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So I've been doing some research for my first niche and I've come across some material on forums. Basically someone created a new thread talking about their emotions and feelings that deals with my niche. Would it be ok to copy this information and use it in a blog to promote my product? I can change some of it but, the opening statement and first few sentences are so well written, I'd really hate to change it. Again, this is not from another sales letter or article. It's just someone that created a thread and talking about their current situation and how they feel about it.

All I'm really asking is, would it be ok to use the first few sentences and just change up the rest? I just don't want to do anything that will hurt me in the long run. I'm completely new to this so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • That would be a question for the person who wrote it, don't you think? Otherwise its blatant plagarism and no, it's not OK.

    - Cherilyn
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    OK thank you for the quick response Cherilyn. I just wanted some input, I'm really not a good writer and can't afford to outsource at this time so I'm just weighing my options. Kind of a dumb question I know, I'll just try t change it up a bit.

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    Hey ya'll why not contact that person and ask him to submit a story for your site and give him the credit? Feature story or something. Then you make a friend too. Just a thought.

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    I agree, Get permission.

    Send me a pm with your niche, and I will write something for you.

    No charge

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    Yea... most people are cool about letting you use their stuff if they are giving it away to help people.

    In one of my niches someone made this really cool software.

    I asked him if I could include it as a bonus on my website.

    He didn't have any problems with it.
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      Hey buddy, You just took a minor situation and really complicated it by posting this thread. Do you really want to spend a lot of time on this or would you like to get down to the business of making money? I'm sorry if I sound harsh but I feel like your getting led down the wrong path so I thought I'd ad my 2 cents...for your sake. Suck it up and do a little re-writing of those sentences you like and get on with things. There's no time for that other me. Don't get hung up for hours/days on something so inconsequential. After all, were talking about a post in a forum not some novel written by John Grissom.

      If I've offended anyone...sorry but I call em like I see them. Remember the K.I.S.S. principal.

      Good Luck,
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      Originally Posted by AnarchyAds View Post


      You NEED The

      First, GIFT that person with
      a copy of your product
      if you can find that person.
      Tricky through a forum where emails are hidden and if not,
      the post may be old and the email address may be invalid.

      If you have issue with locating them via email
      certainly seek their latest post of the forum.
      Most forums allow you to do that.
      If recent, they may chech their PM soon.
      If not, contct the forum ADMIN and have them
      fwd the offer for the product if they'll contact you.

      When they've gotten it...about a week later they will email you,
      usually to THANK you for or DISCUSS your product.

      That is when you want to make them a financial offer
      and add them as an affiliate.

      They may CHALLENGE your product.
      If so, email them and THANK THEM for their input
      and tell 'em you wrote an appendix or somthing ...a BONUS
      ...and thay you'd like for them to PROFIT SHARE in the product
      and that you'd also like to use their words in your copy.

      Write them a cheque for $1 for the purchase their copyright.

      Once they cash it, they cannot ( cheaply ) stop you from using it.

      That is the legally correct way to go about it.

      However, you can always grab it and us it
      and when they contact you , just offer the
      money in return for continued unlimited useage.
      If it's not enough to make them agree
      then the copy isn't worth fighting for.
      Wow, where ever did you read that in any country's constitution?

      By the way, Devin, P_Cerrito seems to be right...
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      Originally Posted by AnarchyAds View Post

      Write them a cheque for $1 for the purchase their copyright.

      Once they cash it, they cannot ( cheaply ) stop you from using it.

      That is the legally correct way to go about it.

      What a load of rubbish! Just because you pay someone for use of their work does not give you copyright.

      I think it's time you consulted a lawyer and found out the facts about copyright.

      Even if you pay someone to write an article for you, it does not mean you own copyright UNLESS you bought all rights - and this would be stated in a contract.

      If you're going to give advise, at least know what you're talking about.


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    You can not legally copy anyone's work without their permission. Contacting the author you stand a good change to include the text in quotes and provide the author credit for it.
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    If it sounds complicated or makes you nervous about doing it, it's usually not the best thing to do.

    That might sound very Plato (moralistic), but I've found that confusion or nerves usually means you are on the wrong track, and there are easier ways to make a fortune - at least, ways that won't make you question your sense of right and wrong, which in turn makes you sleep a little less easy at night.

    Be patient... Something better will come along.
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    Capone is dead on. It's a simple situation that you are complicating. It's either ok in your personal code of ethics or it is not. If it is not then don't do it. Just suck it up and change it.

    You really don't need to ask anyone about this issue. I speak from experience when I tell you stop over analyzing things. (I am super analytical too).
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    If you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it.

    If you have to ask if it's right or wrong, it's definetly wrong.


    This man is living his dream. Are you...?

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    Hi there:

    Writers and photographers have often had the experience of finding there work on websites and publications without compensation or even a mention.

    If you were impressed with the person that penned the information please contact them and get their thoughts on what you want to do. Down the road you will be the one that people want to quote and would want the professional courtesy.

    In the past I had posted several videos on You Tube. There were other members that copied the video and placed it under their own account. I never got a note to ask permission or credit for the sharing of the video.

    Do the right thing! Enjoy the weekend.

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