Can Anyone Recommend A Good Copywriting Resource To Analyse Non Internet Marketing Websites??

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Can anyone recommend me a good resource book or course for learning copywriting for regular websites. Not internet marketing sites.

I am providing an offline consulting service and i want to be able to look at clients websites for their brick and mortar businesses and suggest improvements

Your suggestions would be most welcome.

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    The skills are the same. Selling is selling. There are only subtle differences in on and offline sales. It doesn't matter whether you're selling toothpaste or video tutorials. It always comes down to a problem/solution situation.

    Unfortunately, learning this stuff isn't like learning to drive. It takes time. Check the top of this section and you'll find lots of books and courses. Good luck.
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      When I do website evaluations I look at more than just the copywriting but the overall user experience. People make judgments within moments of landing on a web page, so it really starts with getting the right traffic and then giving them a good experience. If you're looking for an easy read try "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug.
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    Hi Dal,

    It doesn't really matter whether you're writing for IM or regular websites. The principles are the same. The best thing to do is collect together samples of copy from as many different sources as possible. You should then:
    • Read the copy aloud
    • Re-write it all out by hand
    • Analyze each section - look for patterns (how do the writers use if/then structures, how to the they open/close, when and how to they ask for money, etc.)
    When you do the analysis, use coloured marker pens. For example, when the writer starts with an if (If you're sick and tired of putting your body through endless, pointless diets...) highlight in BLUE. When s/he starts a sentence with a then (Then you need to...) highlight in GREEN.

    As you are reading, imagine that the writer is choreographing a boxing match. Circle in RED every time a statement lands a punch. Have a different mark to signal:
    • A quick jab
    • A sucker-punch
    • A body blow that knocks the wind out the reader
    • The knockout blow
    When you have finished marking up the copy that you have selected - lay the pages out next to each other. See if you can spot the similarities. No matter who they are writing for, what the subject is, the majority of the copy samples will be marked up in the same way.

    Now you'll have a blueprint for writing up your own copy.

    (And remember you have done this and your employers haven't. Whatever they've got in mind, in terms of copy, won't work. If it did, they'd write it themselves. So don't suggest improvements - just tell them what to change)
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    I understand your question and no offense, but I think you are trying to take a sip from the holy grail.

    However one resource, that CAN give you insight is:

    They have the goods. And the majority of what they offer is free.

    - Rick Duris
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    I do find a difference between writing for a sales letter site and a site for a brick and mortar business. For an offline business, their website will have multiple sections with a navigation bar...quite different that a sales letter site.

    Undoubtedly, you are writing sales copy for each type of site but the actual content is different. You have to write copy for the About Us section, Services section etc.

    I recommend a book called Do The Web Write by Dan Furman for writing or evaluating copy for a website of an offline business. You can get it at amazon.

    Good luck with it.

    Thomas O'Malley
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      Hey hope to help... just been turned on to a great book by an associate...

      Maria Veloso - Web Copy That Sells

      It's quite old in internet terms... 2005 but this is sold information and marketing concepts don't really change.
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        Originally Posted by DaveDunn View Post

        Hey hope to help... just been turned on to a great book by an associate...

        Maria Veloso - Web Copy That Sells

        It's quite old in internet terms... 2005 but this is sold information and marketing concepts don't really change.
        There's an updated edition from 2009, also agree it's a great book.
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