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I know this is the key to successful copywriting. I know it's important to conduct research in order to find the "big idea" that will resonate with your audience and cause massive response.

However, it would be great to see some examples. Do you have a favorite? Cite a swipe file or a brand -- whatever grabbed your attention and instantly recognized it as "The Big Idea." Much thanks!
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    Okay. I've been checking around and found a good explanation of TBI, along with a few examples. Here you go:

    Early To Rise: The Big Idea
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    Think of the big idea as being the theme of a sales letter. Essentially, it's the reason the prospect buys.

    So any successful sales letter will have a big idea.

    Sometimes the big idea is so attention-getting, it's used as the hook in a sales letter headline. (A hook is used to create intense curiosity.)

    Other times the big idea and the hook are different. Bud Weckesser's famous, "Atlanta Housewife Investigated And Almost Arrested For Losing 73 Pounds" ad is an example.

    The big idea of his sales letter is you can eat often and still lose weight. The hook was the housewife almost arrested for losing 73 pounds.

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      Alex, thank you for differentiating between "The Big Idea" and the hook. That's what I was looking for. I understand that the headline needs to immediately hook a reader's attention, but I wasn't sure if "The Big Idea" WAS in the headline. Maybe for certain products and services, it is.

      I've heard "theme" used before, also. Soo... I asked because I'm currently working on creating my own package. Chasing after the slightly elusive BI. My problem is that I can see multiple good ideas but need to choose ONE.

      However, the responses I received have helped. Thank you!
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        The big idea often can be expressed in the simplicity...making the complicated simple.

        Boardroom Reports was started on the idea, and then expressed by Eugene Schwartz, that the busy executive can get to the heart of the business news from one source.

        Then it can be a very straight forward offer to a vexing problem that is a evergreen.

        An example would be "Corns Gone In 8 Days Or Your Money Back" with a response device to that tiny classified ad. It's been running for over 50 years.

        Another big idea was the Sony Walkman. Over 100 of your favorite songs while you walk.

        Ray Crock had a big idea. He saw how busy mom's were struggling to get in to his restaurants to get a meal. Result, he came up with the drive thru.

        It can be expressed in a very easy to understand offer, "fresh hot pizza delivered to your door within 30 minutes or it's free".

        Once again, they all are easy to understand while packing benefits into them.

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          I actually did it with my first product below. Just imagine a magnetic Vortex with everything in it you want. It succeeded because I actually applied what I teach lol. I guess one of the best things you can do for a society of followers is to be a leader. In any way that is authentic. By the way I don't want anyone to click on the link now but I sort of feel like Frank Kern now in one of his seminars where he asks them to not give him any money under any circumstances. But because he is so authentic people would later when he asks them to line up for a $2000 workshop to learn to do what he did lol. To sell without selling. xD

          The first time I got really hooked with a big idea was when I consciously watched the Old Spice commercial with the Old Spice guy. Just youtube Old Spice, it's the one with them most views
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    Personally, I love the "big idea" behind Dan Brock's Deadbeat Super Affiliate - the sales letter is all about Dan being able to make a full-time income in his own home, wearing just his boxers and a slightly grotty towelling dressing-gown. That kind of stuff appeals to people on so many levels - Mums who want to stay at home, college students etc etc. It's also makes you think... hey, if this guy could do that, then I can too!

    What's more, I think it's a great example of differentiating the product in the sales letter too - although Dan's Amazon system is good, it's not that different from how other people use the affiliate system to make money. And personally, I've preferred other products...
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    Underdog finds your product and wins...
    Even dopey people can do this...
    Secret, secret, I've got the secret you need...
    Start with little or nothing and build an empire...
    Don't get scammed again...!
    Little work, big money...
    It's easy, just copy what I've done...
    Simple trick anyone can use to build a fortune, lose weight, get the girl/guy, etc...
    Are you leaveing big money on the table overlooking this...?
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    Its important to hit the big idea. I think market research is the most critical aspect of any pre-launch phase, and so many people skimp out on it.

    If you know what audience is reading, then your big idea will POP at them.

    Mind-blowing intelligent writing services!


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      [QUOTE=ehawkmarketer;4213833If you know what audience is reading, then your big idea will POP at them.

      If you know what audience is reading, then your big idea will POP at them.[/QUOTE]

      How do you apply that information?

      Ok, say audience is interested in politics, as all top headlines read some of that stuff.

      And how for instance I have to write a news-worthy article about my software. To sell it.

      Any tips?
      Affiliate's Recurring Commission: Up to 70%, $110 average sale rate + rebills! Both housewives and top managers highly convert. Join In Now!
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        Originally Posted by Affiguy View Post

        How do you apply that information?

        Ok, say audience is interested in politics, as all top headlines read some of that stuff.

        And how for instance I have to write a news-worthy article about my software. To sell it.

        Any tips?
        What type of software are you selling?
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    As for me, the Big Idea is the impact that a product/service will do to a client. Is it making their lives easier by being more efficient, cost effective, effective performance etc? That is what will count in the end.

    I do SEO for a Web Host and a SAAS

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    To David Ogilvy, the Big Idea is a sort of general concept that gets attention, creates a brand image, and sells the product--all at once.

    He often cites visual ideas as examples such as the Marlboro Cowboy. Another example is the VW Bug "Think Small" campaign.

    So in that sense, the hook is just the Big Idea in the form of a headline.
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    The Big idea is akin to the Golden thread. It is the one central theme that you try and weave through your sales copy.

    One of the most famous, and longest running controls is the Wall Street Journal letter.

    Copywriting: Wall Street Journal Letter

    Martin Conroy wrote this, and it ran for 28 years.

    It's only a one page, double sided letter, but it was responsible for billions in sales.

    The big idea in this letter is that without access to information, and knowledge you'll end up missing the boat, and your life won't be everything you had hoped it would be.

    Central to many health related letters is the idea that with all of the medical research and discovery that is happening presently, you can gain control of your health, and enjoy a quality of life that otherwise wouldn't be possible without x product.

    The Big Idea is always going to play to what is missing in the prospects life. The objective of the Big Idea is always to to show how the product will improve the quality of one's life.

    Hope that helps
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