Nested Loops - Stories Within a Story

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I nicked this from Harlan Kilstein's book "Steal This Book" (the title of which he nicked from yippie Abbie Hoffman's original book of 1971).

Nested Loops Technique

This methodology comes from the work of famed psychiatrist Milton Erickson who used a technique of embedding stories within other stories.

Here is a sample structure of nested loops:
Begin Story A
.........Begin Story B
..................Begin Story C
...........................Begin Story D
Give Instructions
...........................End Story D
..................End Story C
............End Story B
End Story A

The use of this technique masks the fact that you are giving instructions. If you leave some of the loops open, you can create amnesia and the person will forget the instructions you want them to follow.
So you need to close your loops. As you read the Sylvia Browne letter, pay attention to the loops as I open and close them.

One of the things I’ve done in this letter is introduce controversy. If you’ll go through the letter to How You Can Invite Blessing Into Your Life, you’ll see the section about, the accountant and bookkeeper won’t talk to me and how they don’t think that this deal is too good and, therefore, it’s a very limited deal.

This letter did very well.

I’ve also included a sales page — an order page. When working on the Internet, it’s very important to understand a concept known as “shopping cart dropout.” In shopping cart dropout, people click to see what you’re selling but then disappear. Because this is such a common problem, it’s absolutely necessary to resell them on the second page. That is why, on the second page, I use a concept that I learned from Jay Abraham called future pacing. Future pacing lets them know exactly what they’re going to get and lets them know exactly how it will impact their life. Consequently, future pacing is a very valuable thing.
You can buy the book online. It's a bit expensive at $132. (Now you know why I nicked it). :p Maybe the good Rabbi will cut you a special WF Download for $13.20 or something. Steal This Book!: Million Steal This Book!: Million Dollar...
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    Great Share!


    Great NLP in copy.

    One of the only teachers I have ever come across that actually knows how to apply to copy.

    Paul Hancox is pretty good at too.

    Most regular NLP / Hypnosis doesn't transfer well in copy or most instructors have no idea how to teach it properly...

    I have a backround in NLP...

    Loops...super simple...

    Thought needs completion:

    1. Questions are a great example of loops:

    " Do you know why questions are so effective in copy?"

    (...and if I said nada after that sentence you would go crazy...)

    2 Introduce a thought:

    "In a moment I'll tell you about how I learned the secret to this but first let's..."

    (introduced a thought that is left hanging and needs completion)

    Doesn't need to be a story per se, just a thought then needs an answer or ending to a plot.

    3. Start a real story then go on tangent

    "The other day I was walking down the side walk...

    Let me pause right here for a moment because this reminds me of something important I need to share with you before I go on"

    So many ways to use loops...

    Just oodles and oodles of ways


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      Without giving too much away can can you tell us if each story plays a different specific role, or is it just 3 theme related stories but what is being told doesnt have much importance?

      Know what I mean?

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        Originally Posted by AshleyAA View Post

        Without giving too much away can can you tell us if each story plays a different specific role, or is it just 3 theme related stories but what is being told doesnt have much importance?

        Know what I mean?

        "The use of this technique masks the fact that you are giving instructions."
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    Funny how Harlan can't spell what he does -

    I was one of the first copyrighter’s to use Google Adwords to attract clients. Today, there are dozens and dozens of copyrighters using Adwords to attract clients. But in those days, I was the only one. And, there was a very funny story that was associated with the use of Adwords.
    Having been to a seminar with Gary Halbert and John Carlton, I wrote ads. I bought the names Gary Halbert and John Carlton and I wrote, “Gary Halbert trained copyrighter” and I wrote a “John Carlton trained copyrighter” ad.
    Well, the next thing I knew was I got a blistering email from John Carlton saying that he had never given me permission to use his name or to say that he had trained me, and that he was informed by Gary Halbert as to what I’d done and I better take that ad down and correct it. Well, needless to say, since John was my teacher of copy I complied with his request and took down those ads. Later, Gary devoted an issue of his newsletter, The Gary Halbert Letter, to my Adwords campaign finding with great surprise that his name was worth about 35 cents.
    These days copyrighting on the Internet has gotten a great deal more competitive and I have added to my site over the years. Originally, the site had no graphics whatsoever, but I added the graphic banner that you see, as well as some pictures. And the truth of the matter is, I have so many more pictures and samples that I just do not have time to post on that site.
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    Might be a trick of sorts...

    I know a particular NLP genius / copywriter who purrposely mispells words to invoke emotions or set part of the conscious mind busy...

    ..wondering "Why did he spell that this way?"

    Open loop anyone?

    Careful with the real master of hypnosiss and NLP...

    They are a deadly bunch. Know a couple unknown ones myself and could spank a serious bunch of "what the heck just happened?" on anyone they spoke to...

    or wrote too.

    (again thank you Metronicity for that great share)

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