Why Does Everyone Seem to Hate This Ad?

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Hey guys, Forum newbie here, I joined because I feel pretty bad about the recent failure of an article I wrote to drive traffic to my website because, although it succeeded in driving traffic to my site, the only responses to it I received were negative ones. So I am really hoping someone on this forum has experience writing articles/ads and is willing to help me figure out what I did wrong.

Background Info:
I am a music producer and composer, my end goal is to get more clients and to get my work featured in more films & video games. To accomplish this I created a website and a free resource of 143 professional quality, royalty free music downloads which are commercially usable provided the end-user gives attribution to me in the credits.

I worked very hard to design an appealing, very high quality resource and even arranged all of the songs by category with nice images, a great interface, the works.

After I finished I thought a good way to market this resource and to hopefully succeed in getting my name out there I would sign up for all of the Filmmaker and Video Game Developer forums I could find, and post an article there giving away this free resource and showing I am bringing value to their community.
Well it backfired. Not only did I straight up get banned from one of the forums with no warning (not allowed to name forum)but my article was deleted and trash-talked by mods on a second forum and just simply trash talked on a third forum. Overall it seems people hate something about how I did this. TRUST ME I placed my articles in the appropriate places in the forums too, it wasn't due to me miscategorizing the post.

So here it is, please help me figure out what I did wrong!

Title: How to Get a Professional Soundtrack Produced for Your Film, Video Game, or YouTube Video Without Spending Money

Electronic Music Producer, Composer & Audio Engineer

So you're in the final stages of your film & you need to have it scored, or perhaps you're a YouTuber seeking to enhance the quality of their videos with stock music, or even a video game developer looking to immerse the player in their game with a custom soundtrack; one way or another, you need music to complete the project you're working on and bring it to it's full potential.

Well what if I told you there was a way to have a professional soundtrack produced specifically for your project for free that sounds equally as good as if you hired a professional to score it?

...Well I'd be lying. But don't click away just yet, it should be obvious that hiring someone to produce a custom soundtrack will always be the best choice and there is no getting around that...


I have a secret for you.

Instead of paying $ you can pay time to have a soundtrack for your project that sounds almost as if you hired a professional to do it, without spending a penny.

And here's how you do it:

Leverage the power of little-known stock music libraries and royalty free music catalogs to craft your own professional soundtrack out of completely free, professional quality resources.

I'm not going to lie and say this is going to be quick, but if you follow my instructions and you take the time to navigate through a hundred or so professional songs you will find the exact ones you need for each scene in your project.

By the time you're finished people will think you hired someone to score a professional soundtrack specifically for your project!

Step 1: Choose the Category of Music You Require for Each Scene in Your Project & Download a Selection of Songs

Lucky for you, I already put together a comprehensive catalog of free music resources arranged by category here. All you need to do is pick a category for each scene in your project that matches with the tone or emotion you are trying to portray.

Once you have your categories picked, here is where the time consuming part comes into play.

Hover your mouse over the category & click the icon that appears to open up the embedded audio player.

Listen to each song in the category you chose, one by one until you find a few that seem to fit with the scene you are going for, and click the download button on the far right of the song title to download the tracks.

Step 2: Import the Music Into Your Video Editing Software or Game Development Platform and Ensure it Mixes Well

This part is somewhat common sense, but to be thorough I am including it anyway:

Import the songs you downloaded into your software and listen to it while your scene plays out to see if it fits. If not, move to the next track on your list of downloads and keep going until you have a rough-draft of the entire soundtrack.

Once you have a rough draft, go back to Step 1 and make SURE you didn't miss any songs that may be in other categories you didn't listen to that might fit the scenes you're working on.

Step 3: Obtain the Appropriate License to Use the Music and Ensure You Have Given Proper Attribution

Whenever you're working with royalty free music you always have to keep in mind that just because the music is free doesn't mean you don't have to cite the author.

If you're using the Royalty Free Music Catalog I linked to earlier then this part is very simple:

If you will not make money from your project directly or indirectly (this includes advertisements and YouTube monetization) then all you have to do is put "Music Downloaded From in your credits, description or somewhere easily visible in your project.

