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Hi guys!

If you want to increase your conversions
If you want to make more money online
This is something that you should pay attention

If you are simply promote your products by
telling your prospects about the features or the benefits of the products,
it's not enough because there are a lot of people out there are doing the same.

What you wanna do is to tell a story to your prospects
and that story must relate to your product/service that
you're trying to promote.

A good story could be a powerful weapon that hit to your prospect's emotions
And that's it, we, human being buying things most of the time
we buy base on our emotions. We don't just buy what we need, we buy what we WANT.

When i applied this i could see more sales are coming
I hope you found this useful

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    Yes, storytelling is a great way to sell. Stories are powerful tools to engage readers, but to tell a really good story you need to focus on several things:

    1. Emotion - If you write a story that has no feeling behind it and it doesn't provoke any feeling in the reader, then it isn't going to get the engagement results that you want - it is vitally important that you hook the readers in with an emotional pull - this could be anything from the basic happy and sad, to some more complex emotions: greed, ego, jealousy, pride. Whatever you decide to write about, make sure you are strongly provoking an emotion in the reader.

    2. Relatability - another thing you want to pay attention to is how relatable your story is to the reader. For example, If you are trying to write a story that pulls at the emotion of sadness (maybe it's an origin story), don't write it about a billionaires son because in the mind of the reader, the billionaires son hasn't gone through the same hardships that the reader has. Write instead about a rags to riches kind of scenario that your reader can identify with and see themselves reflected in the character.

    3. Story arcs - it is important to understand the DNA of a good story if you want to be able to write a good story - so it may be prudent to spend a couple of days learning about how good stories are written. I mentioned earlier the 'Origin Story', which could include the 'Rags to Riches' trope, or you could learn about the highly effective 'Hero's Journey', a very well known archetype of a story arc. Knowing these tricks that writers have been using for centuries will transform your writing to become incredibly engaging.

    4. Cliffhangers - another little trick that writers use are cliffhangers. Fiction authors use these at the end of chapters and TV drama writers use them between episodes. They are a device used to totally hook your reader so they can't wait to see or read your next episode - you'll be in their mind for longer than just the period during which they are reading your content. Which as an email marketer you should want - every time they think about you it is like having another touch point - one you didn't have to work for, one that they implemented by themselves. And you can carry this on for multiple 'episodes'. This is one of the reasons why well written TV dramas have 'super-fans'. Now imagine the power of having your own super-fans.

    5. While it is all well and good knowing how to write a good story, we are still digital marketers after all, so knowing how to implement stories as part of your strategy is also incredibly important how to implement as a sales strategy. My favorite way of illustrating how this might work for an email marketer is the famous 'Soap Opera' email sequence. Look it up on google - there is plenty of information on it - it is too long to go into here but the general gist of it is to emulate a television drama with the arcs, the cliffhangers, and the emotional pulls - so if you are serious about using the most engaging form of marketing, storytelling, then get yourself over to google and searching for 'soap opera email sequence'.

    6. The final tip is that this isn't exclusive to email marketing, if you are a blogger you can do it on your blogging platform, if you are on IG, then you can do the same thing with stories, or on YouTube you can do a series of 'Soap Opera' style videos - the creative opportunities are endless!

    Best of luck.

    Digital Solver
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    wow! what great advice! thanks
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  • Couldn't agree more. Storytelling is the best content marketing tool that instantly grabs the attention of potential customers. It is a great practice to get conversions from your content.
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    Story telling is an essential component as it builds a bridge between the writer and the seller. This bridge builds trust, an essential part of any sale or action required to proceed.

    This bridge is built as the reader can relate to things and situations in the story. They see the writer as someone that understands them and what they are experiencing.

    In this example the story would be about how to develop trust and build a bond between seller and customer. How the seller went on to just write letters to his readers. These letters (not much of a story this, but it gives you an idea) then go on to build a bond. A bond which creates buyers, not just one time buyers but loyal customers.

    It is a method that is gaining favour with a lot of email marketers in the UK and is filtering through to copy writing as well. Just tell a story like you were writing a letter to your mum.

    I use, and have successfully shown others how to use a 5 step formula to structure their story and it relates exactly to AIDA. Here it is...
    Introduction - Attention
    Short story - Interest
    Presentaion - Desire
    Close - Action
    REHASH - consolidate the sale

    You can see it has one extra bit, this is where the emotional decision to buy is supported by a logical decision and so makes the sale firmer and less likely to cancel/ask for a refund.
    Signature Direct marketing coach and guest writer. Always looking to network with site/blog and list owners. PM me.
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    Story telling is a good way to make your would-be prospects hooked up to the product you are selling and at the same time, there would be higher chances that they could order more products aside from just one product that you are selling.

    Even if just a small fruitful review with a powerful voice that can attract viewers or just a story written that is catchy can make many more would-be prospects.
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    Stories can be injected into every stage of the sales process. For example, with the AIDA formula, tell a story to get Attention, tell a story to arouse Interest, tell a story to enhance Desire, tell a story to motivate into Action, and additional stories may be given about product/service testimonials. People really do love to read, hear, and see relevant and engaging stories
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    Thanks for the Post.
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