Guide to Copywriting?

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Is there a well known guide that can help me work on this skill? I'd really like to learn and am willing to shell out the time and money to do so, but I don't know where to get started.

Thanks for any help.
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    There are more "guides" to copywriting than there are seconds in a day.

    Check out the sticky on the home page regarding copywriting books.

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    Read the Gary Halbert Letter

    Just a few to get you started:
    The Gary Halbert Letter
    The Gary Halbert Letter

    and of course:
    Halbert Newsletter Archives

    Marketing Bullets | Gary's Arsenal

    Or if you're willing to shell out money, there is John Carlton's Simple Writing System ( google it) Copywriting course which is brilliant
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    Hi Rob,

    Copywriting guides and templates are available all over the web. You can do a Google Search for "free copywriting template" or "free copywriting guide." If you want more Internet Marketing style sales letters that are popular I would go to Clickbank's Marketplace at You can search by Popularity for the most popular products for sale in a wide variety of niches. You can search by Gravity and see what the affiliates are promoting too.

    Studying the masters is a good foundation...

    Many of the old masters of copywriting have their sales letters online just do searches for their "names + sales letter". When you do this in " " or double quotes you will find more relevant searches. The double quotes around the search terms pulls up searches with those words in the title of the web page.

    Just do Google searches for their names. You can also buy copywriting guides from the Warrirors here.

    Good luck with your copywriting business!
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    I learned a lot from John Carlton's Kick Ass Copywriting Secrets course. I highly recommend it.
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    I like to work backwards. I look at what I am drawn to and then analyze the elements. Why was I drawn to this product? I am never swayed by testimonials. I ignore them entirely. What I do respond to is when the sales copy "gets me" - meaning, points out my frustrations or disappointments and just gets me. I'm going, "that's me, that's me!"

    But some people rely on testimonials. If you can touch on all elements that people respond to - you'll cover just about everyone. All sources in this thread are great - I would look everywhere you can, use as many guides as you can and use what feels right for you. Start experimenting and find what works for you and your products/services.
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