The Copywriting Subforum Drinking Game

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Charge your glasses, ladies and gentlemen...

The rules:

1. Somebody starts a "looking for a copywriter" thread but provides no information whatsoever about the project at hand - 1 sip.

2. Somebody asks for a critique/help/advice and is never heard from again - 1 sip per unacknowledged reply.

3. In case of #2, if OP's post count is in the single digits - Down what's left in your glass.

4. Somebody posts a job for what turns out to be content work - 2 sips.

5. If a copywriter-needed thread announces a budget of under $500, then the following rules apply:

a) A turnaround time of under 5 days is required - 1 sip.

b) A guaranteed conversion rate is required - 1 sip for every equivalent 1% requested.

c) Proof of track record is requested (reasonable: e.g. previous conversion data, samples, etc) - 2 sips.

d) Proof of track record is requested (exceptional: e.g. a current Boardroom control and an endorsement from David Garfinkel) - Down what's left in your glass.

e) A message along the lines of "thanks for all the PMs, keep them coming" is posted by the OP - Down what's left in your glass.

f) If the time difference between this "thanks" message and the original post in less than 6 minutes - Go ahead and finish the bottle.

6. Any warrior's first contribution to Copywriting is a lecture on the "best way" to write copy (include benefits), structure a landing page, make use of a headline, etc... with no attempt to build any credibility - Down what's left in your glass.

7. Mark Andrews refers to himself in the third person - Down what's left in your glass.

8. Somebody shows up and starts bitching about how copywriters charge too much - Finish the bottle.

9. Anytime the concept of "selling" is linked with the concept of "evil" - Finish the bottle.

10. Somebody attempts to start a philosophical discussion on the blatant immorality of persuading people to do something - Find the nearest bar. Have one of everything.
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