Can Anyone Help Me Become An Artist?

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After all these years clients are asking me for a dash of artistry and a few pictures.


Can anyone suggest a good (and easy) graphics pack for Macs.

Something that doesn't require any hellish software to create them.

And the best place to buy photo’s and ready made graphics.

Thanks so much.

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    Hey Steve,

    Good question. I could help you more if it wasn't for the fact that you're looking for Mac-related things.

    I'd suggest contacting Brian McLeod, get his mailing address and send him a blank check to teach you what he knows.

    Besides being a very good copywriter, he's an absolute wiz at layout and design. It's a shame I have to deduct points from his total score because he uses a Mac (joking).

    Generally speaking, I frequently get royalty-free stock images from or

    You can find a lot of good graphic sets in the WSO section... I'm partial to Max's (screen name Max) sets right now.

    It may be slightly off-topic but I found Robin Williams (not the actor) book "The Non-Designer's Design Book" to be very helpful in terms of font types, sizing, and layout.

    Hope that helps,

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    • Mike,

      Thanks so much for the advice - iStock and 123RF do look good.

      I wired Brian a check for $100,000.000 but his people sent it back.

      Saying they only accept a 50% deposit upfront (200k).

      And what's all this about not using Macs?

      When typewriters were outlawed I thought we had to use them.

      It'll be great when quills and parchment make a comeback - hardcore copywriting at it's best.

      When one of these scrolls pops through the letter box - you just have to break the red seal and read it.

      "Hear ye, hear ye - 'tis an advertising announcement you can't ignore" (no need for any artwork).

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    Its a matter of passion my dear.. and try to do some research about it..and learn some basic tips and techniques...for sure you will hit your target goal!
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  • When I have the money to spare (seem to be accumulating a endless list of crap that needs fixing or buying), I intend to get a Wacom graphics tablet, and do my own.

    I know you're looking for something easy Steve, but it saves you spending money on graphics packs that might not even have what you want, and from then on, you could quite easily create your own.

    Just a thought - hope it helps!

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      Originally Posted by CharismaticMannequin View Post

      (A tablet)...saves you spending money on graphics packs that might not even have what you want, and from then on, you could quite easily create your own.
      Not to mention, when you have a ton of graphics packs, you could spend more time trying to find just the right graphic than you would if you just made one from scratch using a tablet.

      It's like cable TV with hundreds of channels and nothing on, except with 600,000 graphics (or millions), and none seem "quite right."

      Having said that, one useful tablet-free skill is knowing how to break apart vector graphics/clip art, from which you can quickly create professional graphics that don't look like everybody else's.
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      • Hi Steve,

        You've made a very good point.

        Mike suggested - 2 really good "graphic" sites.

        Since then I've spent endless hours looking at them.

        I've found a few "shots" that nearly - but not quite - do what I need them to do.

        It would be so much easier just creating my own.


        P.S. Or finding an ace designer in the UK who "gets" direct response and won't drive clients into financial despair with the fees.
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    istock and 123rf are great sites. I've also used Crystal Graphics. They're market is more for powerpoint users, but I like their prices a lot better
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      The Wacom Intuos5 came with fantastic Software to help you become an Artist.

      You can Trace - I traced my mothers illustrations for my new book with my Intuos. Convert your photographs into digital paintings (I can't wait to try this) and so much more. I think just practicing in these modes will help you and me become artists to a degree. Artists are probably Born artists too.

      Included for Free or variations of:

      PhotoShop Elements 10 (I think it is the Full Version. Easier to use than PhotoShop CS5 but not as many functions)

      Autodesk Sketch Express - Simple Sketching software.

      Color Efex Pro 4 (not sure if this is the full version or not but it is FREE)

      Anime Studio
      - Animation starter software

      Corel Painter 12 - 90 Days Free Trial. Great way to see if you love the software or not. I am using it and like both my PhotoShop CS5 and Corel Painter.

      This is worth a lot of money alone. I wrote from a NON Artist and Non techy point of view here about the Wacom Bamboo vs Intuos 5.
      PS I just bought a Wacom Intuos 5 Here are my first Non Artist sketches traced and enhanced from my mother's illustrations.

      You can see my traced and enhanced sketches here. Remember, I am not an artist but I was excited about what I did.

      Wacom Bamboo vs Intuos 5 Digital Sketch Pad |
      Little Linda Pinda, LLC
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    I like the idea of DIY, but im wondering if hiring someone good to do your design work would be more beneficial in the long run. I'd imagine you could charge more (design cost+markup) by using a pro designer that adds real additional value to your copy and has credentials. I'd assume a designer would be able to throw you some work from time to time too. Seems like a win/win.
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