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Hi Everyone,

Lately I've been noticing a lot of sites that use an image of there text headline example:
Money Mindset - Transform Your Life In 30 Days instead of just plain text.

Does an image headline increase conversion?

Thanks in advance!

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    Originally Posted by imiconcepts View Post

    Does an image headline increase conversion?
    I have been asking myself the same question lately. These are my thoughts:

    Image Headline

    • Potential "eye candy"
    • High visibility
    • Possibly better turnover
    • Not as useful for SEO
    • Invisible to screen reading browsers
    • Slower load time
    • Potentially higher bounce rate because of load time
    Text Headline

    • Visible to search engines
    • Loads quickly
    • Fonts can be changed easily
    • Headline can be updated quickly
    • Potentially not as catchy as an image
    In conclusion, I have not yet decided which would be best.

    For my upcoming site, I am considering a combination of text with a photo/logo.

    Let me know if this helps!
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    Hi Nate,

    Thanks for explaining, that helped.

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    Nate, good job on that.

    I've been using both. As far as an
    SEO standpoint, that doesn't bother
    me on a salesletter since I don't worry
    about SEO when it comes to a salesletter.

    But this makes me think that this would
    be good to split-test. Out of all the
    headline split tests I've done or been
    involved with, I don't recall that we've
    done plain text vs. an image. Will try
    it with the launch I have coming up.
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    Graphic headlines tend to get more attention which is what a headline
    is suppose to do for your sales letter. But like any other attention
    getter, it loses it's effect after everybody starts doing it.

    Still worth a try right now though.

    -Ray Edwards
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    I am of the old school thinking...
    Text is best.
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    Hey everyone,

    Even if you use an image, just include the headline text in the alt description. Screen readers / SEO will be just fine :-)


    Personally I would use graphics, but Im a graphic artist hahah :-)

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      With an image for the headline, I am with the previous poster - just incluide the text in the alt tag of the image and all should be fine.
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