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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone here could provide real-life examples of the Consistency/Commitment Law used in real world copy writing.

I'm working on a project that I think could really use this and I could use a bit of inspiration.

Any ideas?
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    I am on various lists and from time to time I receive complimentary materials (Law of Reciprocity) as part of upcoming promotions.

    I received a PLR book with some examples of how Robert Cialdini's principles can be used practically. Just thought I'd share what I read as I didn't see any replies to your question so far.

    As far as Consistency goes it was said that consistency is respected and inconsistency is perceived as a negative feature. Seems to refer to the quality of the service or product that you provide being consistent or of a similar level throughout. If it isn't then a dissonance is created. It also mentioned the Cognitive Dissonance Theory but didn't explain too much on this.

    Typical examples of Commitment include:

    $1 trial memberships which give a person the chance to look inside the members area. If they are happy, they stay on as a fully paid member after 14-30 days (Law of Scarcity). By taking the $1 trial they are making some kind of commitment towards the product/service.

    Or for e.g. if you are selling a high ticket item and you think people might have some resistance against paying the full price up front then you make it easier for them to make a commitment towards buying your product by offering them a payment plan like for e.g. 3 payments over 3 months. If that is still getting resistance then you ask them to make a commitment by paying a small fee upfront and then agree to pay the rest in installments or in full. This brings many customers who might not have been willing to pay the full ticket price initially, on board. This technique is used alot of T.V. shopping promotions.(Law of Social Proof)

    The commitment doesn't necessarily have to be on price. It can be whatever you, as the seller, are willing to accept as long as the prospect is willing to take some action and show they are serious about whatever it is you're selling. Once you have given them the opportunity to experience you're product/service, they then have a certain time-frame within which to make the full commitment.

    It also mentioned that this law can be used in conjunction with the other Laws of Influence to create maximum impact. In fact this is what someone did when trying to sell the author a high ticket product for e.g.

    Share some personal experiences or say something to connect with them, show empathy (Law of Liking).
    Use your experience, qualifications and results to stamp your Authority (Law of Authority).
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      You can become Mr. Consistent by using language like...

      "As I said before..."

      "As I've always said..."

      "I've always belived..."

      "From the very beginning of this journey, I've thought..."

      Repetition of main selling points can also do the same thing.

      And you should make sure your copy enver contradicts itself. You've got to be really careful with this because stuff can easily slip under the radar.

      "Tone" is also a big. You've got to be the same guy tone-wise from the beginning of your pitch to the very end.

      In financials, you have to establish that you're consistently "right" in regards to calling recessions... trades, etc.

      --- Ross
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