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I have a site on weight loss niche. It is only 3 weeks old.

www [dot] the-best-weightloss-program [dot] com

I want an advice about
- how i am writing, such as the sentence structure and grammar
- the adsense position and other banner. How to get more ctr?
- seo point of view

I am asking these things because i want to know whether i am a good copy writer (got rejected from ezinearticles everytime I writes), why my traffic is so low, and no click from adsense. Only 2-3 visitors coming from search engine.

Already buying some backlink around 2 weeks now, and i do have a slight progress in my keyword rank but it is so slow. But it is better than nothing.

Please don't missunderstand this thread as spamming (that is why I put a space on the address, besides I can't post a link yet). I just need an advice. I will be very grateful for your help. Thanks.
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    Hi everyone,
    please help... i really need some advice. :confused:
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    No offense or disrespect, I'm sure somebody gave you what they though is a lot of great advice--however it's not going to convert. There just so much wrong, it's like "where does one start?"

    And I'm afraid in your case there is no quick fix or short cut.

    I'll give you a couple of ideas, be remember there's probably 100+ ideas that I'm leaving out.

    Above the fold:

    1. It's too "busy"--too many things to do or options.

    2. It's obvious that this ISN'T a review site for the best weight loss program. It's you peddling one specific program and if you can make money in other ways, so be it. My guess is your bounce rate is really high.

    Your copywriting is awful. It's weak in terms of information communicaed about the product and it's definitely not compelling.

    Who leads with "First, I want to welcome you to this site." Can we think of something a little more compelling or curiousity-oriented?

    The paragraphs are too long.

    There is no USP for the product or website.

    Before and after photos are essential.

    Bottom line, it's a massive do over. Sorry, while the WP site looks rather "clean" nobody's going to buy anything any time soon, which is the goal, isn't it?

    I hope that gets you started.

    The first thing I'd do is strip out all the banners, insert a compelling headline and and rewrite the first paragraph. STart course correctinge into it that way.

    Best of success,

    - Rick Duris
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      Being successful means finding what you are good at, and then outsourcing the rest.

      Best advice is outsource the copy, and spend your time on research and development.

      Biggest mistake you can make is trying to do everything yourself, you simply can't and if you could, you'd be giving advice, not asking for it.
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    Just a quick question and you don't to tell us who it is. But did you take some course to teach you to build out review-oriented websites this way?

    Again, I personally don't care who it is specifically, but man, I can see you went through a lot of work setting all these affiliate relationships and WP and writing copy, etc.

    - Rick Duris
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    ok, here are some tips from newbie:
    - to many things on "first" screen, i couldn't decide where to look
    - text is unreadable - use more paragraphs, bigger font maybe
    - colours ar not very nice, too blue IMHO

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    I think having both text and photos on your site is a good idea. You have this by having text and photo-type ads on your site. Also, there are many people who want to lose weight. You definitely have possibilities here.

    My advice: one thing you may want to try is to make your title banner name bigger, and also even out the bottom of this index page some. You can also make the ads smaller, and put them on the side. Then make pages of useful (and free) information for your readers by making more pages of researched information written in your own words. Link to these on your index page.

    This will make your site more fun and won't emphasize you making money, it will be more about you helping others, which makes people feel more comfortable staying longer on your site.

    I hope this helps! Good luck to you with your website in the future.
    Elizabeth Sheppard
    My SEO for Beginners Page
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    Hi there Iminaction,

    Rick made a lot of great points - here's some more insights as to why your site isn't converting.

    Lets step away from copywriting for one moment.

    People do organic searches for websites to find useful content that solves a problem.

    For example, when I type in "best almond cookie recipes" I want to find several recipes rated in order of how awesome they are - along with reasons for the ratings.

    However, when readers land on your site after looking for "best weight loss program" or "cheap weight loss program", they don't find the answer to their search.

    Instead, they're treated to a mishmash of fluff and ads that does nothing except make them grunt in annoyance and click away.

    If you're only writing content to get SEO traffic, people will spot it from a mile away. And then they'll leave without buying a thing from you. This is why writing content that has useful information and value will make you more money than empty articles.

    I'd start by rethinking my strategy. You want people to come to your site who are looking for "the best weight loss programs"

    So instead of just rattling on about how to find the best weight loss programs, do some research. Find that information for them. Add pictures. Use a rating system. Actually review them.

    Back to copywriting;

    Once you focus on solving their problems, copywriting becomes a matter of positioning what you're selling as the solution.

    You can't just tell them "buy this" - you have to get them to say "I want to buy this".

    Look at purchases you've made in the last few weeks. What triggered in your mind that made you decide to buy that item?

    Start there

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      I think everything has been covered by Danielle and Rick... the paradox of choice! You're confusing the surfer looking for the best diet programs... yet there are no reviews or reasons (or maybe I didn't hang around long enough to check, either way, the site lost my interest almost immediately).

      There is a great wordpress review theme available somewhere in the WSO forum, which will show ratings, comparisons, etc. If I recall right it had a user generated rating system... that would be perfect for what you're trying to do.

      You probably spent a lot of time putting this together... but as an internet marketer, you'll soon discover that sometimes it's best to drop a project and start from scratch with a better perspective on things.

      The copy is the last thing you should be worrying about right now. Work on making your site look cleaner and simpler. Test and experiment with themes and layouts and compare your stats from analytics, mainly the bounce rate and time spent on your site.

      I'm sure you can do it!

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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you very much for the advice.

    First, I want to tell that I don't have money to outsource, so trying to do everything by myself. English is my second language so I have a bit difficulties in writing but I'm trying my best.

    I don't have any teacher or guru, just myself and a bunch of internet free training that I can read. I am jobless and my offline biz is almost bankrupt, so i am broke now. Only able to get a free resource now.

    So many people responding my post with some good advice. I couldn't say enough thank you for this. I will try to redo everything, but I won't drop this and start a new one.

    BTW should I change my theme as well?
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