If you will make money from your project directly or indirectly, simply fill out the Commercial License Request Form found on the website and enter in the title of your project and your project's information for EACH project you will require music for.

And that's how you spend time instead of money to create a custom soundtrack for your film, video game or YouTube video!
What to Do if you Still Haven't Found What You're Looking For

Now if for some reason you don't find the music you need in that library of over 100 songs, get in touch with me and tell me about your project. If I am inspired by your project, I will work with your budget to produce a custom soundtrack for you!

I know it's not easy to make a career out of your passions when you're on a limited budget, believe me, just read My Story if you want to know how I spent 6 years in poverty before becoming a successful music producer & composer

Because of my past, and how hard I had to work to get where I am today, I love working with people who still pursue their artistic passion regardless of their financial or social limitations.

And I frequently provide my services to these types of people for far less than any of my competitors, even the ones with less experience than myself, just because I love what I do and I love working with passionate individuals who have vision.

So if you think that's you, get in touch with me via my website or my email:

See you later, creators!


I have a few guesses as to what could be the main things people don't like about it but I wanted to get you guys' feedback first before I jump to conclusions.

Thank you so much if you take the time to help me figure this one out, it was really embarrassing to have such a negative reaction to what I regard as me doing people a free service and helping people so they would share my name :-(
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    Originally Posted by Jordan D Winslow View Post

    Well what if I told you there was a way to have a professional soundtrack produced specifically for your project for free that sounds equally as good as if you hired a professional to score it?

    I have a secret for you.

    Instead of paying $ you can pay time to have a soundtrack for your project that sounds almost as if you hired a professional to do it, without spending a penny.
    My .02 reading what is underline in these section did two things. It made it sound liked it lacks credability, and made me want to hit the back button. Trying to be fair to you. You could be loosing viewers long before that because it seems like a boring conversation. That is why you are having trouble with the article. You may need to review some copywriting material in this section to give it a fresh polish.

    As far as the other forums you may not understood their rules, with all the pictures and the part to contact you with your e-mail sounds like self promotion. Try to read the rules at each forum you join, can prevent a lot of future headaches in the future.

    Hopefully others will chime in and help you. Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum Jordan.

    I'm going to offer you my honest opinion here, and I'll try not to be too harsh.
    But honestly, Jordan - I gotta agree with DWolfe here...

    My first thought is that you probably put half your audience to sleep with this long "drawn out" (thinly disguised self promotion) of an article.

    If it's supposed to be a lead generation piece, then there's no need to bore people with all the details about how to use your website (save that part for when they're already at your site, looking to interact with your platform) because that's the time they might be interested in learning how your service works.

    For a lead generation piece... just focus on making it interesting, and full of benefits for the market you're looking to attract. Your main purpose here is to get your ideal audience to visit your site.

    If it's an advertisement, just tell them...

    "Attention game developers and film makers!
    New source allows you to download hundreds of Royalty FREE soundtracks for your next project"

    Then maybe a paragraph or two... and a few bullet points... with a call to action.

    This has a much better chance of getting people to visit your website (rather than boring them, with a lengthy thesis)

    But you'll need to pick the proper platform for advertising. Because blatant self promotion will probably get you picked on (and/or banned) at most forums. (as you've already discovered)

    For a forum post... just provide valuable info, and contribution to the forum members This way you might be able to build some credibility before you try to offer any services.

    So my main advice for now (if you're going to post this on forums), is to tighten this piece up quite a bit (and that means edit about 50% of it, out) I can't tell you exactly which half to cut, because I don't know anything about your audience. So this is just general "universal" advice for writing something that people might want to read.

    Best of luck to you.

    All the best,

    SARubin - Direct Response Copywriter / Conversion Flow Specialist
    Coming soon - Copywriters Community (Newbie friendly... Copywriter approved...)

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    I'd echo what's already been said, but also - if your article is being "trash talked", what's everyone saying about it? That would give you some idea of what you're doing wrong.

    And when/if you redo your article, check that the forums you submit to actually accept promotional posts. The forum you mentioned that banned you (I noticed it before your link above was removed) has the following in its TOS:

    "Posting to promote your site or for anything that could be remotely considered marketing is absolutely not allowed."
    TOP TIP: To browse the forum like a Pro, select "View Classic" from the drop-down menu under your user name.

