Winning Through Intimidation

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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed almost all products in internet marketing are sold by intimidation?

The person feels insecure or lacking in the area and then this is magnified by grandoise claims of success by the internet marketer - further creating a sense of intimidation and insecurity.

Then through this its basically like a religious leader telling one of his sheep what to do. You are inferior, I will guide you to the light for only $995

Really business success comes from bringing in more money than you spend, creating a profit. Everything else is just commentary.
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    Another constant theme..."I was a homeless derelict before I learned this"

    Not that it doesn't sell.. Just sayin'
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    You can promise that a shopper's life will be better with your product, or assert that his current life is horrible without it. Both work in some cases, I suppose.

    There are millions of marketing techniques, but the usage of those techniques can only be decided based on the audience type and nature of the product. Can you scare someone into buying a life insurance policy? Yes, probably. Can you scare someone into buying a wireless mouse? No.

    Intimidation strikes me as a marketing tactic to use with care. To me it smacks of hype. That's my $0.02.
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    I think the example you are referring to Pete is about creating a visual image of what could happen to a prospects family if he should die and they were left with nothing.

    Trying to sell life insurance based off of your family being stressed about u biting the bullet is not a very strong appeal because most families do not sit up at night and think, what if daddy dies in a car accident tomorrow.

    This type of stress to your family appeal would only work on people who do high risk jobs. Other than that the typical appeal is getting the prospect to imagine their families life without them and the financial burden it would place on them. Then using a combination of fear for loved ones and guilt of irresponsibility.

    It is not stress to the family of not having life insurance which sells life insurance because that stress does not exist in most families. Instead you use visual imagry and "what ifs" along with a geniune caring for the people your trying to sell to and their welfare.

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