The REAL Problem In Online Marketing

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You know what the real frigging problem is in online marketing. Everyones so obsessed with making good marketing they've forgotten they're selling a product!

"A Gifted Product Is Better Than A Gifted Pen" - Gary Bencivenga

The funny thing is if people just focused on making amazing products the rest of the stuff would mostly take care of itself. Copy is easy to write when the product is outstanding.

The issue is most people are...

Selfish *******s!

Who are entirely concerned with getting money and not at all concerned with helping people.

In fact I think a lot of the people who dont make money DESERVE to not make money because theyre selling crap! Rightly so that no one should buy their crappy ass product.

Most products in online marketing SUCK. Not all, but usually the ones that are outstandingly awesome do really well. Less face the facts, its easy as pie to write great copy for great products.

The reason most people require godlike marketing nowadays is everyones trying to make a pile of junk look like the Taj Mahal.

Yes for $39.95 you too can become a millionaire.

"Focus on how many people you can help, instead of how much money you can make" - Gary Halbert

What ever happened to values, honesty, the reward of delivering good service to another human being in need of help.

The issue is most people in internet marketing as greedy as hell and want to spend $30 to make $300,000 and do it with one hour of work. NO WONDER they dont make any money.
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    So what else is new? Selfishness is basic human nature.

    As is looking for quick and easy solutions.

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      Originally Posted by Alex Cohen View Post

      So what else is new? Selfishness is basic human nature.

      As is looking for quick and easy solutions.

      I like your rant. It was refreshing. I'm with Alex, here. You cannot escape human nature. But as you write, we can overcome it, and produce high-quality products that sell themselves.
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  • With the continuing fragmentation of media and audiences, it will be more important than ever to have a great product. As Seth Godin said in Purple Cow a few years ago, the product has to be remarkable because otherwise it will be difficult or too expensive to spread word on a large scale.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    Originally Posted by maximus242 View Post

    The issue is most people are...

    Selfish *******s!
    Yes, selfish *******s, but with a short time horizon. If they could think past next week they WOULD build great products that help people. Then they would be successful selfish *******s.

    Originally Posted by maximus242 View Post

    Less face the facts, its easy as pie to write great copy for great products.
    And fun too. When you know you can delivery what you promise you feel bullet proof.
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    Nice rant! I enjoyed it. I recall interviewing for a plant manager role a number of years ago, and the hiring officer asked about my high-level civic volunteer activities: "Why would you want to do that?"

    I didn't accept the job.

    By the way, if anyone happens to be interested in job hunting and unorthodox & effective ways of finding work (this reminded me), I have an ebook and other expertise I'd be glad to share with you for Free if you PM me or leave a message on my visitor's page. I was a jobhunt coach for awhile and love to help people find work they enjoy.
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    You're missing the point. The fact of the matter is that nowadays, it's almost a given that your product has to be good in order for your brand to survive more than a couple of weeks. So naturally, the attention shifts somewhat to making the brand image just as remarkable as the product.

    The best branding in the world is no good in terms of medium to long term investments if you offer a crappy product that consumers don't like. But good branding can make all the difference in the world if your product was good to begin with.

    What I have to say most of the time is probably not what you want to hear. Then again, I'm not trying to make a buck off of you either.

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    The Robert Collier Letter book is one of the recommended copywriting books. Yet it was published in 1937. It has endured simply because it was an outstanding product.

    The fact that people are selling crap should be your joy. Why? Because it means you can stand out when your product is stunning. And buyers can know when you have done research and when you have assembled an ebook over lunch hour and offered it for sale.

    So even if the entire world sold bad products, don't worry. Put in your best and your reward will be gigantic.
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      I have a friend who has dedicated so much time (and money) to trying to sell a really appalling PLR book she got hold of.

      The book is full of typos, makes little sense and is available free from a hundred websites anyway.

      But still she plods on, writing articles, hooting on Twitter, paying for clicks - trying to make a penny from this pile of junk. And complaining to me how 'this internet marketing thing doesn't work'.

      The same time and effort could have gone into researching and writing a quality book of her own (she is a more than competent writer).

      A book that would have a chance of selling.

      The really sad thing is she is not the only one doing this. How many other people are getting frustrated and wasting hours and hours trying to sell cr*p instead of concentrating first on having a quality product. So illogical
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  • Very good ideas.
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    I think the REAL problem is marketers are getting the wrong marketing messages at different times of their business cycle. For example, a marketer would be swayed by a marketing message telling them to tweak their copywriting methods when they have barely a list to work with.
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    No I think a gifted product is better than a gifted pen, and starting your marketing endeavors with a good product... is an important base to create good advertising.

    Advertising is ultimately a reflection of what you are selling, the better the product, the better the advertising can be.

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