Lessons from Robert Collier

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Lessons from Robert Collier

Robert Collier has been called the great "reason why" copywriter.

It's easy to look at his subject matter - peddling books, raincoats
and briefcases by mail and dismiss it. "That doesn't apply
to me - I'm an info-marketer," we say.

Which leads to $47.00 ebooks. "That's the optimum price for an
ebook," we say.

Optimum for who? Why ever would your prospect think he was
getting a fair shake paying nearly fifty bucks for a pamphlet
you wrote?

People need a reason WHY. They want to feel they are getting
a fair shake - that you have their best interests in mind and
are giving them the best value for their hard-won dollars.

Collier's offers are miraculous. He always has a reason WHY
the items are priced so attractively today... he tells us
they will sell out and the cost of wool has already gone
up - so will the price of coats next season. Don't wait!
Get the best deal Now!

He tells us he has 4000 sets only of these books and they
won't be likely to be re-printed... because, after all,
despite the quality of the stories the books haven't sold
well and the cost of paper has gone up - so this is the
LAST CHANCE To get them at anywhere near this price.

This is instructive. We see some of the better marketers
doing it - offering a deal that is hard to refuse on the front
end in order to win us over as long-term customers and friends.

When you try to take a man's $50 for a flimsy ebook do you
make him a friend? It depends on the ebook I guess. The
point I am making is that by pricing your introductory,
lead generating products so a guy can get the information
and feel like he got a fair deal - well - that can be
a way to make a friend.

And people like to do business with their friends.
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