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Have any of you warriors had experience with hiring someone to do your split testing for you? I recently tried split testing with visual website optimizer in the past 2 months. So far, I've realized that my conversion rates suck (sales, not trying to get opt-ins at the moment) and that every variation I come up with makes very little difference. I'm getting tired of trying new things only to have them barely make a statistically significant difference.

I'm looking for a relatively affordable split testing service so a conversion expert can work their magic - this is too stressful for me. lol

BTW, I'm looking for someone with testimonials.
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    If response is that poor, I'd put off split testing. Maybe take a closer look at your offer. Unless I'm off base, little if any response is not something to split test unless you've dramatically changed some key element of the package.

    What variables have you changed thus far? Have they all fallen flat?

    If so, in my experience, the offer is is usually what's wrong.

    Compel them. When they bite, then split test.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks doceye - I think that's good advice because I've heard much about USP but I honestly don't think theres much that separates my product from my competition. I'll work on that and see if it makes for a better looking offer.

    I get 15,000 visitors on this site a month and I think conversion rates fell when I stopped using an autoresponder. I think the continued contact also helped conversion rates but I'll test that once I feel much better about my offer.

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