authority.)
    5. Use the same language (buzz words etc) your reader uses. (=Likability.)
    6. Use short words, sentences and paragraphs that are easy to understand and suck your reader into your body copy.
    7. Use the Zeigarnik technique (unfinished thought) to get them to click on the link to your main offer page.

    There is lots more I can tell you, but that should help get you going.
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    Here are the few tips that will help you in increasing your conversion rate:
    1. You want your subscribers to act instantly on your email. Therefore, set a deadline so that they read your message and click on it.
    2. Talk to the reader. Avoid usage of "me", "we", or "I". Instead use "You".
    3. Avoid cliches as they are overused and don't add any value to your content.
    I got these tips from ECT and found them relevant to your question. If you want some extra tips, you can check their website.
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    For me, just be straighforward. No flowery words and of course catchy headlines.
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    Use subject lines that will get the attention of your subscribers. If you did your market research well, you'll know what those things are.

    And then it boils down to building a relationship such that every time they get an email from you, they read it.
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    Originally Posted by my Bestself View Post

    I'm am a complete newb to this and just so recently learned about copywriting and I am very interested in going into the field, i'm just asking for some tips to get high conversions for my emails. You know buzzwords, certain phrases, writing styles, tips of any sort to help me increase my conversion rate will be greatly appreciated!
    You must devote lot of time to generate email subject line just like a bog headline. Significantly, generate a promising preview text with short, sweet and quality content. Make a personal and conversational content such that your copy sounds good to your readers. Try to neglect industry jargons and write in easy to understand manner keeping in mind the average consumers. Be careful while selecting the words. Always ensure that your content proves to be relevant.

    Working at Thoughtfulminds offering content writing services and Wordpress Website Development to help small, medium and large enterprises mark their presence.

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