What's your favorite font when writing copy?

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Hey guys, I just made small research on font for copywriting...here's what I got:

Popular serif fonts are Times New Roman, Palatino, Georgia, Courier, Bookman and Garamond.

Some popular San Serif fonts are Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, Century Gothic and Verdana.

The print font preferences of three of the copywriting greats:
1) advertising great John Caples liked using Cheltenham Bold for headlines;
2) advertising legend David Ogilvy preferred the Century family, Caslon, Baskerville, and Jenson; and
3) direct marketing guru Gary Halbert used Courier in his sales letters.

So what's yours? (that proven to convert)
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    Personally, I hate serifed fonts. They're harder to read than non-serifed. I'd be more likely to pass over a sales page written in serifed.

    There are a lot of other factors that will influence how a page converts, most notably your copywriting. If your message doesn't resonate with your reader, it doesn't matter what font or color it's written in. You've already failed at that point.
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    I have also used for me from serif fonts are Times New Roman and Georgia.

    And San Serif fonts those I have used: Helvetica, Arial, and Calibri.
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    These fonts are my favorite font. These fonts will definitely help you to get good results.
    Serif fonts - often found in projects involving lengthy text, such as books, newspapers and magazines.

    Sans serif fonts - commonly used for shorter text settings, such as captions and credits. Sans serifs are also a good choice for an audience of young children or anyone learning to read.

    Handwriting fonts - for any project you want to give an authentic handwritten feel to.

    Retro and vintage fonts - the perfect choice of typeface for transporting your designs back in time. These fonts also work really well in sci-fi-themed artwork.

    Brush fonts - Like handwritten fonts, these are ideal for adding that handwritten touch. They're great for invitations and cards.

    Tattoo fonts - in need of some new ink? Use these brilliant free fonts to complete your tattoo designs.

    Graffiti fonts - for adding an urban, gritty edge to any artwork.

    Unusual fonts - because some free fonts just don't fall into any other category.
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    Times New Roman
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    I prefer Tahoma 14 pt for emails and Ariel 16 pt or higher for sales letters and landing pages, but it really depends on your target demographic.

    If it's digital copy you want it to be a font they're used to seeing online or in their email inbox and can easily read. Easy on the eyes is best.

    Just my two cents...
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    I use mostly Helvetica
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    'Copywriting greats' don't depend upon specific fonts to convert, so maybe take those recommendations with a pinch of salt.

    Choose a legible font (preferably sans serifs) which conveys attractive information.

    My most recent projects utilized 'Sansation' (regular) and it's one I've used for for copy, though again, it's to be taken lightly.

    Adobe's standard 'Myriad' is a go-to solution which is so effective, with regards to form / legibility, and isn't tabooed as a standard.
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  • tbh I would wanna wish always for my ass to be bathed in the waters of eternally undiminished brilliance.

    Such is my font.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    It has to appear decent. There's no secret font that converts more than the other.

    Personally am fine with the details Arial. Haha. But I am also starting to like San Francisco
    DFY(Done-For-You) Service. Building A $3k/Month Biz From Scratch.

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    Times New Roman
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