Low conversion rate :( need help...

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Dear warriors:

This is my latest website & the conversion rate is less than 1%

Can anybody please help me to improve this?

Thank you in advance & really appreciate that :-)
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    Hi Shireen,

    Is it your 5 step system website you are referring to?

    Is the 1% conversion rate the sign ups to your email list?

    All the best,
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    theres this thing in direct response marketing called split testing.

    try it.

    “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

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      Hi Shireen,

      Your squeeze page is cleanly laid out and has good graphics, but it needs to be all visible 'above the fold' so that everything (particularly the web form) is visible without having to scroll down.

      Sounds daft, I know, but this has been proven to have a great bearing on your opt-ins.

      And it IS possible to achieve. Here's one of mine ...

      Regarding the headline: putting ...

      "Make At Least $1,000, $3,000 Or $10,000 per Month." ... is not very believable. It should be a single sum.

      Warmest regards,


      If you want to stack the copywriting deck in your favor with tricks and hacks producing winners like: "$20K in three days" "650 sold" "30% conversion", then you might like to know I'm retiring and will spill the beans to two people. More info here.
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    or......this is just a trick to get us on the page........something may click.........who knows!
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      I'm new here, and I'm still learning about all of this stuff...

      But to me, "5 Mystery eBooks" does not make me more inclined to sign up for the product.

      If you have something extra that you want to give away as a bonus, tell people about it and use it to help sell your main product. Convince people that they need not just your e-book, but the bonus e-book as well.

      I'd rather know exactly what I'm signing up for and exactly what I'm going to get.
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        I agree with the points made above.

        In fact, the page looks so much like a sales page that most people won't even realize that it's giving away a freebie -- they won't scroll down far enough unless it would inspire them to buy, and it probably won't, not too many people anyway.

        Also, the things you promise them -- to hear your story and listen to your reviews -- would need to be more enticing...

        Also, your starting out with "we share a common problem" makes it sound like you still have the problem! And of course you don't, not if you now have the solution that you're trying to sell them...

        Your bullets are good, so put the focus on those and try to trim away most distractions -- and yes, make it really clear that this is a squeeze page with a giveaway right off the bat.

        Good luck!


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    Dear warriors:

    Very sorry, I forgot to insert my website's url.

    My bad

    here's the website:

    Welcome to 72 Hours Auction

    Thank you so much, i really appreciate this :-)
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      Originally Posted by shireen View Post

      Dear warriors:

      Very sorry, I forgot to insert my website's url.

      My bad

      here's the website:

      Welcome to 72 Hours Auction

      Thank you so much, i really appreciate this :-)
      Yes, rule one of direct marketing: one ad, one offer. Putting free stuff and the product in the same page doesn't work well.

      Overall the page has more focus on graphics and colors than on content. But it's content that sells, not graphics.

      Also 25 bonuses are a bit too much: they confuse the potential buyer on the value of your product (that is sold too low in my opinion). So, at the end of the day, the visitors choose not to choose and don't buy.

      Be clear and real: this letter is neither.


      Make Your Brand
      "Learn how to create your Fortune 500-like Brand even if your office is in a closet"
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    Hi Shireen,

    Keep in mind that people are not smart (in general).

    And your page is confusing.

    So the 2 don't mix too good

    It makes good sense to give them one singular directive, either:
    1) Let them DL the freebie giveaway OR
    2) Let them buy your stuff

    So make a choice and pick one or the other

    For sure IMO don't give them 3 options and let them DL something for free after you gave them the option to buy your stuff

    Best of Luck,

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    Im agreed with emmedi too..just like i first visit to your page,the word 'wait' just driving my away..because normally it appear after the people opt-in and it is definitely tell someone that this is an One time offer,before they got any chance to see your free ebook.
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