Gary Bencivenga's Replacements Coaching?

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After reading what others say about him, I quickly and fully focus on why this is important to you and what you get.

Is that cool?

O.K. into it...

Here's What America's Top Direct Marketers
Say About Doug D'Anna

"Since Gary Bencivenga retired, Doug D'Anna has fast become our go-to-guy."

"His outside-the-box thinking and uncanny ability to connect with customers makes Doug a pleasure to work with. Time and again Doug has accepted with enthusiasm those really tough assignments that most copywriters shy away from, and delivered us breakthrough successes on several of our toughest-to-market services."

— Chris Marett Sr. Group Publisher, Phillips Investment Resources

"Writers who can consistently create powerful direct marketing campaigns are as rare as trumpeter swans. I know of only about six in the entire country. Doug D'Anna is on that short list of star writers I never hesitate to recommend.

"Quick story: one time I encountered a direct mail so excellent, I felt compelled to pen a note to the advertiser, a newsletter publisher, telling him that his copywriter, whoever he or she is, deserves a raise. Many months later, I learned the writer was Doug. I wasn't surprised. With him writing your copy, you are in good hands."

— Gary Bencivenga, Editor, Bencivenga Bullets

"Boardroom's state-of-the-art direct marketing operation—which has created some of the best selling books and newsletters ever—is built squarely on the back of only the best direct mail copywriters in the world. We only hire the best. Ours is a very, very short list ... and I'm proud to say Doug D'Anna's name has been on it since 1993."

— Brian Kurtz, executive vice president, Boardroom Inc.
(Publisher of Bottom Line/Personal)

"Nobody is better at getting your customers to buy!"

"Doug helps you take advantage of the big trends in direct marketing the way a surfer catches the big waves. One of my favorite examples is the promotion he wrote for our flagship newsletter, Personal Finance, called "Boom or Bust Ahead for Technology Stocks?"

During the tech craze, his sales copy not only captured 40,000 new subscribers when our editor rated most techs ‘avoid’ but also was able to remain true to our publication's editorial mission.

I have a name for what Doug does: Zeitgeist marketing. And nobody is better than he is at relating your product to the trends, creating a compelling sales argument, and then getting your customers to buy!"

— Walter Pearce, president, KCI Communications


All well and good... that's him...what about you as an aspiring copywriter?

Would it help...

*To be personally coached by Doug?
*Tap into the connections he has?
*Be privay to split run tests that continually keep you ahead of the game? [600 split run tests so far this year]

Only you can answer those questions.

Of course, to be considered for his valuable input to your success, I would imagine there would need to be some things going for you...not 100% certain, but I do know he specializes in working with publishers of financial matters. If you don't have some basic knowledge, or aren't keen to learn about the jargon, then I would think it wouldn't suit you.

If you have business building knowledge, then that will be your N01 asset.

Remember, these are the clients which pay royalties. Doug's approach is to continually work with his clients to always keep the promotions fresh and profitable, so the profits and royalties keep rolling in.

Doug doesn't know I have sent you over, but I have found him to be very approachable when we have corresponded by email.

If this sounds like the break you have been looking for, here is the link to his site which explains things a little better...

All the best,

P.S. If you don't want to be coached by him, then signing up to his newsletter would be very valuable. Why? Because when he and other top 10 A-Listers get talking amongst each other and ask, "have you heard of so and so", they all come up blank...their clients do too. So getting the real scoop as to what really works consistently, on a large scale, today, Doug delivers. You profit.
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