A Copywriting Master Formula?

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AIDA doesn't cut it for Robert Stover.

Neither does Problem, Agitate, Solution.

Watch this video to discover Robert's spin on a potential copywriting "master formula."

I don't know Robert personally and I've no affiliation with him whatsoever, but I enjoyed his insights and you might too.

The Copywriting Master Formula

--- Ross
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    Nice find, Ross.

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      Loved the case study of the buying criteria given.

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        Thanks for sharing. I'm going to look up more of his work on google.

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    Something tells me that if I was a noob at copywriting that I would pay attention...

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    If he hadn't teased with the diagram I would have been gone after the first minute.

    Smart of him to show it early while saying nothing about it. Without it he would be just another guy with a POV and a story. It was shiny enough to hold this squirrel's attention until he explained it.

    Also smart to use just the letters. Couldn't leave until he revealed what they stood for...one at a time.

    Well played, Mr. Stover.
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  • Originally Posted by Ken_Caudill View Post

    He lost me at now let's talk about me.

    Same. Even if there was something towards the end that would have aided me, I couldn't stand to sit there for that amount of time to find out.

    I don't want people's life stories - if you have something important to say to me, say it. I don't have the time to waste!

    Heh, anyway.

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    Great stuff, thanks!
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    "Something tells me that if I was a noob at copywriting that I would pay attention..."

    I am and I am--thanks for sharing.
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    • Do you think Robert would mind if someone posted the formula here?

      The broadband signal in deep rural England has gone wonky.

      So at the moment dial up is the only connection.

      And the video is taking an eternity to load...

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        The video is excellent and the formula is a fascinating look at linking the way customers buy to how you persuade can them.

        To those who turned off at the "let's talk about me" stage, I understand the emotion but I believe you made a mistake. This wasn't a big bragging session that you often hear and deserves to be switched off.

        Robert actually tells you about his struggles early on and how he set about trying to analyse how some copy sells like crazy and other copy flops. It basically says "why you should listen to me" and lasts for about 3 minutes.

        The video is highly recommended on its own. Of course it's building up to promote an information product but there's plenty of content to get you thinking.

        Paul Simister
        Helping you to make more Online Profits

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    Intriguing video. Definitely almost lost me a few times, but threw in enough teasing bits for me to figure it was worth sticking around, even if the actual reveals weren't mind-blowing in the end. So...guess that means he succeeded in getting me to pay attention.
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      That reminded me of all the sales training seminars I used to sit through with massive flow charts and mnemonics, etc....I think the success of AIDA & PAS is the simplicity and direction of it. My math brain took one look at that formula and ran...
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        Interesting video, thanks Ross.
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    Originally Posted by Ross Bowring View Post

    AIDA doesn't cut it for Robert Stover.

    Neither does Problem, Agitate, Solution.

    Watch this video to discover Robert's spin on a potential copywriting "master formula."

    I don't know Robert personally and I've no affiliation with him whatsoever, but I enjoyed his insights and you might too.

    The Copywriting Master Formula

    --- Ross
    Thanks, Ross.

    Your interest level in your work and your desire to get good/always improve can make a difference whether or not this will grab.

    It grabbed me.

    But then, I'm never satisfied with good enough. So I'll keep striving for more.

    Incidentally, Drayton uses AIDCA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action
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    Good share, thanks Ross. I was just thinking today about how AIDA doesn't get the full point across as a teaching tool.
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    Anyone ever notice, in the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross", they mess up AIDA, saying D stands for Decision?
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    Hi All,

    I know Robert Stover well.

    He is an exceptional copywriter in his own right.

    His background includes many copywriting successes -- worth tens of millions of dollars to his clients. In the video you will see him reference some of the copywriting and marketing expertise he has discovered over the years. It is well worth the time it takes to watch the whole video.

    The videos (1 and # 2) are only a tiny peak into what he shares in the copywriting ecourse. (You will need to opt in to get the email for Video # 2.)


    He also wrote the book: "Strategy Matters".

    This is a interesting and thought provoking book. If you read it, you will start thinking about the need for a "real strategy" in your marketing of your business... (or you will understand more clearly your past failures from having a poor marketing strategy.)

    It opened my eyes (to my own need for a better, more accountable marketing strategy) when I read the first copy that was published when it launched a year or so ago. You can check it out on Amazon. (Just so you know, I am not an affiliate of any of his products.)

    FYI: I am on his exclusive email list of buyers and have been for years.

    I purchased the "Copywriting Master Formula" course the day it launched.

    Robert has been emailing me about his rolling this course out for over a year now... I have been patiently waiting to for the launch so I could dive into it!

    This has been a long time coming... but if I know Robert (and he is a real stickler for "getting it perfect"...) so I am sure that his critical attention to detail is second to none.

    I am thinking... This is probably why it took so long to launch!

    As with all of Robert's products, I am sure this is top notch and extremely high quality training as all the products he has had in the past have been.

    For I know, Robert would not put his name on anything but his very best work.

    Why did I spent $297 -- for a 7 week ecourse?

    Because I feel if I find even 2 or 3 "gems" I can use to boost my conversions it was a great deal for me, because it saved me a ton of time and research... And so is well worth the investment.

    Once I check out the course I will post some "gems" here to share...
    Because I always try my best to give back to this community whenever I can.

    Check it out you will be surprised at all the 'hidden gems" he gives you for free on the video # 1 and the Video # 2. Take notes while you watch it, I did.

    I am sure even veteran copywriters may find a gem or two to use in their copy.

    Good luck to all copywriters in your copywriting and marketing efforts!

    Jennie Heckel
    Sales Letter Copywriter
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      I'm in the paid members area and I gotta tell ya,
      there were so many little nuggets of gold.

      And that's just in the first part on problems.

      If you know Gary B's Persuasion Equation Formula,
      then this dives deeper into the first part of it.

      Stuff Gary doesn't cover.

      He has Gary's permission.

      That alone should give you an idea of the power
      you can wield with what he is offering.

      Just my take.

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    I love this course. Like Ewenmack said, there are truly some great nuggest of gold. But it was the overall framework that I really liked. The strategic way of thinking about the concept of your copy as well as your marketing. This is definitely one of my favorite purchases.
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