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by kctm
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I'd like to get some help to find a good copywriter to write my software's sales letter.

I need a guy who has a backlog of clients and success.

I have a budget of $1000, but I'm ok to negociate.

My niche is email marketing software.

The projet is : a sales page, a squeeze page and autoresponder emails

Could you please give me some names and some advice ?

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    Finding a good copywriter isn't always about one who has a backlog of clients and success stories.It is about finding someone who understands how to use the right words written to a specific audience that compels them to take action.
    I can do that.
    If you are interested contact me

    'Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win" "William Shakespeare"

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    Finding a good copywriter isn't always about one who has a backlog of clients and success stories.
    There is always pure dumb luck. Works in Russian Roulette.

    I suggest you add success with email marketing. And you'd really up your chances had you developed the software in collaboration with that guy.

    Not finishing the software, and then trying to get with a copywriter.

    The lesson here is you could have leveraged your money by saying this is still Alpha and you're looking for input. Or something along the lines that you did your homework, and included several features (which is okay to list if you're not a copywriter) that address headaches of email pros.

    You can get a ton of $250 copywriters trying for a big score. Or try for a $3K+ copywriter willing to cut a deal by interesting them with an exceptional product with built in (or buildable) Unique Selling Proposition.

    The higher up you go the more a copywriter has the balls to tell you: If It Is Not In The Product, It Ain't Gonna Be In The Copy. All I am doing is playing percentages, but to get the kind of results you probably expect (odds are) you should have hired the copywriter before you wrote the code.

    Again, odds are -- not having seen so much as a screen shot -- I could rattle off a dozen things which are not in the software but should be. From version number one. Not three. Not five. ...Version One.

    Blind Guess Numero Uno: A premium version or logical upsell. ...there isn't one. (So how did I do?).
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    OP hasn't been back for two weeks, so no need to keep bumping this thread.
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