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by Dano77
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Is this a stupid idea?

Be brutal, I can handle it.

* I used to work for a guru. A top end well known 48 million dollar generating guru.
* I taught copywriting for 4 years
* I've made over a million with my own stuff
* I have one of the largest swipe files most copywriters have ever seen
* I still have other gurus come to me for advice...

All that bragging aside, I really LOVE teaching this stuff, and right now I'm not sure on logistics of putting it into videos or some fancy product... BUT... I really want to help some people....

Thinking of making a WSO or a service where I spend about an hour (maybe a pinch more) teaching the fine art of persuasion and copywriting.

The caller would receive a huge pile of great docs via email, and 30+ days email support after.

Thinking of maybe doing a few free-trials just to get some testimonies...

But I'll be picky on who gets first choice...


P.S. This is proven stuff, not available anywhere. Tricks, tactics to build trust without testimonials or credibility logos, how to make people feel indebt to you without even realizing it... 7 emotions that sell, the art of the close.. shocking stuff.
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    Certainly not a stupid idea, but out of curiosity, who would you be aiming the course at? Newbies, those who know a bit of copywriting or know a lot?

    I'm asking because an hour doesn't seem like a lot of time to learn something highly persuasive (I'd love you to prove me wrong )

    For most people in the world of copywriting, they tend to steep themselves in it for months...I know I had 6 months of intensive coaching by a superb coach and so an hour seems like a pinch...heck, 30 days seems like a pinch!

    Would I be right at assuming your aiming this at people to help improve their copy and conversions - rather like a little box of tricks to tighten up their existing stuff?

    And when you say via skype, does this mean answering problems via skype or something? Sorry, just trying to understand how it would work.

    I know a few people who wouldnt mind road testing this for you either
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      Great questions!!

      Q: Who's it geared toward?

      Newbies, experienced but unsure types, people who don't feel they have a clear picture of copywriting... Certainly not advanced copywriters who've written million dollar letters... Although a mature copywriter would likely find at least ONE gem they didn't know i'm 98% sure of it.

      Q: An hour's too short!

      Back in the day, I taught an 8 session $3,000USD Course. The one session on copywriting was often enough with supporting documents sent via email to knock out pretty good copy. Email support helps answer questions or copy reviews until a final draft is created.

      Q: What's covered?

      Some of it's my own secret sauce, some of it is the proven recipe that has been used by expert copywriters since the early 1900's whom were skilled in the art of persuasion via direct mail.

      There's some soup-to-nuts basic stuff for the absolute newbie, If I knew i was working with an experienced person i'd skip that and spend more time on persuasion technique. There's some advanced level stuff about root desires of a human and how to tie your copy around that... how to build desire, fear, control techniques, NLP etc... and yes all that in an hour.

      I think I could prove that I cover 90% of what a person needs to write compelling copy in about an hour - maybe a pinch over.

      Skype works best because it's like a mentoring call. You can ask questions and interact as we go along through the material.


      We grow and monetize email lists and build custom email servers too.

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    Yep, i have been through TONS of stuff, downloaded hours of seminars but i still feel having someone "talk" to me about it would make a HUGE difference. I would really be interested in such a program.

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  • Sounds good mate.
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    I would like 3 warrior forum candidates for a dry run... Mainly for the testimonial more than to polish the course. The course is A1 - 100% Grade A goodness. There's no concern there.... I just wanna wow a few people so I can have some proof in my copy that this really is good stuff.

    I think I have one spoken for... so 2 slots remain...

    * Ideally someone who's NOT confident in their copywriting abilities.
    * Can schedule a call within the Monday ~ Friday 8am to 4pm time range.
    * Has Skype access
    * Will not share the documents they recieve and will write a review/testimonial.

    Trial runner will get:

    * Over 100 Special words doc
    * 12 step copy doc
    * 7 emotions that sell
    * 9 types of headlines
    * My own special copy formula
    * 1 hr call with me on Skype
    * 30 days email support (for copy rough draft reviews and questions).

    Also looking for... Suggestions on price...

    I'm debating between $99 and $249.

    My personal guarantee... You *will* be able to write persuasive, money sucking copy once recieving my materials and taking my course. There's ZERO Doubt in my mind... unless...

    * you've got a single digit IQ
    * you can't speak english
    * you can't take direction well
    * your deaf..
    * you have no computer...

    All the best!

    We grow and monetize email lists and build custom email servers too.

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  • In fact... message me when your WSO is here!
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  • I'd like to be considered for that man :-)
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    Looks awesome!
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    I'd love to be considered for that as well

    I'm currently running my own offer to over 500 daily targeted visitors without a single conversion - so I'd say I have a lot of improvement with regards to copywriting.

    I could provide an in-depth testimonial as well. I am also free for most of the week for the call!
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      Thank you - great place to start - for all the warm PM's, voicemails, skypes, emails and responses to this opportunity...

      It's been a humbling and insanely rewarding experience giving away copy training.

      I've given 2 of my 3 away so far and they were both an absolute pleasure and whirlwind of excitement to see...

      I've learned a few things so far...

      First off, as an added bonus, every caller from now on will get a recorded copy of our conversation together so they don't need to inhale the smoke from their pencil taking notes.
      (thank's Danielle!)

      Secondly... The upsell may be a personal phone call copy review. (Vs the email support version)... and another upsell option on researching your market and getting into the mindset of the buyer.

      MAN this is SO EXCITING.

      It truly is KILLER to know that even Genius copywriters think this little package isn't boring!

      Thanks again, everyone.

      We grow and monetize email lists and build custom email servers too.

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    It's with great regret and warm heartfelt thanks that I announce this offer being over.

    I've given away 3 copy writing training courses via Skype...

    It's neat that I got a beginner, an intermediate and what I would say must have been an expert all take the program. I think I've got a pretty polished piece now.

    Next steps for me are to write the copy (75% there), and recieve the testimonials from the 3 free copywriting course participants. The goal is to get that all done by Friday.

    Then, there'll be a WSO announced.

    Pricing as follows... $199 - Accelerated Copywriting Course.

    * MP3 of call
    * 200 words that sell
    * 7 emotions of sales
    * 9 headline types
    * 12 step program (for copy, not drinks!)
    * Ultimate salescopy roadmap...
    * 1 Hour of coaching + 30 days email support.

    Upsell - Optional $99 Copy Review Call.
    Up to an hour of copy review, going over a piece of copy you've written and digging up all the places that could use improvement or things you might like to test.

    Upsell - Market Research $99
    Up to an hour training you on getting into the mindset of the buyer before writing copy. How to find out what's really going on in the prospects mind... How to hear their objections and handle them in the copy, where to get supply and demand information, competitive intelligence and market information so you can write copy that converts the first time.

    This is _NOT_ a selling post. This is simply letting everyone know what the result of the three test calls was.

    Thanks to all who participated.


    We grow and monetize email lists and build custom email servers too.

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