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    Hey welcome to the community! I have a couple of suggestions that might be helpful, maybe just keep an open mind with what I say.

    So I would say the most important thing to think about is that you need to consider your audience, and it's not the way you think. This is a seemingly regular video game and music forum the last thing people want is to be "sold" something. Copywriting might work on these forums but really it seems like the wrong way to go about doing it. I've been involved in sales and so know a little about this type of thing imho. You're doing a hard sell by going about it this way when a softer approach might work better. Maybe not use copywriting as this just shows that you want something from them. Forums probably aren't the best place for this. If I were in your situation I would build trust and let them get to know you better. Do this in the introduction, introducing yourself and what you hope to do for them. Maybe more background information like your achievements/credentials. Seem more friendly instead of going for what you want right away. Just tell them about yourself and make yourself seem like a living person instead of a person trying to promote themself.

    Also it's way too long, a moderator isn't going to appreciate that. And a reader of the forum is going to want to know what's in it for themselves right away as opposed to going through multiple paragraphs trying to figure it out. Think about it this way if you were going to look at a forum would you want to look through tons of information when you can just click a link and see for yourself right away? Time and a place for that. First build trust and value, then drop the link

    My opinion on this, hope it helps
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    My honest copy opinion..

    Problems -

    No attention grabbing headline. Very weak.

    First paragraph doesn't peak my curiosity, very run on sentency (wordy) and easily gets me lost with so much text.

    Scanning through I honestly don't see it targeting enough. It doesn't hold my interest.

    Too much fluff. Not very clear or concise.

    The tips would've been better used as a Free PDF or end of a link calling the audience to action. Instead, they just received a bunch of text without clarity of what is even going on.

    Not knowing how to use proper power words. There's no real psychology behind this that pokes my desire to want anything.

    Text such as "I'm not going to lie...." makes me feel like this person isn't that credible. It just seems very rookie, not very convinced even from themselves of what's being offered.

    No clear call to action.

    There's nothing interesting about this piece or engaging to the reader.

    For me, nothing draws me in because you already lost with no powerful headline and a weak opener.

    As for the forums you probably spammed it out there not realizing it.

    It's like cold emailing people. You have to be extremely careful because unless someone asks or invites you to do something, doesn't mean you should do it anyway.

    Did you build relationships with people or just link the article in forum posts?

    You ultimately were spamming it, throwing it out there hoping it would stick and catch someone.

    It also reads like an instruction manual. Pretty bland.

    This copy needs a lot of work, but the simple fixes can bring it to life rather quickly.
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  • First off, I'd like to thank everyone who responded. It was very nice of you to read my boring copy and give me feedback on how to improve it and I am greatly appreciative.

    If anyone feels like going for round two... (no worries if you don't I wouldn't blame you haha)

    I have completely rewritten the article with the feedback given by the community here. I got to the point quicker, tried to entertain the reader a bit more, incorporated more resources other than my own so it doesn't look like a sales pitch since it's going on forums, not paid ads

    Oh and I changed the title to be more attention-grabbing, less wordy and added an image to reflect the new title.

    Here is the updated article: The Complete Guide to Commercially Use Music & SFX That Don't Suck!
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      Literally your value is lost behind a boatload of graphics and subjected texts under each...

      Headline is a bit better.

      You totally lose the audience to where I honestly won't even read it.

      Part 1 is a mess of itemized graphics nearly half a page down before I can even see part 2..

      You're rushing this..

      Effectively written copy takes TIME to write before it's presented to anyone. This can be days during the editing phase after the first draft has been jotted down.

      You are too eager to pitch which tells me your mindset is not where it should be.

      You're still pitching a sale even through these photos. You have a link to royalty free music before you even explain anything in Part 1.


      It wouldn't matter if you were the Steven Spielberg of producing music. Automatically you are only out for the sale and pitching - no value, no engagement to the reader, no clear idea as to who you are, no story line in relation to this article, and it's a maze to my eyes.

      This is brutal honesty. You need to take a huge step back and learn a few important things before you decide to write this article again and publish it.

      Even the damn photos are made in to links!!

      You took none of the advice given. You just rewrote a few areas, but the deeper message of advice given was ignored.

