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Youtube can show you a number of different statistics under the Insights tab of a video. For example, you can see where the attention level of the video is at various points (hotspots).

When marketers use video on their salesletter using Amazon S3 servers (or whatever backend) is there any way to gather similar statistics?
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    S3 is just storage - in the cloud.

    Many of the players the videos are streamed through have "some" data gathering capabilities to judge engagement etc. Claims are made that it is "intelligence" and "analytics".

    Unfortunately, it is a very linear medium, so engagement stats may not tell you a lot, but the end result - number of sales x price - makes things clear.

    When the viewer is having issues with the video, they may need to reload/rebuffer it completely messing up your stats.

    On the sales letter, you have the freedom to let them bounce around different parts and still maintain interest. You can't really do that on video.

    Does that help?


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