VSLs - just give them the script or a fully narrated video?

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I get mixed expectations from clients on this one, hiring a narrator to read out your slides can eat into your profits but if the client is worth it then I get one, otherwise I say PowerPoint slides only.

just wondering what people here do when writing VSLs for clients?
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  • 2 ways to go here.

    1) Beam transformative slides direct to your prospects' (cash-connected) heart & soul zone.

    2) Do same c/o a PRESENTAH.

    Your script will vary dependin' 'pon yuh method, but what mattahs always is the efficacy of the conduit between your offah & the maws you seen wanna chomp it up.

    Howevah, demonstrably heartsy always beats cheapo kickstartsy.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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