      Get clear -

      What exactly are you wanting to do? Who are you? What exactly is your service provided to others? WHO is your ideal client or market? What are their pains, pleasures, fears, frustrations, anger?

      How can you solve that? What is unique about what you have to offer?

      Look - copywriting takes a shit load of research. It's offensive for you to even come back a few hours later and say you're done, you fixed it.

      If you rush the work, you will fall hard every time. There's NO quality in rushing through things.

      Hey man I like your site layout. It's well done..

      After going to your About Me page, you're still trying to pitch..

      An About Me section in reality isn't really about ME - It's more about the customer, the client, the prospect. Who are you and why the hell should I hire you? How will you benefit me? What can I expect from you? What makes you the expert and right for my project? How will you solve my problem?

      If you want to win then you need to position yourself the right way. Everything I've seen so far is about YOU, not the customer you're wanting to attract.

      Homepage says nothing inviting. You also have another short About me section on the bottom of the homepage. .

      Also - on the home page, the Music Production and Mixing section both link to "contact".

      Dude, come on.. Everything screams about you...

      Learn from what I'm telling you and really take a step back.

      BTW - I do however like your "mystory" page. It's a bit of a long read, but that is down to being real and vulnerable. Really sharing yourself with others.

      But I definitely don't like..

      But here you are. Reading my sales pitch.

      Thank you so much, it truly means a lot to me to have held your interest for so long, and your time is incredibly valuable to me.

      I hope this has convinced you that I am an incredibly passionate, kind and dedicated individual unlike any other and that I am worth investing your time and money into, because if you choose to hire me for your upcoming project you will be working with someone who will not only transform your ideas into evocative and inspiring creations, but that you will be joining forces with a dreamer who will undoubtedly change the world for the better.
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        Originally Posted by Copylifemike View Post

        LI hope this has convinced you that I am an incredibly passionate, kind and dedicated individual unlike any other and that I am worth investing your time and money into, because if you choose to hire me for your upcoming project you will be working with someone who will not only transform your ideas into evocative and inspiring creations, but that you will be joining forces with a dreamer who will undoubtedly change the world for the better.
        That broke my highly-prized record for longest, run-on sentence, ever. I'm crushed.

        And let's not even mention the copy, itself. Oh, my!

        "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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        • Yeah that happens when you try to get a website designed from scratch and populated with content in less than 7 days. My website, brand, everything is about 12 days old now.
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      • Thank you for the detailed feedback.

        When you say "You're still pitching a sale even through these photos. You have a link to royalty free music before you even explain anything in Part 1. " I really don't understand what you mean because I'm not even selling anything.

        I'm just trying to give people free music resources so I'm not sure how much more "value" I can possibly add. This isn't paid music, its just free content for them to use how they see fit, even commercially.

        Not just my own, but 9 other websites which offer great resources as well so they were supposed to say "hey this guy isn't just out for self-promo he is even showing us all these other resources so he is trustworthy"

        I don't know how to make it more clear that the value I am presenting is "here are the literal best free music and sound effects resources on the internet"

        I added images so they would be able to see what the websites looked like before even visiting. Do you mean they are too large? Or are you saying I shouldn't even have graphics of these sites?

        The goal of this article was to give away 143 of my best soundtracks for free so people will think I am giving them value. Remember this is going on a forum, not just my blog.

        I did, however, get a lot out of your criticism of my website, I will definitely work on those changes and I appreciate you checking it out. I'll try to make it more about my customer and less about me.

        But how am I supposed to answer the questions you listed if I'm not supposed to talk about me? How do I tell them I'm worth hiring without talking about my 14 years of experience, my dedication to my trade, etc?

        I'm coming from over 6 years of direct marketing and direct sales positions so yeah, everything that comes out of me is a pitch because I have been doing door to door sales and retail sales positions as a dayjob most of my life.

        I'm struggling to switch gears and make everything into this personal communication especially since I am supposed to keep everything so short.

        Hell, even my response to you is long.

        Are there any copyrighting resources you suggest I read for writing the content in my blog and for shifting my website's focus onto what I offer my customers? I thought by making the very first thing they see "Here's a bunch of my best stuff for free" that I was establishing value and showing them what I offer but I guess not.
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        • Profile picture of the author Copylifemike
          Copy Bloggers and Copy Hackers are good places to start.

