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I read an article awhile back that made the case for drastic increases in conversion (your targeted prospects saying "yes") by simply including one word in your call to action.

As I recall, in a series of tests, the respondent's positive outcomes increased from 60% to 94% by using this one word.

In the tests, people were waiting in line to use a copy machine. A stranger would approach one of them and ask to cut in line by saying something like "I have five pages, can I use the copy machine?" 60% of those approached in this way agreed to let the stranger get in line ahead of them.

The next test was executed exactly the same as the first with one exception. Do you know what that was?

This time the person asking for permission to cut in line said something like, "I have five pages, can I use the copy machine because ... ?" The reason given was no good reason at all -- like "... because I have to copy my pages."

Incredibly, an outrageous 93% of those standing in line said "yes." Also incredibly, a good excuse to cut in line (following "because") only increased the positive responses to 94% in the tests, which really surprised me.

Apparently, the word "because" seems to trigger our minds into thinking that a reasonable rationale is going to follow and that I would be unreasonable to not grant the request.

The article did say that bigger requests (like copying 25 pages) met with more opposition.

As I apply this interesting study to IM, I can find a few "takeaways":

1- Higher conversions will come when you use the word "because" in your persuasive ads followed by some logical reasons (benefits). (Note: even though the difference in positive responses was negligible with poor or good reasons, why not make your reasons good and logical?)

2- Smaller requests will get you more positive responses (could this be a reason to price 1st time products in your funnel at the low end?)

3- Sometimes your benefits list or call to action (the things following "because") don't really matter so much in substance, but it better be there.

4- People (prospects) don't act wholly "rational" or how you would expect when asked to take action or give permission.

5- Don't forget to ask your customers why they bought your product. Their responses will help you to know their personal "because" which can lead you to focusing on successful ways to position and advertise that product in the future.

Do you see any additional "takeaways?" Has your experience been any different or contrary?

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    Thats awesome, I never thought of that. I love the rational behind it that it makes us think that there must be a good reason. Thanks!
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      Here's another phrase...."would it be permissable"...I once worked for a book co that sold books by leaving samples in businesses for a few days...the key to success was placing lots of samples in lots of businesses...the standard approach was "can I leave these samples here?...but instead the phrase "Would it be permissable to leave these samples here?" tripled the positive responses!

      I've since worked that phrase into other areas...

      "would it be permissable for me to ask you out on a date?"

      "Would it be permissable for me to take 10 minutes of your time?" etc.

      Even can be used in a headline...

      "If it would be permissable for me to take 7 minutes of your time to read below, You'll find the secret to _____"
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    Thanks for the tips. Nice info to put in the toolbox!
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    Steve that's a good transference of the test principles to the IM sales page. I think it's hard to know how well it would improve conversions to implement those ideas, but it could. The last one, asking customers why they bought, I think could make the biggest improvement.
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    Great tip.

    This is in Kevin Hogans science of influence audios.
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      This was cited in the "weapons of influence" section of Robert Cialdini's must-have book, Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion.

      He notes the experiment by Harvard social psychologist Ellen Langer that demonstrated the effectiveness of a request (favor) coupled with a "reason why".

      (The actual reason didn't seem to matter much, just that there WAS a reason)

      If you haven't read this book, you ought get a copy!

      Mark "Drez" Dresner
      Swipe My Massive Copywriting Swipe Files Collection for FREE

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    I use this technique to cut in line at grocery stores...

    "May I go ahead of you because I've only got one item?"

    Greatness is difficult to appreciate from close up. The great mountain on the horizon is only the ground when you are standing on it.

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    Robert Cialdini's great. Here's another reference, Marwell & Schmitt's Taxonomy of 16 influence tactics that is similar in some aspects.

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    G. Bencivenga is also a huge advocate of the word "because."
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    Brilliant tip Steve! Why? Because. Oh ok...
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    I think these useful unique word used by many webmasters in website for conversation.Because we all relize that it is a big magic of using them.
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    Wow. What a fascinating experiment! Thanks for sharin' Steve
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    A great video on this great one word from the NLP perspective.
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