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Articles are a terrific start for your online business. Although there are hundreds of websites that will accept your article, I recommend submitting them to websites that allow visitors to copy your article information, providing they give you author credit.

How great is that - now your article can be copied and pasted into hundreds of other websites with your details and links attached.

Then watch the snowball effect. You submit 100 articles to say 10 sites, who then submit them to other websites...within days you could have 10,000 articles out on the internet!

Now your name and website address, linking to your squeeze page, will be all over the Internet without any extra work on your part.
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    Why not keep it simple and submit 10 articles to 500 sites? I know, people have all kinds of evidence saying that isn't a good idea. But I've recently submitted (using a great piece of article submitting software) three different articles each to about 500 different article directories and within days have come up with Google page one, two, three and four rankings for several dominant, related key words and phrases in my niche.

    And I do realize that to keep these stats I'll have to continue to submit good content ~ but I'm a pretty decent writer so pumping out high-quality content to fuel the fire is not a problem.

    Each of those articles leads to a landing page that points to an affilitate sales page with a drop-dead, in-your-face, plenty of REAL benefits and testimonials, high-conversion sales page with products ranging from $29 to $1000. With 50% comission on the line, the project is a no-brainer because all I have on the line is time.

    No sales just yet, but a lot of visits after only a week and a lot of time in front of me. After all, it's a numbers game.

    I think you're on to something...
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      Why not post first how to write a good article that can be use to "make articles work for me". Hehe. Just asking.
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        Beautiful wedding website Ron. What kind of articles are you interested in writing?

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      Hi Travlinguy

      Doing the submissions manually, however, would be extremely time consuming. Using a great piece of article submitting software is definitely the way to go.

      Keep up the good work.

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      Love your resume Charles!!
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    I use article submission all the time. I definitely think you have to go automated. Way less work and better results imho...

    Check out my list of work at home data entry jobs

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    thanks for providing the tips how to write a good article
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    Outsourcing is a great alternative. Look for feedback on these forums for some providers. Catch hot deals on the Special Offers section.

    I'm all for outsourcing to people who do it manually. Just make sure to screen them before you pull the trigger.
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