          So as you see, your page and objective is totally confusing.. Let's keep this simple.

          You ultimately just want to give free music resources, but the whole article reads as an instructional based text to help people produce good quality without having to hire a professional..

          So are we giving away resources or is this a tutorial?

          Simple blog post -

          Catchy and attention grabber title

          Subtitle - Your first sentence or opening statement that ties in to the headline to grab my interest after you grabbed my attention

          Body copy - story time, information that ties those two aspects above into a clear and concise message

          Bullet points to incorporate the body to break it up. Benefits I'm getting out of this (aka what your free advice will do for me)

          Call to action - Link them to your free music resources. Deliver your gift to them for being good troopers staying engaged in what you had to say

          P.S - Write tune in next time for more free tips, advice, etc... Basically leading them to want to look for your next blog post or topic

          Simple. Since you are very wordy, let's constrict your writing walls a bit.

          When you rewrite this post the more efficient way, keep your word count between 800-1200 words tops. That can easily amount to 1 full page, perfectly simple.

          Does this make more sense? Quit the salesy talk. That's not who you are. The way you speak down to earth in your "mystory" page is who you are.

          Show your personality and talk to the readers as if you are talking to your best friend.

          You wouldn't pitch him or sound like that would you?

          Again - this is at a quick glance.

          Keep in mind too, text is very small and the use of different font sizes kind of throws me off (possibly other readers too). It needs some cleaning up. There's a lot you can really crunch down too and get the same message across to the reader.
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    Here's my perspective. People who are looking for music for their projects generally don't have the time and capabilities to choose an adequate music background. Because of their lack of time and ability, they hire other professional people to handle this.
    From your copy I read this message: Want to get music without payment? Then do it yourself.
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  • Profile picture of the author stegibson
    Hi Jordan,

    I'm in your niche, and I'm in your profession.

    How did the re-design fair?

    On reading through your first draft, I would agree with the others that is sounds salesy rather than value driven.

    Did the forum allow promotion and links.

    Also I've really niched down to online business owners, entrepreneurs, and video creators Don't agree with what others have said about outsourcing because they don't have time. There are plenty of video marketers who have to create videos themselves and include the soundtrack.

    Let me know how you're getting on, and I'll do the same.


    Grab your FREE Marketing Music Starter Kit:Boost Conversions Without Spending Any More Money or Using Complicated Tech.Get Free Video Training and Music at ProMusicPacks.com
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    • Always a pleasure to meet another dedicated artist, Steve!

      Well what I didn't tell this forum is one of my primary goals in releasing this article was to boost my page rankings on Google through backlinking and effective SEO. In this, I believe I have succeeded, even though the article has received great criticism.

      My audio streams have gone up significantly and my page ranking is steadily increasing.

      But I don't want a bunch of pissed off people going to my page haha so I rewrote the article a third time with the advice of this forum and, though it is probably still a bit lengthy, I believe since I am calling it "The Complete Guide" that it should be lengthy and inclusive of a ton of information.

      I'll let you know how the forums receive this new version. I am uploading it now and replacing my old article with this one.
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  • Profile picture of the author ryanbiddulph
    Don't get too bummed Jordan. The feeling will pass buddy.

    This reaction to the advertisement just reflects back to you the fear and lack of clarity you had creating the ad. Your mind felt good about it and attached to some outcome; a successful campaign. Your heart is telling you - through negative feedback - that your energy is unclear, fear-heavy, and to move in a clearer, more freeing, direction.

    Negative reactions are instant feedback. Good thing. Helps you let go what you do not really want to do, to make room for what brings you and folks the greatest fun, happiness and fulfillment.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here
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    • Thanks ryan, I agree. You can't achieve success without failing a few times (unless you're just a genius prodigy or incredibly lucky)

      I am glad to get negative feedback on this forum, but it just sucked getting it from my own target audiences. Hopefully that will change now with the 3rd revision of the article.

      I have learned I need to be less wordy, less pitchy, and be more clear about what I am giving my audience as well as make it personal.

      That's a lot to learn in 3 days! So I am very glad to get this forum's feedback.
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