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Okay, maybe not so unique but certainly entertaining. I'm surprised there haven't been a bunch of knock offs. I'm thinking of a couple right now. Complements of the main board.

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    Bob Bly has a similar letter he sends out to
    his list now and again.

    Just a parody of the common sales letter.

    -Ray Edwards.
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      "I been makin' millions ever since I found this stupid eBook on the Google and downloadified it from the Internets."
      George from Washington, D.C.
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        Oh goodness, I absolutely cried reading that sales letter.
        It couldn't be easier! Here's all you need to rake in millions:
        • A computer
        • A snorkel
        • Toilet paper
        • A can of Pringles
        • A ferret
        If you don't have the ferret yet, don't sweat it. You can just buy one through my affiliate link after you get started. Don't ask what it's for.

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    With the right novelty product a letter like that could actually kick ass. I've been thinking about what might work.
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      I think the best part is where he puts his adsense, right after

      " I already have too much money! I can prove it!!!"

      You dont see adsense very often on a (pseudo) sales letter.

      Too bad he doesn't have a BUY NOW button, i'm sure he would have sold some...
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    Totally hilarious!!! LMAO.
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