Squeeze Page with Very Few Optins

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Please take a look at my Squeeze Page:

Link Here

I get a lot of traffic but very few optins.

I am directing people to this page by solo email campaigns and banner advertisements. All of the promotion is including info about a home business opportunity.

Does anyone think there is an issue with this squeeze page such as lack of content?
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    The phone number would be an instant killer to conversions I'd think.
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    Besides the layout making it hard to read, I GUARANTEE that requiring the phone number is turning off 99.999% of those who are thinking about opting in.

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    Yep, the phone number is the killer here my friend. I would also suggest to you that with so many free offers around these days for an email address, i would be reluctant to give my address away for a free video. I'd want much more than that. I'm not even sure whether the video you are giving me is a sales video or not. I don't know if it will benefit me in any way. The more i think about it, the more i understand why you are not getting any opt-ins.
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    These people are called. While they are subscribed to an autoresponder, they do get a telephone call. A little different than selling internet marketing products.

    Many people do leave zeros for the telephone number that do not want to be called.
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      Originally Posted by softstor View Post

      Many people do leave zeros for the telephone number that do not want to be called.
      I that case you're wasting your time asking for it.

      Why not ask for an email, give them what they want initially, build trust, and then send them an email later on directing them to a form where they can request a call?
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      Originally Posted by softstor View Post

      These people are called. While they are subscribed to an autoresponder, they do get a telephone call. A little different than selling internet marketing products.

      Many people do leave zeros for the telephone number that do not want to be called.
      Most people don't want an unsolicited call. That's why they don't like to give out their phone numbers out on the Internet.

      There isn't any way around requiring a phone number for your video? I mean, I just can't see you getting many opt-ins this way.

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    Who says you're the #1 home-based business of 2012?

    The phone number request is the main problem, but this unsourced proclamation of greatness doesn't help either.

    I can say I'm easily the best and most handsome copywriter in the world... but it means so much more and doesn't sound like HYPE if someone else says it about me. (so says Gary Bencivenga, for example.)

    --- Ross
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      Originally Posted by Ross Bowring View Post

      I can say I'm easily the best and most handsome copywriter in the world...

      --- Ross
      I thought this was just common knowledge.

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      Originally Posted by Ross Bowring View Post

      I can say I'm easily the best and most handsome copywriter in the world... but it means so much more and doesn't sound like HYPE if someone else says it about me. (so says Gary Bencivenga, for example.)

      --- Ross
      Very cheeky of you Ross bringing Gary B. into the conversation!


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        Asking for a phone number on your landing page is (almost) like asking a stranger girl to go and f*** with you... (you have cold traffic isn't it?)

        And to make it even worst (or better?) you will probably get a higher CR with latter one...especially weekend nights...

        For me site looks too much like fun... I would rebuild it to make it more serious. People who are looking to make some extra money, especially on the net... are often broke or short on cash... their situation is not funny.. (however that doesn't mean corporate L&F...)

        Also... I would get rid of Fb and Twitter buttons, there is a way too much distractions already...
        Do what you want to do!
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    Nice looking page, here are a few ideas.

    Put a short video on the squeeze page telling them about the video they're going to see on the other page.


    Add livefaceonweb agent with a short script telling them why they should opt-in and to opt-in now.

    Are you trying different creative or is this the only squeeze page? I would test multiple Squeeze pages and lots of copy variations. This is a process of continual testing and tweeking.

    Regarding the phone number, I've worked on many of these campaigns and what you might consider is a multi-step squeeze. For instance, you ask for a little more on each page and keep guiding them along with promises of more free things, information, etc...

    Doing so further qualifies the lead so when your call center rep contacts them they are a higher quality lead and more likely to buy.

    For instance you could get them to a point where you say..."If you're ready to get started we are going to assign you a personal success coach who's going to walk you through everything step by step." and have a click-to-call feature.

    You can also use IVR or click-to-call an automated message where they will have the option of connecting with their "live success coach."

    I am confident if you try these approaches you will boost response.

    Good luck.

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    I'm not sure about the design. I get what you're going for, but it's not 'in my face' enough. I feel like it's easy for me to get distracted from your page and go do something else.

    Something about the layout loses my attention. I'm sorry I can't explain this in further detail.

    I can't speak on the phone number thing, because I've never tested a phone opt-in and I don't know how many of your leads you actually manage to close via phone.

    The copy is DEFINITELY lacking. Yes, less is more when it comes to opt-in page copy, but this page doesn't give me enough of a reason to opt-in. Sure, I want to be a Gazillionaire without working very hard, but the page doesn't tell me enough.

    First off, the headline is vague and kind of passive. It's mildly intriguing, but it doesn't really put a strong picture, vision, or fantasy in my mind. There's no real promise on the page, so I'm not very incentivized to opt-in.

    The copy on the page makes it clear that there's a video on the next page. But it gives me very little insight as to what's in the video. While it's true that prospects like video, they won't care about watching yours unless they have an idea of what's in the video, and it appeals to them. Honestly, one sentence giving a strategically-picked detail would help.

