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What are some good examples of copywriting formulas? One example is AIDA- A attention, I-interest, D-desire, A-action (call to action...
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    Headlines: Useful, Unique, Ultra-specific, Urgent

    4Ps: Promise, Picture, Proof, Push

    What kind of copywriting project are you working on Ed?
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    Clear, easy, attractive, @ satisfying.
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    Originally Posted by edbrogden View Post

    What are some good examples of copywriting formulas? One example is AIDA- A attention, I-interest, D-desire, A-action (call to action...
    It is a formula. A good example? Probably NOT. Because... it isn't the standard easy to remember contrived formula from a list of 27 or 38 or whatever.

    But if you want a formula which works, then:

    E of A = H of R SoM + POI

    Effectiveness of your Attempt to influence someone remotely,

    equal to the Harmony of the Recipient's STATE OF MIND

    PLUS the PreOccupational Interrupter used to gain attention.

    Knowing and understanding that, your target is PREOCCUPIED, and you, having done your research, have a good grasp of their pain/problem/want/need or desire...

    Which means the TIMING of the where your copy meets your target (the INTERSECTION) should have the ability to break the preoccupation and get them to shift focus onto your copy.

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    A simple Google search brings up these:


    Not sure if 27 is the total number of formulas, but that strikes me as a sufficiently large number to keep you in formulas for a long time.
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    My favorite formula to date, and the one that's produced the greatest results is... WOW
    Naturenewengland.org- Helping preserve nature for future generations
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    • Originally Posted by SARubin View Post

      My favorite formula to date, and the one that's produced the greatest results is... WOW
      Wonderfully Offbeat Wolves.

      Think 'bout them speshl pooches for a sec.

      Do they yowl in yoonison on Yootoob?

      Or leap through hoops bcs SPECTACKULER TRAINER GUY?

      Who would back them Wonderfully Offbeat Wolves to attract attention by savin' the life of sum guy they natchrlly bonded with?

      We talkin' offbeat wolves here, so wouldn't that be a thing?

      Howevah, it is in the natyoore of wolves to drill down on the business, howevah wonderfully offbeat they gotchya till this point.

      Summonable offbeatness can be a real plus.


      Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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        I knew you'd understand it, Princess.

        It's more of a mindset than a formula. When most of the competition is making generic offers, a little WOW factor goes a long way.

        Bless those Wonderfully Offbeat Wolves... Everyone of 'em.
        Naturenewengland.org- Helping preserve nature for future generations
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    very helpful discussion
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