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Hey guys,

Although I'm no rookie to copywriting anymore, I rarely come across clients or projects with a really high ticket product to sell (high ticket being $2000k +)

I understand the basics of building value, but I was wondering if any of you have some examples of a sales piece that is selling a high ticket product or service, and one that really conveys the value.

I just want to see how others are approaching this level of selling high ticket stuff... as I haven't seen many high end offers for a long time.

In fact, the last "high ticket letter" I remember seeing was Kern's Mass Control launch...

Cheers in advance,

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    If you go out of the internet marketing space and into the financial newsletter offers, there are many to be found.

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    Nick, there was a sales letter I saw by Rich Schefren a few days ago pitching for his coaching.... it was "disguised" as a report, and it had a lot of great information in it too.

    I think it was about 60 pages long, but I know coaching by him would cost a fortune too and still be well worth it - judging by the level of knowledge he gave away in the report. You're already aware that you're going to have to build some massive value, so at least you know what you're up against

    If I can find it, I'll shoot you a PM. My desktop looks like a jungle right now.

    Another letter you might find helpful would be Gary Bencevingas 100 seminar DVD's at Bencivenga 100 Seminar.

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    Thanks guys...

    Ansar, that's interesting that you mention the report method (as a presell.) I've seen this work before for a course Dan Gallapoo (Doberman Dan) was selling.

    The report was essentially a long sales letter, with some tips thrown in.

    It works well actually... just re-read a copy on my hard drive. Funny how we forget the basics sometimes
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