Which thesaurus are you using?

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Would any of you copywriting dudes share which thesaurus you've found to be the most useful?
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    I've been using Mobysaurus - a free PC program aimed at copywriters.

    Here's a download link: Download Mobysaurus Thesaurus - Freeware Software - Tucows

    Also use some hard copy thesauri and reference books, like

    - Words That Sell
    - Phrases that sell
    - American Slang Dictionary
    - I Never Met a Metaphor I Didn't Like
    - As One Mad With Wine

    One more PC program I like is (also free) is Wordnet:

    Download -*WordNet - Download

    Mark "Drez" Dresner
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    I'm currently using Encarta Dictionary....Oh wow Drez thanks for your Mobysaurus link, I gotta try it
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    Synonym Finder by J.I. Rodale. Absolutely the best resource I've ever seen. (And I've seen a LOT). My dog-eared copy will never be far from my reach.

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      Honestly, I just use the Microsoft Word Thesaurus most often... I just type in the word I want to use then hit Shift + F7
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    Great ideas here, thanks a lot for your suggestions guys.
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