    In summary, you're doing a good job of keeping it simple. But a few copy tweaks (and a USP) would go a long way.

    That's all the feedback that comes to my mind initially. I hope it helps you
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      When a stranger comes up to you and talks about "home based opportunities"... Would you really give your personal phone number to that person? Hardly. Even if it's crucial - you need to give a valid, compelling reason for them providing the number. But just rid of it, get them into your funnel first.

      Check your analytics. Is the bounce rate near the length of the video? Do they bounce off immediately? Split-test elements on your page since you have a lot of traffic... Don't waste the opportunity.

      You need to create such curiosity that the payoff (details) is insignificant compared to settling their curiosity by opting in.

      -Winston Tenbrink
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    Asking for the phone number would make me run away and it looks like its required. But if you know who your target prospect is and you know they would need to give you their phone number then your fine.

    Try asking for a name and email first then later on craft some type of promotion that would require them to give you their phone number
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    If I come across your squeeze page in an email solo ad, I will not even enter my name and email even though you remove the phone number box. The squeeze page overall is cheesy, the headline is a cliche hypey. Unless I'm looking for a design niche, I won't ever opt in to that squeeze page.

    What is the specific purpose of this squeeze page? Ask yourself, "what should I write so when my audience come they will understand they will get ______?". Home business is large and general.
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    I think it's too busy. Too many different graphics to look at. When I first go to the site I don;t know where to look. what do you have....5 different arrows pointing in different directions. The clouds and birds are distracting and serve no purpose.

    I like the optin box.

    but drop all of the graphics.

    Keep the header.

    And add more white.

    With squeeze pages...white space is a good thing...it makes it easier to read.

    Also...the message on this site is a problem. I don't even know what you are offering. what's in the video on the other side?

    Drop the image of the video to the left of the optin. Add some bullet points on a white background. And explain why the visitor should optin. you have to tell them what they are going to get. You can do that with video, bullet points, slideshow...but right now you're not doing it and that is the biggest problem.

    I hope this helps.
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    Besides the phone number issue everyone's been pointing out (which I still think is the major issue here), there is another issue regarding the clutter of arrows everywhere.
    For one thing, the arrow pointing from the unclickable 'video' towards the sign up form sort of made me think I'm supposed to watch the video first as a 'step one' procedure before I actuallly sign up. It's only my opinion, but I think that when people visit your website and realize that the video is unclickable and is only available for them only after actually signing up may have made them feel a little annoyed.
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    Too yellow-ish. Strain my eyes. Makes it hard to read the text.
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      HEh. the phone number is far from the main problem.

      The main problem is it's too cutesy. Both in design and in using the word gazillionaires.

      Most often, these are the best type of squeeze pages:
      FREE! "The Motley Fool's Top Stock for 2011"

      Short, no video, minimum design. The only exception to this is when using paid networks that don't allow these type of squeeze pages.

      BTW, if you want the number, here is what you do...

      put it on the thank you page. so they give email first, THEN after the optin ask for the phone number. small step, then bigger step.
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    You have to sell the offer ... Which in this case is your video
    Why would I want to watch your video ?
    What am I going to learn from it that I don't already know ?
    Tell me something that is unique in this video
    I would create a video to sell the opt in ..... Tell them why
    they need to opt-in and what they will learn...
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    To be honest, I don't have much copywriting experience, but just as a visitor, I (personally) wouldn't opt in right away because there's something turning me off, I guess it's the cartoonish feel.

    Now that may just be me (others may LOVE the fact that it's a bit cartoonish), so I can't say for sure. The phone number is a killer definitely as well, get them to opt in and then perhaps in the sequence e-mails ask them to enter phone number (just a thought)
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    Could it be your message given in your solo email campaigns and banner advertisements isn't matching what the prospect is expecting? Is it a Rah rah make money solo/banner ad to the cute...is it a vacation 500 package registration pages?

    Or is solo / banner ad offering a free video, but when arriving on squeeze page the free video now requires 3 big things from you?

    Split test not using NOT in the headline after smart.
    How believable is Gazillionair to home business opportunity prospects?

    Make the optin box stand-out from drawing, making it look real.
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    I have just changed the url and added a spokesmodel to the landing page.

    It has already shown an increase in optins. Here is the new web address:

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    I would agree with zannix on this. The cartoon design is not appealing to me either, I would definitely split test this against another version

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    I think your design works against you, my eyes bounced all over- I had to consciously land them onto any text.

    Site being revamped.

    If you want help with copy stuff, pm me.


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    Write an ebook about earning residual income. Offer it
    with no hype. Appeal to rational people looking for
    options and able to read. Drop the video guy. Ask
    for but don't require a phone number. You'll get
    a better quality of prospect at least, if not a higher
    opt-in rate.

    You also may be losing visitors due to video load time -
    some people in rural areas cannot get broadband.
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    Its asking for a phone number. Get rid of that request and you'll have more opt-ins.
    Phone numbers are private and most people are protective of it.

    Unless you give people a reason to trust you with their number. Don't ask for it.

    I dunno maybe the colors gives me a tad bit too playful vibe. People seeking out solutions about making money are serious .
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