Premeditated Diztraction.

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In a world full of Attention Deficit Disorder (real or imagined)...and instant distractions while surfing the Net, and in spite of hundreds of people now teaching copywriting...with tens of thousands of new copywriters a year entering the game...

it is all formulas, templates, fill in the blanks...storytelling, the Hero's Journey, and all that jazz...

There is a lot less THOUGHT going into copy today and probably because they aren't taught to think.

So, I'll call this PREMEDITATED Diztraction, the use of brain neuron, click-whirr, RAS bypassing, reptile brain targeting to get results, without boring the bejesus out of your reader. OR

Monkeys without money can't buy bananas. So, find the ones with the money, and the hungry ones at that, and get whatever you want, quickly, easily and almost effortlessly.

Or as John Prine noted (rip, missed greatly)

"you can climb the highest mountain,
touch the moon and stars above
old Faithful's just a fountain"

And the rest is history...

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    The glory of true love is in high demand, I hear.

    Now please stop making me cry.

    I paid $5 to Warrior Forum and all I got was this lousy signature

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    Hm, never hear about this, but this is inresting,
    but you make me cry, I would use this story for the texterro news..
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    they aren't taught to think.

    ....and if they did find a few thoughts roaming around in their brain matter, they haven't been taught to organize those thoughts.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

    My mind still thinks I'm 25.
    My body thinks my mind is an idiot.
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