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Take a look round your home RIGHT NOW.

(An' if'n you readin' this on the move, consider how my imminent DOWNHOME EXAMPLE plays regardin' COMFORT ZONE STUFFS or ADVENTURES or YIPES! IMA STUCK! scenarios. Call me a sublime foreshadower, but the truth of this parenthesis bonus may only become apparent in retrospect.)

What stuff you got here?

In your home?

Better question ... how mucha the stuff you got here in your home been FORCED ON YOU by DEMON ADVERTISERS?


Spankin' new or fallin' the f*ck apart, prolly evrythin' in your home kinda got there bcs

1) You wanted it.

2) You could afford it.

An' the cool thing is ... nowan here on Plannit Oith ain't no different.

Wants vary, wealth varies ... but all hooman persons wanna look in on life choices worked out positive or ultimately gowin' sumplace same.

An' this is true whether you currently experiencin' all-encompassin' triumph or abject misery.

After all ... what else is there for anywan else here to figure?

Thing is, time don't never stop.

An' always it is troo how we all want a level-up sumtimes.

From whatevah heresynowsy place we start out.

You readin' this ... prolly you ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE ... hangin' out at home (or mebbe summonable from some other WHEREVAH).

Or why click on COPYWRITIN' SMARTS - 1 MIN READ?

Truth is, Copywritin' Sweeties, evrywan you write for is jus' like you.

Livin' at home, fulla favorite stuffs, battlin' against forces gonna take alla that away an' stomp all over the fyooture ... or hopin' the world gonna open up impossibly sumhow, like in the MOVIES.

As a copywriter person, you either gotta write for people JUS' LIKE YOU ... or be eternally f*ckoed.

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    Originally Posted by Princess Balestra View Post

    in the MOVIES....copywriter person, you either gotta write for people JUS' LIKE YOU ... or be eternally f*ckoed.
    Starting with, IN THE MOVIES.

    Mel Gibson, WHAT WOMEN WANT.
    Taraji P. Henson WHAT MEN WANT.

    Through some mishap, they both are able to read minds. In those movies, we hear the thoughts as spoken.

    As a copywriter, what MORE could you do if you could read your customer's mind?

    Well, the PRINCESS, has given us one solid idea; know, understand and apply that our thoughts of want and need are not unique. Maybe millions of other share those thoughts, eh?

    So, let's expand on this idea, and with twist that as a copywriter, your first job should be that of a MIND READER.

    We love to toss out the idea of knowing your customer, walking in her shoes (pumps or red spiked super high heels), and getting inside her head.


    How does a copywriter get inside the mind of the TARGET.

    Well it begins with a clearly identified TARGET, by knowing what the data (if reliable) tells you about how much interest they have in your whatever by past choices, either prior buying habits, the recency or frequency of their buys.

    Or from their search engine searches, or their stops at Facebook groups, pages, or participation in forums, like this one.

    I don't think you need decades of study, like I have, into human behavior and psychologies of influence and persuasion...there is a short cut.

    It is in knowing the GENERAL and then the Gender Specific PREOCCUPATIONS of your designated target.

    As I type this, it is the so-called DIET and FITNESS season, where health clubs make their money from selling a year of gym memberships knowing most won't be around in 90 days, and where supplement touts are shouting from the rooftops about losing weight.

    TODAY, here at the WF, we can find several posts about selling AFFILIATE offers for either of those niches, actually markets. Because therein lies some of the problem.

    If you think weight loss is a niche, you've lost before you started. I'll give one example to suffice the point.

    TWO 27 year old women, both wanting to lose 15 to 20 pounds. They may appear to be in the same market, and a beginner might find one of the 1001 Clickbank, JVZoo, or other affiliate offer hyping the 3 week diet, the quick and easy weight off program, the magic CBD oil miracle amazing eat all the cookies and ice cream you want diet.

    The thought, the WRONG thought, is BOTH women have the same motivation, to lose weight.

    But this is where MIND READING comes in, and the so-called drilling down.

    One woman has just delivered a Holiday baby.
    The other is looking forward to her 10th high school class reunion in JULY.

    Sure, both want to lose the weight but the motivations, and the PREOCCUPATIONS are different.

    And then toss in a 27 year old guy, who is also going to the 10th class reunion and wants to lose the 15 pounds, and you'll see a completely different set of motivations and a different mind, one preoccupied a lot different from the ladies.

    So, to use a single weight loss promotion, like the Clickbank hype, may not work for any of them, but a more customized and tailored promotion addressing their PRIMARY preoccupations AND the gender specific ones will give you, the copywriter, a Mel or Taraji like power to "hear their thoughts" and enter the conversation they are having with themselves and you then

    INTERRUPT their thinking, with a specifically created STIMULI which gets their attention and leads them to their own conclusion, which may be a BUY of your product.

    AND, one way to have this power, is, as the Princess told us, is to read our own minds and then to find LIKE MINDED people to make our offers to...

    it is so much easier to write copy and motivate, stimulate, persuade and influence people when we help them solve THEIR problems in the direction of their goals, and if we share that goal, know EXACTLY what is on their minds.

    Try reading minds, it will make your copy writing efforts very fulfilling.

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  • Always welcome your contribyootion, especially regardin' the seasonal nature of what anywan might consider desirable.

    Between us, we may just have rebooted HALLOWEEN.

    Only problem I got with diet stuffs is how I already BEYOND WRAITH.

    Which is why ANTI FAT GAL stuff drains my mortal dollars like ants kickin' 'gainst Galactus kinda supremacy.

    Thing always is how the fyootyure ain't happened yet -- an' all POVs on that truth figure the spectrum between excitement & fear.

    Manufacturin' tamara's certainties is the tangiblest evah myth.

    Hence the storyteller people gathered round the fire ... or any smart-assed seers seated slightly further away from the illumination whose mascara talents are sufficiently beguilin' to constitute a spectacle.

    Gotta figure if'n you targetin' sumthin', you in with sum kinda chance.

    An' who don't want sum kinda chance -- either in the maelstrom of unyieldin' despair or the maelstrom of unrelentin' boredom?

    Evrywan wants to be HERE an' kinda NOW in ways make sense from when they 6 or 12 to how this gonna figure come the Summer.

    Personkindwide, this equals plenty individuals all sharin' the same dilemmas an' hopes ... 'bout relationships, car insurance an' sham frickin' poo.

    tbh anywan writes any kinda script for this schwango is clearly deloosional.

    But 'clearly deloosional' don't play so good -- which is why ima currently runnin' with 'copywriter'.

    Makes way more sense than factor a customer-specific narrative direct to the heart of our branding and we'll reward you with the ultimate sensation of immediate idiocy, I guess.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    False advertising.

    This took me 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

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    • Originally Posted by Paul Hancox View Post

      False advertising.

      This took me 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


      Eyeballs like that, I ain't surprised.

      But, hey -- this is real cool physiognomy inspiration for my Mutated Bcs Nooclear War preference list.

      Could come in handy next time my local bar runs a Nekkid Barbershop Quartet night.

      Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    I'm clearly drinking in the wrong places.
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    • Originally Posted by Paul Hancox View Post

      I'm clearly drinking in the wrong places.

      Uhm ... your mouth, right?

      Anyplace else an' you a srsly weird anatomical shibboleth!

      Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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